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Hmm... Tyoka, I know you've got a lot in your que, but I can't find anything specifically closing you off to new submissions. Are you still accepting requests? I've got a character I'd like you to take a stab at; I've got some visual refs for her, but would love to see you draw her.

I'd like one done of an elf girl whos had a very dramatic past. She was one of my better characters that i created and id like to finnally see what shed look like outside of my imagination.

Name: Nastia
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5'3, 90 lbs.
Background: She started As a palidin then unknowingly followed her mentor into the dark order, where they tried to break her and finally seceeded when they killed her parents. From then on she bided her time untile she could make her escape and became a dread necromancer in order to find a way to raise her parents.
Items: Often found with torn and pached robes, always leaning on her staff with a haunted look in her eyes.

Moral Wiz: Silly! You don't need to ask, just submit it! Thanks for being considerate though. =]

Well, this appears to be a bad omen. As soon as I posted that question, the character's ended up in a life threatening situation. Draw her quickly, please!

Err... actually, that's an interesting point. Would you be up for a slightly unusual attitude and setting for the pic? She's ended up in a very perticular situation since then, which might be interesting for you to have a try at.

=O The longer you wait to submit a request, the longer the line will get! Stop asking whether I'll do it or not and just submit a profile.

1.Race: Feline Half-beast
2.Sex: Male
3.Height/weight: 6'5", lean (never was good at figuring good weights)
4.Age: Young Adult
5.Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Guide/Scout/Spy
6.Hair style/color: Longish, straight.. thinking crimson hair color. Some hair coming down over an eye, to hide a glyph-mark design over said eye, perhaps.
7.Eye color: Silver

1.Name: Tyris
2.Attitude: Quiet, laid-back
3.History: That's a long story there, really. :P
4.Specific Equipment: Pouches to hold stuffs, a light blade of some sort, something that takes advantage of dexterity and finesse more than strength.
5.Setting: Whichever..he's just as likely to be on a plain as in a small town.
6.Pose: Laid-back, relaxed... perhaps with just a hint of mystery, if possible. I know, I'm a lot of help here. :|
Reference images/more: If you're familiar with the Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance game, that's where a lot of inspiration comes from on this. I'll post a couple of links to example characters there. http://fireemblemblog.files.wordpres.../10/ranulf.jpg

Something a little like this.
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  • Name; Lady Yannike Prescott
  • Race; Human
  • Sex; Female
  • Height/weight; 5'10/103lbs
  • Age; Young Adult, just past Adolescent
  • Class/Type/Profession; Noble. Rogue fighting style, but skillwise more focused on knowledge and talking than sneaking
  • Hair style/color; Black/Small Braid at neck level
  • Eye color; Hazel
  • Attitude; Afraid. Very afraid. She's going into the darkness, but mostly out of fear of what'd happen if she doesn't.
  • History; She grew up a third daughter of a ducal family, powerful people, with a warrior history. She was cared for, but never excelled in any area, and her older siblings ended up rising to prominence whilst she remained a simple minor debutante, with pleasant dreams and ideals.

    More recently, she's been assigned to try and help resolve political problems in the kingdom's capitol. She's not had much luck in doing so. She's recently stumbled upon people who seem to be doing something positive (the party) but getting drawn into their world has left her more than a little afraid; she's gone from essentially civilian life to fighting for her life against a monster, in the darkness, a long way from her home and family
  • Specific Equipment; Leather armour, not studded. It's well made, been worn only perhaps once or twice. Never seen combat. Beyond that, she's holding a rapier in her right hand, and a lit candle in her left.
  • Setting; Overall setting is the World of L'Tiene, a traditionalist fantasy world in the main, although a little advanced from a cultural standpoint.

