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MW GUIDES add-on: GM Writing Exercises

Originally Posted by dauphinous View Post
People who are good storytellers already don't need writing exercises.

I think we have a fundamentally different understanding of the purpose of these exercises. I'm looking at this as having a purpose of taking people who aren't terribly comfortable with the process of creative writing and guiding them through what they really need to know for a given subject. You seem to be looking at it as just providing prompts and the user will figure it all out on their own. I feel confident saying that your method will likely not produce the results you're hoping to help people achieve. That is, actually becoming better game writers.
Must confess to not having read the thread closely, but I can essentially sum up what a good majority of CW problems boil down to.

"Show, don't tell" is the number one lesson I would impart to new writers. Most experienced authors already take this lesson to heart, but sometimes a well-placed reminder can be helpful.

Although I'm more experienced w/r/t this style when applied to poetry writing, it may be applicable to PBP gaming. More info here:,_don't_tell

Actually, we were arguing about whether mechanics should be a part of the exercises or not. I'm already familiar with Show, Don't Tell.

Indeed. Dauph and I have written a thing or two before this

Added a note about game mechanics and a note about "show don't tell" since it's relevant as demonstrated by our first user

Please take a peek D and let me know when it's got your A+


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