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Virtual tabletops

It is correct that we are not supposed to recruit or plan for another gaming location outside of the MW boards. Discussion about them seems ok but rides a thin line. I use IRC and Traipse for my virtual table top games. Ive tried to get the gears turning with MW allowing and hosting their own server for one of those locations, so the playerbase that enjoys them can stay involved with fellow weavers. We'll see their decision soon, hopefully.

It's not free, but I'm a big fan of Fantasy Grounds. It's got virtual dice, a pretty slick interface and the little details that makes it more like a table top and less like a program. Chat is by text, but as it's pointed out there are many free options out there. Skype is my choice.

Are you planning on playing PbP here and supplementing the game with a weekly session via MapTool?
Nope, just external. Game unaffiliated with any website.

I don't need to advertise.

Have fiddled with a couple of these programs (Maptools, some other one) but they're tricky to use. Can persevere if needs be... but is there any easier one? is a good site. Easy, everything is easy to understand and get to. It's always been a resource hog when I run it, though.

What exactly do you need it to do? If you're just chatting, rolling dice and moving tokens, anything will work. If you want support for specific game systems, that's where they get complicated.

Yeah i don't expect system support. This is my homebrew system - it only has the support i make for it. Used to that.

I"ll check out, thanks for that.

I'd probably just recommend google documents. A grid helps, and also a way for players to tell their location in co-ordinates.

Players can also modify the file if you let them. Or you can allow them to share their version of the file (so that they don't accidentally mess up the original).

Yeah i already use goggledocs for work, kinda familiar with it.

I really like inferno for a simple reason; it's gosh danged easy. Bonus!


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