    Specifically, she's currently in the basement of a warehouse, where a large number of people have been killed. She's alone, her one companion is on a different floor, and it's dark, the only light that from a candle she's carrying.
  • Pose; Walking through the darkness of her current environment, rapier outstretched, and holding up the candle in her left hand.
  • Reference images. Different clothing, but still, a basic ref for her face

I am going to throw my girdle into the ring.
Named Ann(not really sure

Human, female, 16, in a dungeon does not know her name, no equipment, barefoot in a tattered silk dress, blonde hair with blue eyes, 5 feet tall at 85 lbs.. Plays in Mal Nahg: western reach, d&d 3.5.

"She suddenly realized she didn't know her name, where she was or generally anything at all. That realization frightened her more than the dungeon and apparent captivity. Taking a deep breath she started to examine herself for clues. She appeared to be wearing a dirty, yellow, silk dress. Did she like yellow? Did she normally wear silk? She didn't know. She wore no jewelry nor even shoes. She leaned back against the dank wall and closed her eyes. A flash of silver gray with a symbol or marking flashed across her inner vision. Finally a clue? But the clue was fleeting and she could make nothing of it. She tried closing her eyes again but the vision did not return."

Hey There

Hey there!

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons with my roommate and his friends. Used to think it was pretty stupid until i finally tried. i am now COMPLETELY addicted to it. All the people i play with have pretty cool drawings of their character. I'D like one too but thing is, i SUCK at art. I've tried over and over and over again to draw my character since i would've loved to show off my mad art skills to everyone, but it's just not one of my talents lol.

While i was exploring the internet for more info on DnD and everything related to it, i found this website, and eventually THIS PAGE!! (angel choir in the background). So here i am, BEGGING to you to please take my character in consideration You'd make me a pretty happy newbie!


Name: Rennil Ambersky
Race: Half-elf
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 5'10" 170lbs
Age: 25ish in half-elf years?
Class: Duskblade/Barbarian(1)/Skylord
Hair: Wavy semi-long. (like just down under his ears.)
Facial hair: Either a Wolverine-ish beard or a full stuble
Eye color: Brown
Physical shape: His body build is kinda like Tom Jane's in The Punisher. Fit but no abusively so.

Attitude: If I had to compare Rennil to a known character, Wolverine is the first that comes to mind.

Weapons: Rennil wields a glaive (polearm) with a wand chamber in it in battle. The wooden shaft is engraved with elven "celtic" lines/designs. When he is not using his glaive, he magically stores them in his magical Gloves of Storing. They are fingerless leather gloves. He also has a composite bow on his back.

Armor: Rennil wears a breastplate with fur padding inside to protect him from the cold (Fur pauldrons would be cool!) and metal greaves and wrist guards padded with leather . Under that he wears studded leather pants and has a cowl hanging down his shoulders. Hanging down to under his knees is a "knight's loincloth" (for lack of a better word) His armor should imply a lot of fur parts, since he lives with barbarians and need protection from the cold while flying

Animal Companion: a pegasus he tamed while meditating on a mountaintop for seven days

Pose: Crouching, glaive on his shoulder with one hand holding it, the other petting his pegasus or if it's not too complicated for you, riding his pegasus in the sky

Background: Anything you see fit.

Rennil is the half-human son of a powerful eleven queen. He was sired by a human spy, disguised as an elven noble to infiltrate the court. After realizing the obvious human half of her son a few years later (he grew too fast, was tougher and hairier), the queen had the spy executed but managed to keep Rennil around, as a military trainee.

After seeing him excel in the military, a kind elven Duskblade took Rennil under his wing and thaught him the ways of the Duskblades, thus helping him attain the prestige needed to become one of the Skylords, the renowned griffin-riding aerial soldiers and pride of the elven people.

Outraged by her son's ambitions and knowing the nobles would frown upon Rennil's ascension, the queen arranged to have her only son executed. Rennil's mentor helped him escape. He then went to live with the Wild Elves, the desendants of other escaped or exiled elves, turned mountain barbarians over the ages. There, Rennil found out that life outside the elven society was harsh, as an evil draconic empire had conquered most of the world.

That motivated him and like-minded adventurers to create "The Rebellion".

That's pretty much all i can think of. Feel free to play with all that if you get some ideas

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