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The Teen Titans need you!

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The Teen Titans need you!

Young Justice: The New Guard - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

It was the End of an Era

Never has the resolve of all of Earth’s collected heroes been put to the test than during The Crisis.

Two years ago, when the Dark God Darkseid rallied all the powers and forces at his disposal in a quest to control the entity known as The Anti-Monitor, and discover the secret of the Anti-Life equation. They laid waste to countries and conquered cities. Apokoliptic Demons blotted out the skies. It seemed that the End of Days had come.

It was, of Course, Superman who rallied the heroes to our aid. The Justice League, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, Batman and his Outsiders, even Uncle Sam’s Freedom Fighters and every other hero in between.

We fought them with all of our might, we gave the world hope when there was none to be had. And while there were casualties on both sides that day, we won.

And it wasn’t Superman or the League who saved us. In the end it was a Titan. One that I am sad to say I never knew or gave a chance to. Before that day I always saw Superboy has a clone, a lab experiment that I couldn’t trust. On that day I saw him for the hero he was. As he faced down Darkseid when no one else could, and as he gave his life to banish the tyrant from our reality.

On that day we won. On that day, Superboy died.

The world mourned, his Teammates were devastated. They chose to disband the Titans. They went their separate ways, some continuing on as heroes in their own way. The Tower was dismantled, the tech repurposed by other teams. We all agreed that despite the legacy of the Titans, the accomplishments that the teams with that name had made, that the world had changed. We couldn’t let kids charge into battle without leadership and guidance. So two years ago, a hero died and the Teen Titans ended.

But there’s a part of me that regrets the decision, and wonders how long it will really last.

Titans Together.

- From the Personal Files of Dick Grayson

Welcome to Teen Titans: The New Guard!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this ad! Teen Titans: The New Guard is a campaign set in the DC Universe. I am looking for five players who are interested in playing Mutants and Masterminds 3E and who love the DC Universe. I am looking for this game to be a sort of alternate-present, or Elseworlds, set in a fairly iconic version of the DC Universe, with a new group of young heroes stepping up to claim the name and the legacy of the Teen Titans. Are you Tim Drake, stepping up to fill the role of leader again? Or maybe Batman has trained a new pupil? Or perhaps you are a completely new hero without ties to a previous hero or legacy.

Your Gamemaster: I am Rennick. As a GM, I have some new formats and methods that I will be trying to integrate into my games. I've taken things I've seen throughout the Weave, suggestions from players in my other games, ideas from other GMs and will be trying to use them to make the best play-by-post game I possibly can. Personally, I am a 26-year old, master’s student who is studying theatre abroad and has played RPGs and been a comic book fan since the late 90s. The two biggest things I look for when choosing players is commitment and communication.

More than anyone I understand that asking for a daily posting rate is unrealistic for a lot of people but I expect my players to keep me and the other players in the loop if something comes up, and I will do the same for you. I am looking for Players who are willing to put the effort into making it a great game for the entire group, if you feel that you fit that description, then keep reading, you may find that this is the game for you.


Teen Titans: The New Guard is set in an alternate present that is similar to the cannon DC Universe, in broad strokes. Batman stalks the streets of Gotham city and Superman is the protector of Metropolis. At the forefront of the Earth’s defence is the Justice League. And the next generation has been represented time and again by the Teen Titans.

The basics are all the same, but the details may be different. In this world the current era of heroes has been active for about twelve years, with some form of the JLA existing for about ten years. There have been three iterations of the Teen Titans so far; the original gathering of sidekicks. The second was formed with Raven sought out a group of heroes to battle her father Trigon, and the third formed under the guidance of Cyborg, and only recently disbanded with the death of Superboy.

I am intentionally being vague about a lot of the major details because I want players to have a wide array of options and creative freedom. The specifics of the world will be worked out after players are accepted, and in a lot of cases as they discover them through the game itself.

Application Process

Character Sheet Template - You are not required to use this format for your applications, however successfuly chosen applicants will be expected to use this for their character sheets in the game.

This is where it happens! Post your interest, ask questions, all in this ad thread!

The next step will be to make a character, which will also be posted here! There are four “Categories” of characters that I will consider for acceptance:

Completely Original Characters: These are the kinds of characters that have no connections to the cannon of the DC universe. They are brand new to the world and to us.

Tangential Connections: Consider a character who is related to the established universe in a less than obvious way? Maybe your crimefighter stumbled across an old Bat Bunker and co-opted the equipment? Or Did you get your powers through some experiment by Lex Luthor? The options are endless.

Legacies: Your character works with, has been trained by, or is in some way involved with a hero or villain of the DCU. Maybe your character is the newest to take on the mantle of Robin the boy (or girl) wonder, or a young amazon who’s adopted the role of Wonder Girl. These kinds of characters are more directly related to an established hero, but are still your own creation.

