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Comic Book Wednesdays, What did you get?

Has anyone else picked up the Batman Inc. Leviathan Strikes one shot?? Any impressions? I really have no desire to pick up anything by Morrison but I hear that there is Stephaine Brown as Batgirl goodness in the book.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
And thank goodness that they finally gave Kate a LITTLE bit of color in this issue.
She was getting nibbled on. That always puts a little color in my cheeks too.

LOL. Far from where I was going with that but fair point. Just tied of seeing her skin tone the color of bleached chalk. I know these bat folks don't see a lot of daylight with the whole night time prowling but holy moley.

Just picked up Wonder Woman #4 and Supergirl #4.

Hammie hasn't had the chance to read Supergirl, but WW is...different. I've decided that I'm just going to shut up and go with it for now despite any reservations I might have.

I'd argue that they really messed with WW's continuity in a big way. She's now the daughter of Zeus, related to Ares, Strife, Apollo, and the other gods. Hera now HATES her mom for running around with her husband (just like she's always hated the women that dallied with her husband) and has more or less punished Paradise Island in...unique ways.

WW has always had that to come home to, and she's lacking it now...I'm not sure where they're going to go, but for now I'm patient.

I was a little bit mad about the 'angry emo' direction they gave her the end of last issue and beginning of this one, just because she's normally among the more brave, noble, LG people out there, but to their credit, she had a conversation, she stopped wearing black leather jackets (yes, really, and going to metal concerts in London!) and got over herself. So now we're cool again.

Hammie still isn't sure if this is the right way to go with a beloved and old heroine...but we'll see. She's much more 'Superman LG' than 'angry at the world'. Still, it seems to be interesting, and it's always fun to see the Greek gods worked into the mix. WW certainly never had the problem of having weak enemies...she needs her uber powers when her enemies include the Divine! It's a little bit darker than I'm used to her stuff going (I thought Gail Simone's Circle had a much better tone to it) but for now, I'm letting it ride and be 'different'.

Side note: if you ever pick up the M&M book that includes the DC universe, look up the stats for Ares, god of war. He's out of this WORLD powerful, perhaps the toughest villain in there, and yes, I looked at Darkseid and Doomsday, too. WW manages to beat him. So I tip my proverbial hat to one of my favorites

The most powerful character, pointwise, in DCA Heroes and Villains is Amazo.. 688 power points!!

And you call everyone emo, Hammie

Hammie over ordered a bundle of "Emo" name tags so he has to find ways to label everyone with them so they arent wasted.

Hammie does NOT call everyone emo!

And if you two just got off your high horses and stopped listening to your emo garb...

Ahem...if you'd stop being so em...

(mutters) If you just would cut this emo crap!

If these damn writers could get over their emo...

(Whitney Houston song plays on radio) I get so emo... (Hammie angrily switches off Siruius XM 80's on 8)

(snarls) I hate you guys

P.S. My 'mostly legal' copy lacks some of the beginning and lots of the end. And it might just happen to start with Ares. It might. And nobody's ever heard of Amazo. Nobody cool anyway

Originally Posted by King of the Jakers View Post
So for ya'll DC honks I've a recommendation. Absolute Hush is a must by if you either haven't read through the arc or are a fan of the arc (I was the latter). It's tag is a little pricey but well worth it. The book itself is freakin' huge and absolutely beautiful. The whole arc collected in one hardback with a sexy slip cover. Anyway there's my two cents.

Absolute Hush
There are too many Batman greats out there.

Matt Wagner had the Mad Monk and the Monser Men

Jeph Loeb had Dark Victory, The Haunted Night and The Long Halloween.

Chuck Dixon probably had my favorite run on Batman.

Anyone else want to put in there opinion on the topic?

You missed DKR

While not a Batman title (it was JLA if I remember right), Tower of Babel gave a frightening look into Batman's psyche.. I consider it a great "Batman" story..

Killing Joke and Year One need mentioned

I enjoy Hush mostly because Jim Lee's art was amazing.....

Originally Posted by Kim_Possible View Post
She was getting nibbled on. That always puts a little color in my cheeks too.
Oh lawd.

And I love the colors in Batwoman, all the scarlet and crimson contrasted with her white skin and the inky blacks. Beautiful!

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