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Weapon Durability and Concealment in nWoD

Weapon Durability and Concealment in nWoD

This is just so I can clarify I few things I've read.

1) Weapon durability means that, if you deal more damage than what the durability level is, or if an attack deals more damage on a weapon than what their durability is, their durability is reduced by 1 until it hits 0 and breaks?

2) For concealment, J means a Jacket, P means pants, S means Shirt and N means it can't be hidden, right?

1) An attack against a objects's current durability needs to be exceeded to do harm to the object's structure. When its structure is 0 it is fully destroyed.

2) Concealment is P (Palm/Pocket), S (Shirt), J (Jacket), L (Long coat) or N (Not concealable). or Size 1 = Can be hidden in hand, 2 = Can be hidden in coat, 3+ = Cannot be hidden

Ah, thank you.

One more thing: is Dodge an instant action where you roll your doubled Defence and subtract successes from the damage, or do you just subtract the double Defence in general from the damage?

If someone is choosing to Dodge their Defense is doubled and its a declared action not instant.

So for example an armed close combat attack would now be Strength + Weaponry, minus *Double* the targets Defense and then Armor. All additions and subtracts are done BEFORE rolling of dice pools in NWoD unless otherwise stated. All attacks are a single roll with the defense penalties applied into the pool. No rolls for defense in combat.

Now you can burn WP as a instant action to raise your defense by 2 against a single attack. THAT can be used as an instant. Assuming you havent used WP already in that round.

I'm probably the loudest and most active NWoD ST on the site so I can generally field most questions regarding NWoD. I still love my OWoD, but NWoD tends to work better in PbP with reduced dice rolls in combat and being a bit more streamlined. I've mostly ported myself over completely though I'm still trying to do a lot of hybrid stuff. OWoD still tops it on the flavor side of things.

PM is always open. I have several IMers if you care to go that route. Otherwise if/when you get a forum set up I can always jump in there. Whatever works best for you.

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