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Wow, that's pretty cool. It's pretty neat that you actually took the trouble to make a 3D figure out of it

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
@Kaeso: lol I made a thing. It may not be a painting, but I thought you'd like to see it.
@ Tyoka: That's a really fantastic piece of work. I'm really impressed.

@ Kaeso: Long time no talk to. Glad to see you.

You do your thing over there. I'll be guarding the sliding door.

Thanks guys, and kcho. =D

@Mordae: Typing "lol" wouldn't properly convey the fact that I literally laughed from reading that. In truth, my room is an absolute pigsty, and my roomate's junk is all over the living room. That sliding door is like the only clean place in our apartment. But now finals are over, I can clean. ;D

@Kaeso: "Trouble" I actually only spent one day making/painting that. I may redo it and actually spend some time to get it more angular looking. And buy some white acrylic. <___< Stupid gouache, why do I even own that crap? O rite, it came in our student supply kit. Ugh.

A single day, wow. It really shows you're multitalented. Are you by any chance an art student?

Hi Tyoka, are you still around and taking drawing requests? If so...I have one. :3

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height/weight: 6'1", 165 lbs
Age: 25 (so, early adult, I guess?)
Class/Type/Profession: Rogue, more talky/skilly/social than kill-y. Uses a rapier and buckler to fight, if that matters/helps.
Hair style/color: Straw-blonde, long-ish and well-groomed, no facial hair.
Eye color: green.

What helps: I don't mind guessing these things, but I'd prefer you provide them.
Name: Eoin
Attitude: friendly and polite with a mischievous streak.
History: tragic figure. Unrequited childhood love, untimely death of a beloved sister, got depressed, left home to make name for himself, still in touch with parents, but can't go back home- memories are too painful.
Specific Equipment: uses rapier+buckler for fighting, plays his dead sister's ocarina a lot.
Setting: medieval (d&d)
Pose: Not sure. Leaning against a wall? Sitting down? No preference here...
Reference images: For some reason some people think rapiers are curved, but they're not...also, here's a picture of a guy using a rapier and buckler, if that matters/helps?

If you're too busy or not around, no big deal. I like what I saw of your other stuff so I figured I'd give it a shot.

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