Under-represented 4e Game-style

I'd be all for this, but why not turn it into a little competition? See who can come up with the most broken, outlandish builds and compare how well they do in a predetermined set of encounters.

Impose a few conditions such as being limited to certain books or exploits and watch the carnage unfold.... Seems entirely worth it to me.

Well, there are known builds. People have come up with things that measure DPR in 4e, and such things like Alpha Strike capability. There are also several guides into how to build parties whose abilities work together extremely well. Mostly, if you read the various threads on the 4e character optimization forums, you can come up with a quick understanding of what does and does not work and where the outliers are. People have come up with useful wikis and such, too.


This thread in particular can help you with any particular concept you want to do.

For example, if you just want to know what current things are generally considered 'broken', here is a link for that:


For example, there are well known group exploits too, in the various party optimization handbooks, such as "Frostcheese" or "The Radiant Mafia". Lots of interesting stuff.

I'd like this, but I think some of the top-10 cheesiest stuff should probably be avoided (I'm looking at you, mounted charging and morninglord). But either way I could go for a little hack-and-slash now and then.

I think the DM overtly calling out what alpha strike capacity he wants a given party to have should be important. If they can kill a huge amount of 'appropriate' monsters in one round, this means that, as he seeks to challenge the party, the line between TPK and 'One-round combat, party wins' gets much much thinner...

Lets all be chargespammers with a killswitch! No seriously, it would be hilarious to make an encounter a couple levels above us and see if we could destroy it on round 1. Also, Warlock|executioner is a super fun combo.


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