Established Character: Your application revolves around a character who has already been established in the DCU. Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Jason Todd, Cassandra Sandsmark, the list goes on. Players should not feel obligated to use characters from the current generation. A good example is the use of Zatanna in the Young Justice Cartoon.

- Please note: That why established concepts are allowed, players are expected to build their sheets from the ground up to match PL and PP guidelines.

- There are a small number of heroes that are "off limits" at the moment. They can be seen in the Non-Player Character section of the forum

Now if I’m going to be honest, I think that while I am happy to consider all of these categories, I am most likely going to play a bit of favoritism to the second and third categories. The reason is that I think that having connections to the DCU will offer some interesting dynamics to storytelling and roleplaying. On the other side of the coin, I’m going to be picky over applications of established characters because it could be used as an easy out and I want to make sure that you have a strong and fresh idea of how this character could evolve.

Please do not let that deter you from submitting an awesome original concept if you have one, I'll still be looking for the characters who have the best development and the players who have the highest level of commitment when making my choices. Be sure to let me know how you are, let me know your commitment to the games you play, you experience on Myth-Weavers, Mutants and Masterminds 3e and comic books (specifically DCU), your personality, what you look for in a game or GM, and anything else you think would help me recognize you as a good fit for the game.

That being said, I'm looking for characters, not character sheets. Make sure you get me to know your character. Feel free to take liberties with the world background. If you are the new Robin, how did you come to inherit the role? What relationship do you have with the previous three (Ignore Damian… seriously). Taking those sorts of liberties is not only allowed, but they are encouraged. If you have something in there that doesn't work for my plan or setting, I'll be sure to let you know and we can work together to tweak it.

For the mechanical side of things, please do not try and break the game. I understand an open system like this has some things in it that are "broken" when used in combination, try to stay away from that. If I smell it, I simply won't entertain the idea. This game is going to be power level 10, with 150 points for character creation. I threw around many ideas on what exactly I was going to do with Power Level, and decided to just stick with the baseline of 10. Sidekicks and Minions are welcome but only in a low supporting roles, afterall your characters are basically the sidekicks themselves There may be some niche protection as well. If two characters both make versions of the masked crimefighter, unless they are radically different concepts, I probably won’t take them both

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through this advertisement. I hope that some of you are interested in applying. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome and should be posted here. I will add questions asked and answered to the ad so if a potential applicant has a similar question, they might get it answered right away. Applications should also be placed in this thread and I will update the ad to reflect any applications and their status. If you apply and I do not update the ad, please remind me to do so (in the thread first, by PM if that doesn't work). Feel free to browse the Game Forum. In terms of an application deadline, this ad will run until I have a strong base of applications to choose from and everyone who expresses interest has at least had a chance to apply (Around a week)


Where do I post my application?

Will a lack of knowledge about the game system/setting hurt my chances

Is Martian Manhunter a part of this world?

Was Superboy a clone? Who created him?

Can I be a new version of this or that character?

Can I play a chaotic/dark character?

Do I have freedom with the world's history for my backstory?

My backstory would work better with version of Batman/Batgirl/Green Lantern or other hero. Who do you have as this hero?


NOTE: It is every players own responsibility to notify me with a post when their applications are completed.

Lim Mimi - Thermal - Shihong (Complete)

Stone Dragon - - Zenninpo (Complete)

The Red Hood - Fell - (Complete)

Payasa - Hammerfist - (Complete)

Ardent - Khakan - (Complete)

Amunet - Maika - (Complete)

Archer of Soul - Cnyperos - (Complete)

Straps - RedShirt13 - (Complete)

Indigo - Ryfte - (Complete)

Arrowette -Andraia - (Complete)

Solaefter - SephirothSword117 - (Complete)

Blackout - Drunva - (Complete)

Lou'ki - BeyondThePale - (Complete)

Life Lass - Hera - (Complete)

Slice - scarletsorcerer - (Complete)

Match Mk II - Mischief Warrior - (Complete)

Voltage - Habsfan - (Complete)

Stratos - Edrobot - (Complete)

The Gorgon - Inscribed - (Complete)

Obsidian - Kaitou Kage - (Incomplete: Requested consideration)

Game Description:

A ragtag group of young heroes are brought together when the world needs them most. Against all odds, they are: The Teen Titans!

Aug 2017: My mother has had surgery recently, I may be away / sporadic for a bit during her recovery

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Catwoman - Amunet - In Progress

Name: Layla Christworth
Age: 18
Identiy: Amunet - Catwoman
Origin: Trained by Catwoman and owner of a powerful egyptian amulet

Let's see how I do!

