Gunslingers and Gamblers: A Certain Kind of Fool

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Gunslingers and Gamblers: A Certain Kind of Fool

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Following the discovery of Gold in 1849, hundreds of thousands rushed to California in search of fame and fortune. Three decades later the original deposits may have been gone, but fortunes could still be made in the West, and people still made the journey. Many were unsuccessful, and some had family who wanted them back. Rebecca Hart was one of the latter. The young daughter of a family of English Immigrants, she travelled out West in 1877. Six years later, her family finally makes an attempt to find her, and bring her home if they can...

This game will use the Gunslingers and Gamblers rule set, with a few house rules to adapt them to the PbP setting. Players new to the setting are welcome: I tend to play fairly rules light anyway, and I’m happy to help with character creation and any other problems you might have. I’m looking for five players to take on the roles of the group as they look for Miss Rebecca Hart in what could only be called the “Wild” West. Ideally, the party would be led by one of the girl’s brothers (two- John (b. 1858) and Henry (b. 1865) are already named in the backstory, but applications for a third are also welcome), while the rest of the party would be companions of various ilks: a combination of friends and/or hired guns. To apply, please post a character description in the application thread on the forum.

As a GM, this is the first game I’ll have run through PbP, but I have run a few games with my friends before. This is a rerun of my first game, which proved quite successful before, so I thought I’d give it another go. As I say, I play rules light, with more focus on the story, although I do ask for rolls relatively frequently. The campaign will be episodic, with each part taking place in a new location on your journey, in the style of a TV miniseries. I post as much as I can, but I won’t hold players to a tight schedule, although I’m looking for a minimum of 4 posts a week from each player. If there’s anything else you want to know about the game, feel free to ask.

It is late May 1883, and a small party have left New York, bound for California and the search for a girl who hasn’t been seen in 6 years...

Game Description:

As European populations boomed in the 1870s, people emigrated to America in their thousands, led there by stories of adventure and opportunity as the country expanded to the West. One such family, the Harts from Clerkenwell in Middlesex, never made it beyond New York, where they settled down to a life of industry in 1873. Only one member got further: the family’s teenage daughter, Rebecca. Wanting more adventure in her life, she ran away to California in ‘77, in the company of a young man from Pennsylvania. Ashamed of their daughter, her parents initially denied her, but the years softened them. Six years have passed, and following the recent death of his wife, Mr James Hart has finally resolved to find his eldest daughter. The family are moving West as they’d always hoped, but a small party is going ahead to find the prodigal child. Armed with only a handful of letters, and a physical description from six years ago, they want only to bring her back to her family, if she yet lives...

Do you have resources I can use to join the game if I don't have the ruleset? I've always loved the Wild West setting,..

That's not a problem. Character creation is especially simple, and it has options for complete randomisation if you prefer. The only thing which you really need the rules for is choosing stats, and I'm perfectly happy to help with that. You can apply with a character concept, and we'll work out the rest after if you want?

Originally Posted by Itzchy View Post
Do you have resources I can use to join the game if I don't have the ruleset? I've always loved the Wild West setting,..
This sounds like great fun and a welcome departure from dungeon crawling & dragon slaying! Are the personalities of the brothers, family dynamic, etc. all open to interpretation?

Originally Posted by SmokeyGB View Post
Are the personalities of the brothers, family dynamic, etc. all open to interpretation?
Pretty much yes. Apart from their ages, there is hardly anything which is set in stone. I imagined that Henry was especially close to his sister, but a lot can change in six years, although I think he'd certainly miss her still. The only thing that's really set is that their parents were ashamed and angry with their daughter at first, but they mellowed over the years, and James promised his wife that he'd find her. If you want to play as one of the brothers then his opinion of her would be entirely up to you...

Oh goody good good... I've been wanting to play a western for ages!

I don't know if you're familiar with the spaghetti westerns, but I'd like to make a Sackett...

Splendid I will put in an app later tonight!

Besides story-wise like enemies, allies, or backgrounds, does the choice of an Indian tribe have any significance to it? I ask because all the Indian tribes I know and even learned about in school, aren't mentioned in the books Indian tribe list at all XD If it isn't of any game-mechanic-importance, then I'll probably use a tribe not listed.


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