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Free character images

Free character images

On a break.

I'll bite!

Allanath Arverni, male half-elf, age 47 (adult in prime)
Ht: 5'6" Wt: 140lb.
Class: Crusader/Fighter, a paragon of martial power with the longsword

Fulltext Description: Thin as a rail but built with wiry muscles, this half-elf is a knotted cord of a man. His white-blond hair drapes several inches past his shoulders and is always pulled back in a severe braid, revealing his ivory skin and light grey eyes. His facial expressions are as hard as his body, with fierce stares and ferocious sneers looking out of place on his short, lithe frame. He wears a gleaming breastplate that pairs beautifully with the silver-hilted longsword on his right hip.

History in Brief: Allanath was born of a human mother and an itinerant elven father who skipped town when he found the mother to be pregnant. After coming of age, Allanath looked up his father to find him a married elf with several grown children, making his own mother little more than a passing fancy and himself an unwanted heritage. Allanath later spent several years as a slave in a highway-laying train for the local human empire before escaping when orcs attacked. Having experienced much injustice in his life, Allanath now dedicates himself to the pursuit of equity.

The legendary sword: The Scion of Justice is a mithril longsword forged of a single piece, hilt, tang, and blade. The basket handguard is etched with runes, and the grip is wrapped in white leather down to the orb-shaped pommel. The double-edged blade tapers to a fine point, and is thin and light. Each stroke of the Scion whistles through the air like the razor-sharp edge of the law, dividing right and wrong.

Pose: I leave it to your discretion, but something martial would fit my fancy.

Anything else you want?

Oh sweetness, this looks cool.

Name - Aurelio de Vega
Race - Vampire, originally of Spanish/Moorish descent. Very human like, only noticeable traits as a vampire are sunken cheeks and slightly pale skin.
Sex - Male
Height/weight - 5'11"/150 lbs, slightly on the thin side though
Age - Biologically: 243, Appearance-wise: 33
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do - Mafia Crimelord
Hair style/color - Black hair with a few streaks of grey, kept short
Eye color - Black

Attitude - Arrogant, king-like, and demanding of those around him. A social darwainist who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when there's something he wants, but is deeply respectful of his superiors just as he plots their downfall. He owns several politicians in several major countries (Germany, Spain, the US, the UK and France) and works to make sure his empire stays strong, largely by assassinating the leaders of, or outright destroying, rival organizations. His rationale behind all of this? What makes an act right, if not his desire for it?

History - Born in the mid 1700s, Aurelio grew up living the high life. As the son of a minor Spanish court member life came easily and everything was within his grasp. However, with the sudden death of his father, his life was torn apart. Still, he kept his bearings and began to fight for his future in the political arena. Just as he was beginning to recover he was humiliated again and thrown out himself. Even that wouldn't stop him though, he used his myriad contacts to gain indirect influence over the Spanish court again, only to have it ripped away from him a third time. Realizing something was amiss, he hunted down the one pulling the strings and found that they were a member of the Lasombra clan of Vampires, and that the previous decade of his life was just a test to join their ranks. Now in the present day, Aurelio stands as a prominent and powerful member of the Clan and noticing events that cannot be dealt with without direct influence, he has traveled to Washington DC in order to get to the bottom of this newly growing mess.

Attire/Equipment - Aurelio refuses to leave his Haven without being dressed in anything less than the finest clothes money can buy, a black suit, shirt, and tie along with a long fur lined trench coat in inclement weather. Similarly, his possessions are all of the same high caliber; in combat he wields an elegant basket-hilted saber, his personal garage consists of several supercars, and in every country he operates in he owns a massive villa filled with modern furniture and art.

Setting - Present day Washington D.C

Pose - I'll have to leave this one up to you, as long as it can get across a sense of elegance, power, and ruthlessness it's all good.