Name: Samwise Elmer

Moniker:Archer of Soul

Age: 16


The 'sidekick'

Name: Soul

Moniker: None

Origin: Unknown

Age: Rough aproximation puts her at 15ish

The niche they fill, sorta
Samwise and Soul woulda sorta fill the same role as Green Arrow, I reckon, mainly meaning the groups archer with a trick or two up their sleave.

OuO ... This looks positively lovely...

EDIT: So, I am going to work up an app for this I think. Originally I was going to make some kind of Batgirl, but then I realized that I always do Batgirl, so I thought I should mix it up a bit. If y'all don't mind, I think I am going to make an Arrowette (the moniker originally used by Bonnie King and Cissie King-Jones) / Arrowfamily character. I might make her Lian Harper. Maybe. (Although I will still be using the moniker Arrowette, because the more traditional Little Red Hood might get a bit confusing, no XD ?)

EDITEDIT: Ahahaha... I didn't see Samwise and Soul before I started this X'D .

Name: Grissom Moore (aka "Straps", aka "Elongated Boy", aka "the Trojan Kid" (hey, waitaminute!), aka "Kid Stretch", aka...sheesh)
Age: 16


VitalsName: Eileen Audra Cassidy
Hero Identity: Indigo
Gender/Age: Female, 17
Height/Weight: 5'4" / 137 pounds
Hair/Eye Color: Blue-Black / Pale Violet-Pink
Additional InformationFather: Daniel Patrick Cassidy, a.k.a. Blue Devil, See subject file Blue Devil for details.
Abilities (??pts)Str 8, Agi 2, Fgt 6, Awa 2
Sta 5, Dex 0, Int 0, Pre 1
Offense (??pts)Concussive Slam (horns): Strength: +6, DC25, Crit 20 (??pts)
Eldritch Blast (Magic 6) : +6, DC21, 150/300/600', Crit 20 (??pts)
Throw: +0, DC23, Bludgeon, Crit 20 (??pts)
Unarmed : +6, DC23, Bludgeon, Crit 20 (??pts)[/color]
DefensesDodge +2 (???)
Parry +6 (???)
Fortitude +5 (???)
Toughness +10 (Impervious +10)
Will +2 (???)
Hero Points: 1 (???)
Skills (??pts)+ 10 Athletics (2 ranks +8 ability)
+6 Deception (5 ranks +1 ability)
+8 Expertise: Magic (8 ranks)
+2 Insight (+2 ability)
+5 Intimidation (4 ranks +1 ability)
+2 Perception (+2 ability)
+1 Persuasion (+1 ability)
+2 Stealth (+2 ability)
Advantages(??pts)Attractive 2 +5 circumstance bonus to interaction based on your looks
Diehard Automatically stabilize while dying
Evasion 2 circumstance bonus to avoid area effects
Fascinate (Deception) Use an interaction skill to entrace others
Fearless Immune to fear effects
Great Endurance +5 on checks involving endurance
Improved Smash No penalty for the smash action
Interpose Take an attack meant for an ally.
Move-By Action Move both before and after your standard action
Power Attack Trade attack bonus for effect bonus
Ritualist Use Expertise (Magic) to create and perform rituals.
Skill Mastery: Expertise: Magic Make routine checks with one skill under any condition
Takedown Attack 2 Free extra attack when you incapacitate a minion.
Weapon Break Free smash attack when you actively defend.

Powers (??pts)Concussive Slam - Horns (Str based Damage 2) (2pts; Standard - Close - Instant)
Demon Skin (immunity 10, imp tough 5, prot 5, regen 1, Life Support 9) (10pts; fire / heat; (Personal - Permanent); 5pts; (Free - Personal - Continuous); 10pts; +5 toughness; Impervious; (Personal - Permanent); 1pt; Every 10 rounds (Personal - Permanent); 9pts, Life Support)
Demonic Tracker (senses 7) (7pts; Scent Based - Acute, Awarness: Magic, Extendedx3 (1k), Tracking (full speed) (Personal - Permanent))
Demonic Heritage (Immortality 1) (2pts; Return after 2 weeks (Personal - Permanent))
Leaping 9 (3pts; Leap .5 miles at 250 miles/hour in 6 seconds; Side Effect 2: always - Landing damages area/objects, destroys/warps/shatters cement/asphalt/steel/roofs/etc. (Move - Personal - Instant))
Eldritch Heritage (magic 6) (19pts; DC21; Accurate 3: +6 (standard - ranged, 150/300/600' - Instant)
- Counterspell (deflect 2; Alternate) (standard - ranged, 50/100/200' - instant)
- Flame Step (teleport 10; Alternate) (Carry 50 lbs.; Dimensional 3: any dimension, Extended: 1000 miles in 2 move actions; Limited to Extended, Medium: Fire; (move - rank - instant))
- Tongues (comprehend 6; alternate) (animals - speak to animals - understand, languages - read all, languages - speak all, languages - understand all, languages - you're understood; (Personal - Permanent))
- Energy Control(Heat/Fire 6; alternate) ())
Speed 5 (5pts; Speed: 60 mph, 900'/round; (Move - Personal - Sustained))
MovementBase Movement Speed (2 miles/hour, 30'/round (run 4 miles/hour, 60'/round; swim .5 miles/hour, 6'/round))
Flame Jump: Teleport 10 (Carry 50 lbs.)
Leaping: Leaping 9 (Leap .5 miles at 250 mph in 6 seconds)
Routine Jump Distance (Running Jump: 20'; Standing: 10'; Vertical: 4'; Standing Vert.: 2')
Speed: Speed 5 (Speed: 60 mpg, 900'/round)
Throwing Distance (Throw 25,000 ktons 6'; Throw 6,400 ktons 30'; Throw 1,600 ktons 120')
BackgroundDaniel Cassidy met Elesia while he was working at the Oblivion Bar, he'd been reincarnated as a true devil years ago. A part demon, Elesia found the blue devil's stories entrancing and they dated on and off while he worked at the bar. Had Cassidy known it was all arranged by Neron things would have worked out quite differently. Taking advantage of the ability of a human soul in a demon born body Neron had grand plans of ultimately using the Blue Devil's own daughter against him. Thus it was that Elesia, a half succubus, gave birth to a baby demonic-human baby girl. Born with innate abilities granted by her father and mother she excelled at her training.

