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Werewolf Pack scaling

Werewolf Pack scaling

I am currently trying to scale a battle in a close quarters sewer with a party of around 5 3rd levels against a pack of werewolves. I want to make it a challenge, but not so much that they die. I am considering either having two waves of half-transformed werewolves with about 4 in the first wave and 3 in the second, as there is another enemy that is an undead dragonborn at level 3 also that could potentially be there also.
The main combat area will be an open area in the sewers that is 30ft by 30ft with 5 exits. Would you say this is would be a challenging but not deadly fight for the party?


Oops, I thought I mentioned that; this is when having friends who don't game is annoying.
It's for Pathfinder, but I am currently using DnD 3.5 werewolf as I do not have the PF Monster Manual.

From what I remember, the werewolf is a CR 2 encounter, a bite attack with a free trip attempt and also usually equipped with a longsword. 4 in the first wave and 3 in the next sounds reasonable, certainly works around the 15 minute workday.

Not sure how you will be working in the dragonborn but good luck to you with that.

Depending on how the party uses tactics or not, and depending on how the terrain is structured then they might be ok. On the other hand, when difficult terrain and the likes comes in, then the difficulty of the fight will immediately go up

In situations like this I often like to imitate real-world animal tactics. Wolves for example will often have a few "scouts" as it were spread out to find prey and then call the pack. That would work well for your "waves" idea.

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