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I don't think allowing a weapon attack as a minor action is a good idea. Brawler Fighters need some sort of benefit with their powers over other characters. It's their schtick; their powers allow the attack AND the grab all at once. Allowing non-Brawlers to attack in the same turn without spending an action point - even if that attack is limited to an MBA under limited circumstances - treads all over this.
Well brawler fighters would get to use there powers while grappling(regardless of weapon) because it's explicitly stated in the powers they do. There for they could do all of the other grapple stuff and use their powers as opposed to unarmed attacks. which normally do more damage and much more interesting things.

That's why I feel the attack itself needs to be a standard action and the grab needs to be a modified "minor" action of some type. That will allow you to make unarmed attack if you succeed but will cause you to lose your ability to use a standard power if you fail.