She was taught the magical arts to supplement her natural strength and other advantages with a particular focus in ritual magic. Assigned this daily she spent hours each day watching her father and other heroes in the mortal world. Gazing through the still seeing water she became fascinated by the continual struggle of the mortals. Being young and headstrong, as well as a bit stubborn she continually disagreed with Neron and chafed at the restrictions placed on her. Finally, fed up with her life, yearning for the life of a "normal" teen and the ability to be like those she watched every day, she took advantage of a fire set by Incinerator, a self named minor fire villain. Creating a bonfire to step through she instantly appeared in the blaze on earth. Walking out of the fire into the clear air she gazed at the city around her, the buildings that stretched hundreds of fee into the air, and snuffed the flames Incinerator had started nonchalantly with an off handed arcane gesture.

Incinerator fell easily to her abilities not for the small part that she is completely immune to fire and heat. Incinerator, a suit based villain, couldn't do anything to the fledgeling demonic hero and found his armor soon destroyed and himself riding away in the back of a police cruiser. His last sight of the bank he'd had such grand schemes of robbing that of the young demoness giving a police officer her testimony. Backed up by the bank employees, customer, and manager she was free to go but not before a small newspaper had already snapped a few pictures of her. That first day in the city had been a disaster, she'd not thought anything of her appearance until a number of accidents had already taken place.

Finally realizing the problem her appearance was causing she borrowed a worn and tattered long coat from a homeless man that had left his cart, running madly down the alleyway and howling at the top of his lungs. Still, her horns were an issue, as was her skin color, glowing eyes and pointed teeth. So she took to a nearby rooftop and studied the city below. Her image and the name "Indigo Devil" was in the paper the next morning, clear as day, along with "hero" and by all acounts it was a positive article. Reinforced by the entire situation she kept her eyes open for other "problems" in the city and began fighting criminals as she came across them. Still remaining to the back alleys and less public thoroughfares she made a name for herself slowly over the weeks.

She's spoken to a number of reporters and at her request she's been referred to as simply "Indigo" but most of the public still calls her "Indigo Devi" and it does make her a bit uncomfortable. Regardless, as she's been accepted by the city as one of the good guys she's more than amenable to accept the minor slight.

Motivation: Doing GoodEileen is a strong willed young demon striving to help others. The legacy of her own kind frustrates her and she's doing what she can to tip the scales the other way. She looks up to her father despite his mistakes and flaws seeing the good side in him and what he's accomplished over the years. Any opportunity isn't too small or too large and she'll go out of her way to help anyone.
Motivation: JusticeHaving seen injustice for most of her early life and combined with her attempts to do good deeds she's a strong believer in justice.
PrejudiceIndigo / Eileen is mostly demonic. The horns on her head, lithe demonic tail, blue skin, and smoky violet eyes set her apart. They also match the historical concept and look of a demon / devil and a large portion of the population react negatively to her appearance. To some it doesn't matter at all and to others that seek out "darkness" they assume that she's on their side. There have been numerous times when she's been approached for a demonic boon or to be included in a crime of some sort.
TemperShe responds poorly in situations where individuals are being treated unfairly. Weak individuals being picked on, criminal activity of any kind, slavery, dictatorships, etc. are all things that anger Indigo. She tends to lose control and use more strength than she should.

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