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+1 for Hired Guns

Hired Guns - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Our Needs:

You may have seen an ad for this game about a month ago. We've had a player drop and are looking for one more. See the game forum for more info, and the original ad is posted below. This ad will only run until Sunday night. If no acceptable applications are submitted by then, I'm offering the spot to a reader or something. This game has waited long enough; there aren't going to be any extensions.

Of course, there's an upside: since the rest of us are done with characters, the instant you finish enough to RP with the game will start!

About The Game:
This is HIRED GUNS, a game about a mercenary team on the fringe of space during the Imperial Warlords era! (That's post-Endor, pre-Thrawn.) The PCs are a pirate gang that doesn't mind hiring out to all sides involved... but will they eventually pick one for good?

Well, I don't know. That's where you all come in. There are a few concepts at work here.

RS-Like: That's Rogue Squadron, and I mean the books. The characters are intended to be a bunch of fighter jocks who also do ground work, a la Rogue or Wraith--but unlike those characters, they start out having no alignment. The intent is for there to be a mix of ground and flying. Don't think that this doesn't leave room for intrigue, though! There are a lot of factions out there, and, well, Starfighters of Adumar was a RS book, after all!

Rotating GM: Based on a "seasonal" system another game I'm in has worked out. Expect to GM. This is required, so if you're not willing to, thank you for your time. Only one adventure at a time, though. (If the pace is anything like my other game, you'll have to GM for a month or two out of the year.) I will be GMing the first "season," which means I will be in the GM's seat first.

You know how starship combat is kind of boring in SAGA for characters that aren't starship focused? You know how not-starship combat is kind of miserable for characters who are? I have a solution, and it's a little nuts. Check the house rules for more info, but basically, gestalt! (On the topic of house rules: the rules listed are really the only major ones I want to run with.

About Me:

I've been on this website for five years and played in a large number of games. Not many have lasted, but I'm in the second-oldest SAGA game on the site and a 4E game that's over two years old. I've played RPGs pretty much all my life, which is not long compared to some people around here but translates to over a decade of experience. I can be hot-headed at times, but these days it takes a little while for any kind of temper to get going. On the other hand, I love, LOVE GMing, and putting in the extra mile. (To the point where my gaming table uses some similar setups to a theatrical tech booth.) I'm a player-pleaser, I do admit, and my games tend to swing to the light-hearted side.

What I Want From You:

Okay, first off, I do not want character apps. I've noticed that a lot of the momentum that people generate is lost when they make their character and then the game starts weeks later. Instead, I'm going to be recruiting players, and then we'll build characters together. (The creation rules are posted, though, if you're interested.) As such, please give me the following info!

A quick bio (Nothing long; just "I've been playing games for this long and like this kind" is fine)
What kind of game you'd want this to be
An adventure idea (Can be as long or as short as you like)
How much of the Rogue Squadron series have you read, and did you prefer Stackpole or Allston? (Seriously, please answer this; don't need an essay, but would like to know. Not having read the books will not disqualify you.)
Any character ideas yet? (Totally optional)

Posting Rate:

Okay, you know how people say "once per day?" That's sithspit. No one does that. We all know that some days you have ten million posts and then can't post for a week. The posting rate for this game is "don't slow the game down overmuch and tell us if you'll be gone."

Sunday, February 5th. There will be no extensions.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please post in this thread!

Game Description:

Under the "leadership" of the grizzled pirate Delerno Fandanirri, the Mynock pirates/mercenaries/pilots for hire fly missions for whoever pays them the most! Starfighter action abounds in this SAGA Edition game based on the themes of the Rogue Squadron books!

The Mynocks have been greatly reduced in number--their captain dead along with most of their crew. Only a handful of pilots, a couple of droids, and a grizzled old Duros too mangled to fly on missions remain, but that's enough to run a pirate squadron out of a heavily-modified bulk transport. They'll fly for the highest bidder, just as they always have... but will the Mynocks, under new management now that everyone else is dead, start to develop ties of their own? The New Republic is on the cusp of beating back Zsinj's forces, but rumors of a living Grand Admiral are whispered in every backwater cantina. Now's the perfect time to pick one side... or the other!

Anyway, this cake is great! It's so delicious and moist.

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Bio: Okay, so I'm fairly new to this, and completely new to this system. My gamin up to this point has been fairly limited; only a nWoD campaign and a one shot Rogue Trader. However I'm a Star Wars nut and I've been trying to get a SWRPG game for a while now.

What kind of Game?: Fun? I don't really mind. I'm in anything for a good time. Anything beyond that is just details.

Adventure Idea: I love the description of the Lusankya in the SW books, and I've always loved heist/prison break stories, so maybe some correlation between the two? Infiltrating a Star Destroyer would be awesome fun. Doesn't have to be any in particular if we're wanting to stick to canon.

Rogue Squadron books: I've read from Rogue Squadron through to Starfighters of Adumar. In my opinion, I prefer Allston. Wraith Squadron is my favorite of the series.

