The Age of the Dark Rites: Outlander Cleric Required

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The Age of the Dark Rites: Outlander Cleric Required

Age of the Dark Rites: Rise of the Chosen - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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okay here we go again...I need a Cleric in the other half of my game now...Just to keep this add sweet and simple read the character creation section of the forum...when developing a character keep in mind that this is a post apocalyptic undead infested D&D fantasy world...

We are using the pathfinder Cleric...and majority of the pathfinder rules in dealing with the undead. I am only looking for a straight healer/diviner type (if you have a useful prestige class in mind which follows this need then feel free to run with it).

Things have been hectic at best due to a few unexpected drops from the game, but I am trying to fill it out the best I can. With the loss of our cleric, it is a bit of a heavy hit...An world ravaged by undead, no safety zones or true alleviation from the undead hordes in sight, and no cleric...yeah there is a bit of a stall until I know what to expect for them...So please feel free to apply, and bring your A game, they're going to need it...

also feel free to peruse the pantheon thread, though Mya is the most likely choice since her dogma is in complete relation to balance and nature.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with...

Game Description:

Rise of the Chosen: 199 ADR (Age of the Dark Rites)

The Age of the Unholy Wars has ended and the kingdoms of the 3rd Gate have experienced the worst of the darkness that followed. The fall of the old Gods has left The Gates of Amaranthine in a never ending time of troubles. With this proverbial darkness came the death plague, festering within the mortal realms, the 3rd Gate being the catalytic source of the event. A dark fortress appeared within the plains of the eastern coast of the dead sea on the day which marked the dawn of the new age, and with it the sun was scorched from the skies, leaving the realm in complete and utter darkness. The master of the keep, simply known as the Crimson One -or the Necromaster to those versed in the knowledge of his dark arts-, unleashed what the realm came to refer to as the Dark Ritual which blotted out the sun and brought the Death Plague into existance. Cemetaries and tombs, graves long since left undisturbed over countless centuries, were emptied of their inhabitants, as the dead walked the earth, revealing the ever reaching hand of Uulhamek'Moctou, The God of Undeath and master of the Necrocosm (known to those less familiar with the Dark Arts simply as, The Nothing, the source of necromatic power), the realm where the souls of the dead, who held no Deity in their hearts, dwell in eternal emptiness.

Uulhamek'Moctou's Death Plague, unleashed at the hands of the Necromaster, enveloped the 3rd Gate in a darkness which far surpassed the simple eclipsing of the sun. The people of the 3rd Gate were lost, and the heroes of the Unholy Wars could do nothing to protect the Gates at all times. And none suffered from these limited resources more than the 3rd Gate.

And then suddenly, as if it grew from the deepest hopes and prayers of those who survived the first century of the death plague, came a sign of hope in a hopeless time. One day a beam of light reached down from the heavens and from the emptiness appeared a fortress crafted from pillars of silver. The first inhabitants of the fortress claimed to have been blessed by their God, becoming the council of the New Temple. These people claimed that there was a new God, the one true God who needed no other name, and with Him they would be safe from the dangers of the darkness. The people flocked to the Fortress and took refuge in this kingdom which was a world onto itself. Their God claimed to be the beginning and the end, the righteous light within Uulhamek'Moctou's evil darkness.

Those who took the side of the True God, were forced to abandon the old Gods and devote their lives to the worship of He alone. Those who hesitated considered His arrival as either a test of their faith, or even as a wolf in sheep's clothing, remained separate from the New Temple, and were left to their own devices within the Outlands. These Outlanders became forgotten by the people of the Fortress, believed to be lost to the light forever and the people of the fortress -Now referred to as the people of the light- were warned to keep their distance from the outside world, lest they be lost forever.

An army was erected to regulate the defenses of the Fortress, from the sewers below which were open to the Outlands and therefore vulnerable to attacks, to the boundaries of their fortress just outside the walls of The Kingdom of Light. These knights were taken at birth, chosen by the council who claimed that the One God selected them as His soldiers. These children were raised in the Temple and taught only to serve the council, their word being the word of the One God.

Come forward all ye Potentials, and see if your characters have what it takes to become one of the Chosen...

"I do not fear death...I was not alive for billions upon billions of years before I was born and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."
No sir, the first batch I lost in the first week of the game, instead of judging applicants based on their post rate I foolishly accepted them based on their apps...Needless to say they left a wound in the game that has only festered since...Now I am hoping to level out my Outlands party so that dying is not that much of an issue. Being an undead campaign I am sure that characters losing ability points due to ability damage is not a fun experience either...I believe I dropped one character's con below 10...So I think a full on cleric in the party might alleviate some basic concerns...Atleast it will give them a better chance of survival.

It is not my job to kill anyone off, I am fully aware of that...On the other hand if they somehow become casualties of the game following the premiss I had explicitly designed (undead post-apocalyse) then isnt that really out of my hands? ;}


Did you allow items that might alleviate the Con loss?

Alot of your players have invested a fair amount of creativity in this game. To have the character.. crippled.. would not be the nicest thing.

Where are you at with the game? Past the introduction phase?

Yes I am beyond introductions, just getting things back in focus. There are ways around the con drain, it is not permanent. Just a wake up call about the potential dangers of using certain spells and abilities that make you a a target for the big nasties.

Hmm... Well I've got a cleric that could potentially work here, a half elf/drow (cloistered) cleric of Pelor using Radiant Servant of Pelor that I could convert to this. In most games I app with her I play the race mechanically as elf + darkvision. I also like to play her as having musical inclinations so is there any way that perform could be added to the clerics class skills? Mostly this is for fluff though there is an item called Lyre of the Restful Soul from Libris Mortis (pg 79), which applies a debuff to an undead's turn resistance with a perform check, that I'd be interested in. Or maybe if we could come up with something that ties the clerics abilities to music?

edit: Also I just put up her fluff from the last game I apped with her. Might take me a few days to re familiarize myself with the setting and make the necessary adjustments. No picture for now though there is someone who'll be drawing her down the road, probably won't see it for a month or two at least because they have a large backlog.

Since we remove SLA's from the saint temlate it leaves a bit of room open for this. If the lyre is approved by Morgan then you are more than welcome to take perform as a skill for part of that ECL. But that will be discussed if your build is chosen. If it is only fluff it shouldnt be too important right at this moment.

Im not sure how pathfinder differs from a 3.5 cleric, but Ill look into it when I get home.

channel positive energy instead of turn undead...among other things

So I'm curious (and partially because I haven't had time to re familiarize myself with setting fluff just yet) baring a few minor tweaks would my character's fluff work? Always nice to know before beginning to make changes.


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