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Free character images

OK. I PM'd this to you, but let's get it up here so I can get in line:

Name: Grok Cypher
Race: Human(ish) see below.
Sex: Male
Height/weight (approximate numbers are good): A bit above average on both.
Age (adolescent/adult/elderly will do): Adult
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: Paladin
Hair style/color: Short, black
Eye color: Brown

I've got an interesting challenge for you. I'm running a D&D 3.5 male human Paladin of Heironeous who wields a longsword, but is fighting the corruption and desecration of his own flesh as well as that of the world.

Mechanically, he's taking a whole bunch of feats from the Lords of Madness sourcebook, reflecting the ever-thickening aberrational blood inherited from his father (obviously, he believes himself to be a child of rape, although there hasn't been an actual story arc to confirm that).

The feats are (in order)

1. Aberrational blood (gives him double-joints on all limbs)

2. Inhuman reach (gives an extra elbow on each arm, lengthens arms to drag knuckles on ground, extends reach to 10')

3. Starspawn (grants fully-functional membraneous wings, described as similar to a housefly)

4. Deepspawn (two 5' long tentacles grow from his groin area. It doesn't specifically describe the tentacles, but they are able to attack for 1d4 of damage, so they're presumably barbed, or whip-like or acid-oozing, or whatever you think is appropriate. In my mind, they're whip-like, but that might be more difficult to draw than either of the other two options)

5. Inhuman vision. Here's the exact text:
You possess the inhuman eyes of some strange creature. They might look segmented or larger or without pupils. You might even have eyestalks.
I visualize them as being segmented, (fits with the housefly-wings) but I'm open to interpretation on this one. He hasn't reached the level where he'll take this feat yet, so I don't need to make a decision at this time. I'll take your vision into account when making the call.

Here's the challenge: his failing physical flesh is a fundamental aspect of the character--just part of the cross he has to bear. Can you create an image which continues to show the fundamental nobility, dignity, and integrity of the man while still incorporating the failure of his flesh to maintain itself against the encroachment of the alien blood?

Hey RPGeezer, long time no see
Wow, that request sounds challenging, I'm curious to see what OP will make of it.

This is awesome! I just foudn the thread. I have characetrs I'd want to submit, but as I don't have a real world campaign, and mt PbP campaigns are all <4 months old (and past experience shows them prone to ending prematurely) I'd hate using your time and taking a slot awa from someone lse on a character that might rot on my Mythweavers Sheets page.

I have one character I want to submit anyway, but will wait to make sure the campaign has some longevity to it (as the character was built with some homebrew content (Races of War) and therefore if that game goes, it is unlikely she will be picked up in another game). But to perk interest, a huge sized female teifling monk/samurai with 4 arms and black feathery wings who weilds two spiked chains and is very self concious about her wings, extra arms, and unusual size. She pals around with a Tiny Pixie Swashbuckler (think Jenks from the Hollows book series meets the Dread Pirate Roberts). Hopefully their campaign will be long lived and hopfully you'll still be doing this later!

Race: Human.
Sex: Male.
Height/Weight: 6'4"/210 lbs., or thereabout.
Age: Earlier adult.
Class/Type/Profession/what-it-do: A barbarian of sorts.
Hair style/color: Dark, stringy, and long.
Eye color: Won't be seen under the helmet, but brown.

Name: Frenzy-Ardat Therynnal.
Attitude: Ever seen Machete? Think Danny Trejo's character and Attila the Hun thrown into a blender.
Specific Equipment:
-Leather and hide armor, cobbled together very piecemeal. Strategic portions are reinforced with bones of various origin, including a boar's skull which he wears as a helmet.
-Gauntlet blades, one on each forearm. The housing for the blades is likely the only metal present in Frenzy's armor.
-Recurve shortbow and quiver carried across his back.
Setting: D&D 3.5e; Frenzy is the patriarch of an aggressively expanding tribe.
Pose: Anything you could envision a Predator doing; I envisioned them as having very similar combat styles and mannerisms.

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