Sins of the Past await you, are you Ambitious enough to to meet them?

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Sins of the Past await you, are you Ambitious enough to to meet them?

Whispers on the Storm - Forum
Rogue Trader
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This will be a Rogue Trader game using the Published adventure: Whispers on the Storm. If you have read this, I simply ask that you not reread it and not meta game. I will take up to six players. I will repeat creation Guidelines below.

Books Allowed: Rouge Trader core, Into the storm and Battlefleet Koronus. You may also take gear and only gear from the Dark Heresy core book.

Creation Method: Roll, 2d10+25 arrange to taste as stated on Page .14 of the Rogue Trader core book.
Origin path: The Career Row is open, not tied to any choice.
Rank: Rank 1 careers may use substitution career leaves if you have the correct requirements.
Xeno pc: Will be allowed IF, it does not mess with the group dynamic. If they do not fit, then they do not fit.

Ship points and Profit Factor: You have two options here, you may roll or you may use the Warrant creation from into the storm as a group.

Ship creation: This is up to the group, the ship is as much a character as the pc's in Rogue Trader. As such you should not simply be assigned one I feel.

You may place your application Here
I also have a few post rules , which can be found here

Game Description:

Ambition knows no bounds, but sometimes it does leave ruin and long buried secrets in its wake. Rogue Trader dynasties are millennia old, with past glories and failures long forgotten to the sea of time and the weight of age. Some secrets are best left forgotten and some bring mounds of Thrones and the predatory grin that only comes from, exploitation , trade and expanding the all mighty Profit Factor.

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Cnyperos does Tithial have a third eye? Your background seems to imply that he does not, but all navigators have one. It's part and parcel of the navigator gene.

What do you think the scarf is for? If you REALLY want too get technical I guess I could change it.

Yeah they have to have the 3rd eye. They can hide it if they wish. Most are eyes but some are cybernetic or holes drilled in the head. We have four applications so far, good start. I'll look over then soon in detail.

*grumble grumble grumble* I now have too re-think things about him now. Been a long time since I've ever tried something even related too the Warp itself so excuse me for being somewhat experimental with this character. <.<

You can hide it man, But you would have one. Bandanna, big fluffy hat, maybe you have a wig or ware a mask. You would need to uncover it while in use I would think, but I can not think of any reason you could not hide it. Just say he wares a scarf or something.

Besides, no one would give you problems for having a third eye while, well, being on a ship. I can see why you would hide it when venturing outside, however.

And I see you're mentioning the Da Camalann We can assume Vilya and Tithal have known each other for a bit, then.
Vilya wouldn't care how many eyes or tentacles you have as long as you're a loyal servant of the God-Emperor, do your job well, and aren't disruptive for discipline or morale on the ship. The "you lucky bastard" could well have been herself, given that, physically, she's rather fragile, and would be quite envious of the ability to regenerate wounds

Originally Posted by Mokuren View Post
And of course, if you roll 1d10 for corruption, you get 10.

Of course.
Hey, I rolled below-average stats, minimum wounds and minimim Fate. Shit happens.

Originally Posted by Della View Post
Hey, I rolled below-average stats, minimum wounds and minimim Fate. Shit happens.
Your rolls sum up to 99, mine sum to 101. I rolled minimum Fate too and near-minimum wounds as well.

And corruption 10 is already a malignancy test, which has a good chance of screwing me up beyond belief.

We get a free aquisition? I'm a bit confused by the wording on the book. I guess it means we can get a single acquisition as long as the Acquisition Motifier is +0 or easier, and the acquisition is a single item?

EDIT: Just checked: a Conversion Field (Into the Storm p.131) is Acquisition Modifier +0 (-30 for being Extremely Rare, +30 for being a Single Item, +0 for being Common Craftsmanship). Can I have one? I thought I'd ask first, since it's a fairly, well, it's basically a Rosarius.


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