Normally I draw my own characters, but I JUST came up with this one like, an hour ago. Out of support for a fellow artist and curiosity to see somebody else's interpretation of the character, here we go :

1. Race: Human
2. Sex: Male
3. Height/weight: 5'11" / 150lbs
4. Age: Adult (mid 20s?)
5. Type: Druid-y wizard (studies a lot, tends to an exotic garden, blah)
6. Hair style/color: Brown, just past shoulder length with a mid-sized beard/mustache
7. Eye color: Grey

1. Attitude: Studious and edgy (He likes dark and secluded stuff)
2. History: Thus far, this dude doesn't have a ton of back story to him. In fact, the game hasn't even started yet. I came up with the idea for the character only knowing that I wanted him to have a kind of pantheistic view of the world, taking his actual powers from two gods specifically while only truly worshiping one of them.
3. Specific Equipment: My goodness. I love doing equipment too. Boone has a massive spellbook hanging off of his shoulder, but it's clean and doesn't have many notes or bookmarks poking out of it yet (It should be brown (if you do color) with a green-aura-ed black vine plant on the cover). He'll have a belt full of ridiculously shaped wands, and one black staff (with the top end carved into a wing) on his back. Over the top of the staff, he wears his many-pocketed backpack with lots of pouches (containing spell materials) hanging off of it.
4. Setting: So far, here's all I know about the setting as given by the GM, "On an overgrown path deep in the forests, you find a crumbling temple. Normally, you would let it pass as there is clearly nothing of value, but on this day you feel a calling deep within you. What lies inside that would so summon you?"
5. Pose: Kneeling down in front of a small patch in a garden where he's growing a fern of some sort. His raven should be on his shoulder speaking to him, while his owl's eyes just poke out from somewhere inside his backpack. Rather than casting a spell or anything, he's probably tending to the plant with a pail of treated water and/or patting the ground beside it.
6. The more the better: Sorry man, but I don't have much else in mind right now.

wow your drawings are gorgeous! I'll post mine soon hopefully

Your drawings look amazing and, since I've been wanting a picture of her for a while, I'm gonna throw in a Rogue Trader character I'm using on here at the moment.

Name - Lady-Captain Jesebelle Morek
Race - Human
Sex - Female
Height/weight - 4'11"/100 lbs
Age - Early 20s
Profession - Rogue Trader
Hair style/colour - Long brown hair, slight curl, waist-length and normally left loose
Eye colour - Brown

Additional Description - Perhaps the main reason that few mistake her for a child is thanks to puberty still letting her develop a woman's curves - even if it did skimp a fair bit in the height department. One curious physical trait - one that's been cropping up in the Morek family for Emperor-knows how long - is her slightly elongated eye teeth. While they could be described as fangs, they are nowhere near long or sharp enough to help in such a fashion and are not long enough to hamper her speech at all (her grandfather had been just on the other end of that line and had undergone extensive speech therapy to stop the tooth-induced speech impediment - he only kept the teeth because they worked so well for intimidating people).

Attitude - Determined, proud and possessing something of a temper, though she does possess something of a devious streak and is quite happy to use her youthful appearance and small stature to make people underestimate her and write her off as too young for her position.

History - Can be found here: If that doesn't load, let me know.

Attire/Equipment - Clothing-wise she normally wears a white ruffled shirt under a black, naval-style waistcoat* with gold trim, dark leather breeches and thigh-high boots (which are not high-heels - the preconception that all women in command positions spend all day wearing footwear like that really annoys her) and a heavy greatcoat of dark cloth that resembles the ones commonly worn by the Commissars of the Imperial Guard, though with the Morek family crest emblazoned on the shoulders and right breast. She usually wears the coat simply draped over he shoulders like a cloak, and has had a gold chain fitted to the collar to help facilitate this.

Morek's Fang has been passed down the Morek line for generations, though unlike other such blades is no different to a power sword fresh from a forge world. Why this is so is unknown, as is the sword's entire history. The sabre's name comes from the minor genetic quirk of the Moreks, where almost all of their line have over-developed eye teeth, sometimes to the point of resembling fangs. Many of the line's Warrant holders have used this to their advantage, the most famous in recent memory having been Jesebelle's grandfather, Arenthius Morek, who sought extensive speech therapy to avoid the natural drawback of such teeth.
The weapon itself is relatively plain, resembling a cavalry sabre with no extra ornamentation. It's scabbard, however, was modified to compensate for such a simple-looking blade and has been lacquered with a golden design of leafy vines coiled around the scabbard.