Character Ideas: I have a few ideas, but without knowing what classes, etc you already have, I can't really put one forwards for consideration.

In terms of characters we already have: heavy weapons guy, a doctor, a mechanic, and a skirmisher-type. Everyone's a capable pilot, of course.

My original concept is for an Ewok Tech/demolitions expert. Background includes Project Chubar, from the Wraith Squadron books, at the Binring facility on Saffalore.

Check the game forum to make sure that you don't have too much overlap with our resident techie, but sounds fine in concept!

Shouldn't be too much overlap. I was hoping to focus more on demo than repair or anything, anyways. Also, I don't have a character sheet written up (as previously stated, I've not played this system before) so I'll need some help with that.
But I've got a short background and personality written up.

Originally Posted by tsuyoshikentsu View Post
What I Want From You:

A quick bio (Nothing long; just "I've been playing games for this long and like this kind" is fine)
What kind of game you'd want this to be
An adventure idea (Can be as long or as short as you like)
How much of the Rogue Squadron series have you read, and did you prefer Stackpole or Allston? (Seriously, please answer this; don't need an essay, but would like to know. Not having read the books will not disqualify you.)
Any character ideas yet? (Totally optional)
A quick bio:
In no particular order;
  • I've been role-playing since 1986. Yes, I am that old...
  • I've been a member of Myth-Weavers since January 2009, and apparently I average 2+ posts a day. Hmm, that average has gone up.
  • I've been running a private, invite-only Star Wars Saga Edition game since March 2011. Wizard of the Coast is a player, and can speak to the quality if he so chooses.

What kind of game you'd want this to be:
One with a steady pace, accounting for occasional real-life lulls, that utilizes visual props to dress up the posts and threads, that adheres to the rules when it makes sense, for consistency and balance, and has some damn fine swashbuckling adventure...

An adventure idea:

How much of the Rogue Squadron series have you read, and did you prefer Stackpole or Allston?
I read the first three or so Rogue Squadron novels, so that means Stackpole, and I've never read Allston.

Any character ideas yet?
How about a Verpine? They lend themselves very well to being a Mechanics-specialized concept, but with a squadron full of junkers, a second technically-inclined character wouldn't hurt. I can even go a step further and make him a starship designer if you want me to seperate myself from the other characters, but having another mechanically-skilled player-character is probably a good thing.

Thanks for your consideration.

A quick bio: I've been a gamer since I was a kid (I'm 26 now) playing mostly D&D, though I've also played a bit of SW Saga, Adventure!, and Dark Heresy. I've also been a shameless SW fanboy since middle school, owning over 70 of the books at last count, and am currently hopelessly addicted to The Old Republic. I am a space-combat junkie, so along with SW I am a huge fan of shows like Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica.
What kind of game you'd want this to beA fun game with a good balance of story, combat, and skill challenges, where interesting characters are more important that min/maxed characters. A balance of ground-combat and space-combat sounds especially exciting, and is something I've been eagerly looking for but have yet to find.
An adventure idea I will come back to this tomorrow when it's not 2am.
How much of the Rogue Squadron series have you read, and did you prefer Stackpole or Allston? I have read all of it many times, as well as I, Jedi (which is sort of tangential). I would say that I prefer the plot of Stackpole's books but the character interaction of Alliston's. That said, Corran Horn is one of my favorite SWEU characters.
Any character ideas yet? I have a Jensaarai pilot concept that I have been very eager to play for some time. Being pre-Thrawn the Jensaarai would still be in extreme seclusion...but I have a few ideas how to work with that. I would also be happy to work up some new ideas if you didn't want a force-user.
Posting availability: I am running a Pathfinder game and playing in a Clone Wars era game, (and I work from home) so I'm lurking on MythWeavers pretty obsessively.

Sounds interesting enough.
Well, first about me:
I've been playing since 97, since about 2009 on myth-weavers, haven't been in a pbp that lastet long, but I'm gm-ing a Star Wars Saga game link (currently not recruiting) that has been going since the summer of 2010.
Prefered game type
I'm mostly interested in role play heavy games, with interesting plots/missions that require more than attacking and dealing dmg
Adventure idea
I'm more into dystopic sci-fi, so I would probably give some kind of reclamation/rescue-mission on some planet/moon that would have some dark secrets and depressing scenery
Star Wars knowledge
I'm not a fan of the series. I like the system though, and use wookiepedia as reference, but I would make missions loosely based on anything or make things up as we go
Character idea
I'm thinking of playing a former imperial prisoner, force user, that was broken and joined the inquisition just before the death of Palpatine, and subsequently turning away from his new masters as they lost power.
He brings a negotiator to the group. A diplomat that can hold his own in a battle.
I'm mostly online, but at GMT+1 (central Europe), and disappear from time to time for a few days

Alright, it's daylight and I can actually string together concepts, so lets see what I can come up with for an adventure idea.

There's a basic idea. Obviously I'd flush it out a bit, gear it towards the group once I get to know them, but it's a place to start.


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