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Hmm... Perhaps using the Spoiler tag would make it more managable? Feh, I'll go ahead and post my own background before it is lost to the ages.

Las'Kaokesh's BackgroundKay was born to a wild elf priestess of Corellon Larethian and her husband, a brutish elf that enjoyed his barbarian trade more than most. The priestess, Meiryn Moonshadow, kept him and trained him within their band for years, watching over the frail young elf as best as she could as his barbaric father, Serris Moonshadow, tried to force his knowledge of longswords and other weapons into his brain. The young elf didn't take to the sword quite as well as Serris had hoped, so he started trying to force some instinct out of him, pitting him against the trained hunters of their tribe. It wasn't long until this "training" achieved results... ones the magic-fearing barbarian liked not at all.

Kay unleashed raw magical power on his assailants one day, the small orbs of fire and force and globs of acid raining from his hands as he tried tried to get away from his father and his men. The barbarians went into their rage, and Alex was beaten nearly to death before Meiryn stopped them. She protected and healed the young sorcerer as she waited for her tribesmen to calm, and when they did, it was agreed that it was time for the boy to leave them.

His mother sent him away with little but a farewell and the rest of the tribe was glad, even eager to see Kay go. Alasera Nightbough, Kay's maternal great-aunt, was the next to accept the child into her care. The old sorceress taught him what little could be taught about the mysteries of a sorcerers magic and kept him in check, watching the boys power develop and making sure he didn't burn the forest down around their ears. This tribe took him in far more readily, accepting both him and his magic readily and willingly. Alasera grew fond of him, and soon treated him more like a sun than a great nephew. As such, she was reluctant to send him on his way. Still, the time came, and she did let him go, as she'd always knew she'd have to.

When the young elf turned 50, Alasera sent him to her half-son in another part of the forest, and Esaron, as a ranger, saw to his training with a bow. Kay took to this far better than the blade his father had tried to force on him, learning it's ways quickly. Several years later, as Kay and Esaron's son, Sairyem, where out hunting, a message came for Kay. Both Kay's home-tribe and Alasera's home tribe had been invaded and destroyed by a party of orcs under Grumsh's symbol. Grief wracked for his mother, family, and friends, kay cursed Grumsh for his ways. He cursed Corellon, the "protector of elves", for ignoring his own priestes and the ones who wanted to please him most. From that day forward, Kay hated not only Grumsh and Corellon, but the gods in general for their apathy and impotency. Shortly there after, on Kay's 100th day of birth, he named himself and left the shelter and memories of the elves and the forest, looking amongst the desert sands and other lands for adventure and whatever else he might find...

I'll throw my 2 cents too:

Harrod's historyGrowing up with innate powers was difficult at first, they were out of control. Though they were simple prestidigitation, his young soul could not contain the raw power that seemed to burst at his very seams. His parents didn't know what was wrong with the boy and sent him to scholars and temples to determine if possible demonic powers were at play.

None found anything demonic, the clerics were the first to determine no evil was afoot; the scholars were the first to suggest that he had the blood of dragons coursing through his veins and that powers would be controlled by a disciplined mind and soul through time. None knew that he would turn out as he did. Not only did he learn to control the power, but he learned to harness it and feed it ... the power was as much part of him as was his own flesh.

Through his teen years, he dominate his peers with fear. Girls avoided him as he was frightening, his power scared them. The boys feared not only their own embarrassment at his hands, but the pain that he would suffer them. The fear followed him around, an anger seemed to reside just beneath the skin and people seemed to be able to feel it. He frequently lashed out with his magic at even the smallest disrespect or mistake.

He sought help in his later years, knowing his anger would be the death of him and others. He didn't want to hurt anyone, it just happened; especially when people got in his way. He traveled Faerun in search of power and control, power he found easily ... anger management was nowhere to be found. He spent many years traveling and doing what others called adventuring ... to him, it was his life.

He went to Thay to visit the Red Wizards there, but they laughed at him telling him that innate power was not the equal to learned power. The anger grew inside of him at their mockery and he thrashed several of them before being stopped and imprisoned awaiting trial. He mocked them on the way to prison, yelling at them that their learned magic couldn't save them from the chaotic nature of innate power ... he would not be held by weak wizards and he would hunt down anyone who attempted to try him.