Jesebelle's laspistol was a custom-made piece, commissioned when Maximilian was still the one to inherit the family's Warrant of Trade and it was believed Jesebelle would simply captain one of the Dynasty's regular trade ships. The grip is done in mother-of-pearl, with the Morek family emblem - crossed sabres below a rampant wolf - engraved into it on either side. The pistol's main body is covered in gold filigree. The sights are similarly gold-plated, though it is a solid coat to avoid the design interfering with the user's ability to align them, while prayers of accuracy have been engraved in exceedingly-minuscule font on either side of the rear sights.

Setting - Warhammer 40,000

Pose - I'd rather have her reclining in the command throne of her ship, one cheek resting on her fist with a confident, slightly menacing smile on her face. Almost a Slouch of Villany, as though a plan of her is coming together and about to bring ruin to her enemy. This is as close to an example of what I mean that I can find. Of course, the command throne of a starship in Warhammer 40k is normally a lot more ornate and gothic. Just think big and with a few tubes and such coming from it. The coverart for Rogue Trader shows what some of the consoles and such on an Imperial starship look like, so just try and work that general look into the throne.

*A short-version of this woman's coat, basically.

Cool, it's nice to see such talented artists willing to invest their time in drawing something for complete strangers, I appreciate your offer. This is what I'd like you to draw, if you can find the time to do it:

Race: Human, or at least human in appearance
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: Roughly 1.80m (6 feet in the American system?) with appropriate weight, resulting in an atlethic build
Age: Adult
Class/type/profession: Something Paladin-esque, mostly inspired by historical crusaders
Hair style/colour: Black and smooth, but unkempt hair. It's chin length.
Eye colour: Deep blue
Skin colour: Bronzed skin, which means he'll end up looking either mixed race or arab. I don't have any real preference for an exact tone, as long as it's not fully black or completely caucasian. If it matters, I'd prefer him to have "white" features (the shape of the nose, lips etc.).
Attitude: Humble, yet courageous. My planned character will see himself as a martyr, sacrificing himself for the sake of the greater good at every possibility. As a matter of fact, he actually desires to die while doing good in order to atone for his past misdeeds.

History: It probably doesn't matter a lot for the sake of your drawing, but basically he's a reformed criminal that became a crusader (ToB class) in order to atone for his past misdeeds.
Equipment: I want him to wear heavy armor inspired by what historical crusaders used to wear. However, I don't want his equipment to show any crosses (since most DnD settings aren't Judeo-Christian) nor any other religious symbols (so he can fit into any campaign I want to apply for). I'd prefer it if my character wore a white tabbard over his armor. Beyond that, as long as it's heavy armor you can use your own imagination. Surprise me . His main weapon is a guisarme, but he also has a longsword in his scabbard hanging from his belt. If you want, you can also give him a crossbow hanging from either his belt or his back, whatever you think looks better.
Setting: Standard DnD I guess? I want to have a character that looks like a realistic crusader.
Pose: The pose I want my character to have is this one: I want him to have his guisarme in his right hand, dragging the blade over the ground, causing it to kick up some dust/sand behind him, his left hand is empty. He's walking towards the viewer with his equipment and body completely battered and bruised: his tabbard is torn, his armor dented and there's some blood seeping from a few wounds (don't overdo the blood though). As for his face, there are two alternatives. I'd rather have the first, but the second is optional if the first is impossible for you:
1. Through his helmet, which looks a bit like this, you can see his blue eyes fixed on the viewer.
2. He doesn't wear a helmet or he wears an open faced helmet, and is looking at the viewer
Whatever you choose, I'd like it if you could express a certain emotion with his face/eyes, an expression that basically says "Go ahead, throw everything you got at me. I'm not stopping".
If you want, you can give him a few scars. However, if you choose to put scars on his face please don't overdo it. One or two are fine, but I'd rather not have his face be full of scars.

I'd like to thank you for your effort in advance and I hope you can find the time to draw this.

