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Internet regulation

Internet regulation

If I recall correctly, there were several internet censorship bills/treaties running around recently, and it seems that they were not well received. I've recently found another one that could be of potential interest. I'm not quite qualified to speak in an un-biased manner on these while saying anything of consequence, so I'll let a few sources that do have bias speak.

Source 1, wherein the issue is raised. Anti-regulation bias.

Source 2, wherein Source 1 is rebuked.

I'm rather curious about this topic, since if the first source's claims are correct then the results may not be in my interests. Since I'm not presently able to find definitive evidence (which I trust) supporting or repudiating the claims, I'd like to open this subject to debate.

You linked the same article twice.

I suppose that that would help. Fixed, now.

Thank you.

I personally tend to dismiss sensationalist anti-UN rumours as just that. Rumours. Since not even the blogosphere has picked up on this, I'm inclined to think that Mr. McDowell is raising a great hew and cry over nothing that's actually worrying if you look at it impartially. The worst that could happen from it as I understand it is that the US will lose money over it. Hardly the death of the internet.

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