He was able to escape his bonds, they had tried to place runes and spells on his cell to hamper his magic, but they did not know how to control what was now a power of nature itself. Whilst inside, he'd met a man whom he thought to be a man at first, but turned out to be an Efreeti who'd been polymorphed and imprisoned as well. The two had worked out a way to escape, but it had to do with a deal he made with the genie ... he had to become one with the fire to be able to aid with his magic, empowering his own flames with those of the elemental plane of fire. He knew this to be another step in his rise to ultimate power and quickly agreed.

The ceremony was painful and lacking any humanity; the Efreeti used some unknown ritual from his home plane to begin shaping the human's body into something that could withstand and even manipulate the fire. Days of agonizing subjection to the unearthly flames scarred his body. But when it was done, he no longer burned while being held to a flame ... and his own inflammatory magic became that much more powerful.

The escape was powerful and left nothing standing of the prison, the flames were hot enough to burn stone and melt steel. Charred corpses lay everywhere, molten steel ran as freely as water until cooling into solid pools of silvery metal. But two people stood amongst the carnage ... Harrod and the Efreeti, now in his natural form. The large creature smiled at Harrod, "Our deal is done ... may our paths never cross again." And the beast vanished.

He left Thay immediately, knowing full well that he would be a hunted man. And though the Red Wizards were not as powerful as he, they were certainly more plentiful and had more resources. He headed for temples, in no particular order for sanctuary. He found them all to have no sympathy for him and none offered their services without a price attached ... none would aid him in hiding. The gods seemed to have spurned him, turned him out to find his own way against the Red Wizards.

This is when he found he would have to rely on his own abilities to survive ... and then he heard word of The Order of the Turning Sun ... an established order seeking to destroy the gods he so hated ... it would be them he sought sanctuary and aid against the Red Wizards and the Gods themselves ...

Basic Concept

A shaman that comes from a hostile forest, to see the world and driven by [insert reason here]. Based off Jungle Trolls from WoW, he'll be a divine spellcaster, that calls magic from the nature gods, has lots of knowledge on creatures, forest stuff and maybe magic rituals. He'll also be druid-like, talking to animals, knowing of herbs and all.

Race: Human
Class: Spirit Shaman (Complete Divine)
Quirks: Odd personality, mischievous person, a watcher, a judge of sorts.
Flaws: Greedy in his own way, sees the ends by any means available, only reveals what he deems appropriate.
Objectives: He seeks to ease the spirits of the former Moondale inhabitants, who started raving and demanding that the outsiders had to leave. Seeking help with the "linked ones",
"Enlightened, in Malay.
Kesendaran was one of the ones they contacted with.
Motivation: By principle, he serves the spirits, so does he have a mission to be fulfilled for them. He also has his interests in going on such trek. Archwood has become too small to hold the tribe and the creatures inside, thus needing an "expansion". The farm lands have taken much of the space available at the cost of fey and animal lives and the tribe thinks its time for nature to recover what its hers again. Kesendaran is but one of their envoys to see how it should be done.
Kesendaran also has a fondness for creatures, the strangest kinds. He harbours friendship with several in his home forest, but he seeks for more and more knowledge, wishing to keep a variety of pets around him that would make the toughest merchant soil his pants. His experiments also drive him in this search, that often brings components he can work with, to fulfil his long-term dream of becoming more than human, becoming something... hybrid.

Posted in point form, fleshing out when necessary

-Was raised to be a 'lady' but loved foresting on her free weekends
-Found a cave once while exploring where she met a Duskling, whom everyone from the kingdom she was from thought were gone, having been driven off by Azurins, the race her Father draws his blood from
-Accidentally broke an artifact that released a monster that she had to fight alongside the Duskling
-They ended up breaking another artefact that teleported them to another land (continent) and how she doesn't know how to get back
-Began a mentor-student relationship with the Duskling, Ritlak
-Went off on her own after he died of old age. Rejoined polite society for a little while.


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