Race Wood Elf
Sex Male
Height/weight (approximate numbers are good) 5'11/ 175lbs
Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do) adult in his prime
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do Cleric /Knight of the crown, Knight of the sword (Dragonlance classes)
Hair style/color medium hair a little past his shoulders. Greenish in color.
Eye color gold
Distinguishable marks scar on his left shoulder by a blow from an axe

AttitudeOnce playful without a worry in the world Glandias has become a changed Elf. Strong, Stern, Loyal, and Just are the aspects given to him now, as he takes up the good fight against evils and injustice. And friendly as if like a protecting father to those weaker then him.
Specific Equipment (I <3 drawing equipment) A finely made Dwarvencraft Bastard Sword, A Longbow with etchings of his lost woodland home, Full plate armor detailed in a greenish blue color with a sword down the chest and a crown over the top of it leaves around the side and the image of a dragon in the background (sorry if thats a bit much), Shield heavy steel bearing the same markings as his armor, A black heavy warhorse by the name of nightmare (think clydesdale horse), if you want more he is also carrying items, A bronze Griffon hooked to a beautifully crafted belt. (Belt of Magnificence is what its called)
Setting Dragonlance 3.5e.
PoseStanding beside his horse holding the hilt of his sword with the tip being in the ground, shield on the side of his legs resting... or Sitting atop his horse sword drawn and pointed forward in a charge...
The more the better If you would like more I can come up with some more just ask... [IMG]Here is one of the ideas that caught my interest for the armor and the likes. I liked the color but ultimately I would like your spin on it.[/IMG]

As the above post, glad to see someone interested in putting their work out. I've been trying to figure out something to do for a piece of character art, but sadly, my two current primary characters (or out of them, the two that stand out as the most fun at the moment) are of two races with very little art for them what-so-ever. That said, I'd love to get someone's take on at least one of them.

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
I'm interested in taking requests for character portraits. My more recent works can be found here. I'm currently working on a request, so the first in line will come after it is finished.

~What I need from you~...
  1. Race: Irda (A DragonLance race of high ogres. They are tall, graceful people with skin tones ranging from sky blue to sea green. They are considered a beautiful people by even the elves, and maintain a grace among their presence at all times.) I've been seeing her more of a powder blue, but the more I dwell, I wonder if a greener hue would be more fitting.
  2. Sex: Female
  3. Height/weight (approximate numbers are good): 6' 3" ~ 1.95m and 288 lbs ~ 130 kg (See Job)
  4. Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do): Young Adult - Adult
  5. Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Master of the Forge - Weapon, Armor, and Blacksmith of a military encampment, and fighter
  6. Hair style/color: Shoulder-length charcoal-grey to ash-white hair. Pulled back, but feel free to let the creative juices flow.
  7. Eye color: Steel blue

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
  1. Attitude: Mashari seems cold, but in fact, tries to hide her emotions whenever possible. She is proud, and carries herself with purpose. Her words are usually well chosen, and her dress compliments her selective personality.
  2. History:
  3. Specific Equipment: I believe you will enjoy this part of the character if you love drawing supplies and equipment. Mashari has six distinct pieces of equipment that she carries: two pieces of armor, three weapons, and a frame backpack.
    1. Paladine's Grace: A suit of ornately designed steel full plate. The armor is smooth, polished, and has etchings in a foreign tongue (high ogre) forged into it. It has been magically blessed.
    2. Paladine's Blessing: A large steel shield, ornately designed in a manner of your choosing.
    3. Paladine's Memory: The last of a set of three pieces forged by Mashari in memory of her now fallen God, this is a magically enchanted arming sword beset with a large ruby at the end of the cruciform hilt.
    4. My Bow: This bow is a distinct shortbow Mashari uses. It is a recurve bow with an incredible amount tension on the string, designed for the strength of warriors such as Mashari.
    5. Woodsman's Bane: An ornately designed heavy flail made of cold iron. It has a hint of soft blue color in the metal.
    6. Traveler's Frame: A frame backpack made from deep colored wood and cloth dyed to the color of the seas. (A TARDIS backpack without time travel)
  4. Setting: Dungeons and Dragons 3.x DragonLance
  5. Pose: Back facing the viewer, turned 45 degrees left, looking over her left shoulder. Helm either in hand or just not seen.
  6. The more the better: I cannot, at this time, think of anything else I need to add. If I do, I will come back and make an edit to the post here, as well as post in the thread so that you will have notification it was changed. ^_^

I'd love to see your interpretation of Harriet from Thieves Guild.

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height/weight (approximate numbers are good): 4'11" 80lbs? I don't think I was consistent
Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do): 14
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Beggar!
Hair style/color: Short n' black
Eye color: Brownish I think

I think for the specifics it'd be better to fill in the gaps with what you think, though.


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