Medical Tent

Sarah looks a bit startled to hear the man's voice and she jumps slightly as the sound snaps her out of her reverie. She smiles as Bishop approaches where she is unloading the crate. It was nice to see someone excited about getting up north. They had spent too much time sitting and waiting. They needed more information before they could dial, but in her mind they should have had a team up looking around up north weeks ago. Then again, she was pretty certain that Klaus had suggested that and been shot down, if only because it was Klaus.

"Certainly," she says. "I'm not about to let a team go up there even more ill-prepared than we already are. I'm figuring we'll probably also want to sent a medic, just to be safe. Every man is valuable."

Turning back to her unloading she continues, "It might take a bit of work to find everything you might want, but we are now as fully stocked as we are going to get."

"So," the red-haired nurse asks as she continues to unload the crate "How's that head doing?"

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop grins a little, rubbing the side of his head with the palm of his hand.

"Nothing to worry about, just a little bump." He places the orange box back into the bag and slides it from his shoulder. "Looks like this might go a little faster if you had a hand, may I?" Seemingly earnest in his offer to help.

Sarah chuckles ruefully. "True enough, I suppose. In the grand scheme of bumps and bruises from that day if you were still able to walk and talk a day later, it was minor."

"I'd appreciate the help. I'm really hoping we'll be able to the camp soon, so I don't want to unpack too much, but I do want an inventory of what we have," Sarah says as she picks up a clipboard and hands it to Bishop. "Like you said, you don't want to go wasting rounds when they are in short supply... We can probably put together some first aid kits while we are at it, and at least make some guesses for the medic's bag, though I'm not quite sure where to begin with the wildlife around here."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

"I've got about forty minutes before I'll need to be elsewhere, I'm happy to help out. Though admittedly I'm not much of a doctor." Bishop says as he glares into the nearest box.

"And given wildlife is 'my' area of expertise, I'm ashamed to say I haven't had much time to get much of a feel for the flora and fauna. A wide spectrum in the kits, or at least as wide as the supplies would allow, would be much appreciated." Suddenly Bishop he realized he had no idea what any of the items in the box actually are, he gives the Captain a little shrug and grin, hopefully she could offer some direction for him to help.

"Well, down here at least the hexapods look to want to rip you apart and eat you for lunch and the tetrapods have some sort of venom gland probably located near the base of their claws. One of the most potent coagulation factors I have ever seen. The wounds Nutn suffered weren't enough to kill. He died of a massive embolism. All of his blood seems to have clotted near instantly. Seems like the tetrapods are the prey and that is a defense mechanism," Sarah says, without too much consideration for her slipping into scientist mode. Absently she picks through the supplies. "Not much of immediate use for you here, I'm afraid. Just a lot of catheters and cannualas and some ostomy bags. If we have to use these were are in real trouble." She frowns a bit as she considers the weight of what she just said. They'd be hard pressed to treat anything here the way they had been trained. No X rays, no CT machines. Limited pharmacy. Modern medicine was out the window. They were going to have to be creative.

"Let me see if I can find some things for your kit. I think we're going to have to stick to the basics, and some creative adaptations," she shakes her head, her face solemn. "There are a couple of packs of gloves over there," she nods towards one of the shelves towards the back. "And some tape and gauze and tourniquets. Start with those. I'll gather some of the other supplies."

Sarah walks to another section of the tent and starts looking through some small vials, shaking her head, then says half absently to herself, half intentional, "It would really help to know what the creatures up north are like, not that I'd necessarily have any answers, even if I did know. But usually the tropics make the arctic look boring so.... I don't envy you guys at all."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

Bishop listens, which of course isn't the same thing as understanding but he keeps that to himself as he tries to follow the big words. He renders her medical jargon down to something a little simpler and files it away for later.

"Ma'am." He adds to his little nod, the basics are something he is good at. He starts methodically putting some of the items into his makeshift first aid kit, though hopefully they wouldn't need it. He pulls down enough stuff to put together a couple more kits, he could find something to put them in later.

"Boring maybe, hopefully safer. I think we are due a little bit of good luck."

The nurse continues to survey the shelves, talking somewhat idly as she does so, "I suppose its all how you view luck. We're survived the Ori attack... somehow. We found a planet that can support human life, with a Stargate and a set of rings that let us get off the Hammond with enough supplies to survive for a while. For the one stroke of bad luck, all in all we've been tremendously fortunate. I hope it holds."

She walks over with a couple of small glass bottle and a few syringes and sets them on the table, "If I send a medic with you, they'll know what to do with these. Hopefully you won't need them, though."

"So," she asks with genuine interest as she continues to scan the shelves and rummage through the boxes, "How long have you been doing this... working for the SGC, that is."

Sgt. Jake Bishop

"My clearance got bumped just over a year ago. So you could say I'm still relatively wet behind the ears when it comes to most of this." He talks as he easily finds a place in his kit for some of the supplies dropped in front of him, his methodical organization of his gear borders on robotic.

"Before that, I was CCT ground ops and para-rescue. I guess the brass thought it was enough training for a promotion." He offers a little smirk, apparently he thought it amusing.

"That probably goes for most of us," Sarah comments as she peers into the impromptu medical kits, nodding with satisfaction. "Don't think any of us expected to be working on a starship when we started training for our careers," she says with a grin. "And I can't say I was expecting to ever get off a starship, when I took this assignment. Guess I got what I wished for, though," the nurse smirks.

After what seems to be a frigid eternity to her, Sarah arrives in the medical tent, her head swimming. She shakes her head an an attempt to clear out the cobwebs, but only manages to feel like she is sloshing her brain about in her skull. The peculiar, semi-pained expression that crosses her face along with her narrowed pupils and overall flush draws the attention of Captain Nagle.

"Morgan, what's going on. I heard wounded." the man asks before continuing, "And man, you don't look so good."

Sarah rubs her face and sways a bit, before catching herself on the table. "Of course I don't look so good. Its been one hell of a day." the nurse declares.

"Sarah, seriously... are you OK," the man comes over and helps her to a seat. Quietly he adds, "you smell like you've had a few."

Sarah glares at the surgeon and rants angrily, "So what if I have? After the hell everyone has put me through today, you'd think I could get a few minutes to relax, but no... someone got the wise idea to go pissing off giant flying scorpions when all I was trying to do was forget that today even happened."


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