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The Teen Titans need you!

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The Teen Titans need you!

Young Justice: The New Guard - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

It was the End of an Era

Never has the resolve of all of Earth’s collected heroes been put to the test than during The Crisis.

Two years ago, when the Dark God Darkseid rallied all the powers and forces at his disposal in a quest to control the entity known as The Anti-Monitor, and discover the secret of the Anti-Life equation. They laid waste to countries and conquered cities. Apokoliptic Demons blotted out the skies. It seemed that the End of Days had come.

It was, of Course, Superman who rallied the heroes to our aid. The Justice League, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, Batman and his Outsiders, even Uncle Sam’s Freedom Fighters and every other hero in between.

We fought them with all of our might, we gave the world hope when there was none to be had. And while there were casualties on both sides that day, we won.

And it wasn’t Superman or the League who saved us. In the end it was a Titan. One that I am sad to say I never knew or gave a chance to. Before that day I always saw Superboy has a clone, a lab experiment that I couldn’t trust. On that day I saw him for the hero he was. As he faced down Darkseid when no one else could, and as he gave his life to banish the tyrant from our reality.

On that day we won. On that day, Superboy died.

The world mourned, his Teammates were devastated. They chose to disband the Titans. They went their separate ways, some continuing on as heroes in their own way. The Tower was dismantled, the tech repurposed by other teams. We all agreed that despite the legacy of the Titans, the accomplishments that the teams with that name had made, that the world had changed. We couldn’t let kids charge into battle without leadership and guidance. So two years ago, a hero died and the Teen Titans ended.

But there’s a part of me that regrets the decision, and wonders how long it will really last.

Titans Together.

- From the Personal Files of Dick Grayson

Welcome to Teen Titans: The New Guard!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this ad! Teen Titans: The New Guard is a campaign set in the DC Universe. I am looking for five players who are interested in playing Mutants and Masterminds 3E and who love the DC Universe. I am looking for this game to be a sort of alternate-present, or Elseworlds, set in a fairly iconic version of the DC Universe, with a new group of young heroes stepping up to claim the name and the legacy of the Teen Titans. Are you Tim Drake, stepping up to fill the role of leader again? Or maybe Batman has trained a new pupil? Or perhaps you are a completely new hero without ties to a previous hero or legacy.

Your Gamemaster: I am Rennick. As a GM, I have some new formats and methods that I will be trying to integrate into my games. I've taken things I've seen throughout the Weave, suggestions from players in my other games, ideas from other GMs and will be trying to use them to make the best play-by-post game I possibly can. Personally, I am a 26-year old, master’s student who is studying theatre abroad and has played RPGs and been a comic book fan since the late 90s. The two biggest things I look for when choosing players is commitment and communication.

More than anyone I understand that asking for a daily posting rate is unrealistic for a lot of people but I expect my players to keep me and the other players in the loop if something comes up, and I will do the same for you. I am looking for Players who are willing to put the effort into making it a great game for the entire group, if you feel that you fit that description, then keep reading, you may find that this is the game for you.


Teen Titans: The New Guard is set in an alternate present that is similar to the cannon DC Universe, in broad strokes. Batman stalks the streets of Gotham city and Superman is the protector of Metropolis. At the forefront of the Earth’s defence is the Justice League. And the next generation has been represented time and again by the Teen Titans.

The basics are all the same, but the details may be different. In this world the current era of heroes has been active for about twelve years, with some form of the JLA existing for about ten years. There have been three iterations of the Teen Titans so far; the original gathering of sidekicks. The second was formed with Raven sought out a group of heroes to battle her father Trigon, and the third formed under the guidance of Cyborg, and only recently disbanded with the death of Superboy.

I am intentionally being vague about a lot of the major details because I want players to have a wide array of options and creative freedom. The specifics of the world will be worked out after players are accepted, and in a lot of cases as they discover them through the game itself.

Application Process

Character Sheet Template - You are not required to use this format for your applications, however successfuly chosen applicants will be expected to use this for their character sheets in the game.

This is where it happens! Post your interest, ask questions, all in this ad thread!

The next step will be to make a character, which will also be posted here! There are four “Categories” of characters that I will consider for acceptance:

Completely Original Characters: These are the kinds of characters that have no connections to the cannon of the DC universe. They are brand new to the world and to us.

Tangential Connections: Consider a character who is related to the established universe in a less than obvious way? Maybe your crimefighter stumbled across an old Bat Bunker and co-opted the equipment? Or Did you get your powers through some experiment by Lex Luthor? The options are endless.

Legacies: Your character works with, has been trained by, or is in some way involved with a hero or villain of the DCU. Maybe your character is the newest to take on the mantle of Robin the boy (or girl) wonder, or a young amazon who’s adopted the role of Wonder Girl. These kinds of characters are more directly related to an established hero, but are still your own creation.

Established Character: Your application revolves around a character who has already been established in the DCU. Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Jason Todd, Cassandra Sandsmark, the list goes on. Players should not feel obligated to use characters from the current generation. A good example is the use of Zatanna in the Young Justice Cartoon.

- Please note: That why established concepts are allowed, players are expected to build their sheets from the ground up to match PL and PP guidelines.

- There are a small number of heroes that are "off limits" at the moment. They can be seen in the Non-Player Character section of the forum

Now if I’m going to be honest, I think that while I am happy to consider all of these categories, I am most likely going to play a bit of favoritism to the second and third categories. The reason is that I think that having connections to the DCU will offer some interesting dynamics to storytelling and roleplaying. On the other side of the coin, I’m going to be picky over applications of established characters because it could be used as an easy out and I want to make sure that you have a strong and fresh idea of how this character could evolve.

Please do not let that deter you from submitting an awesome original concept if you have one, I'll still be looking for the characters who have the best development and the players who have the highest level of commitment when making my choices. Be sure to let me know how you are, let me know your commitment to the games you play, you experience on Myth-Weavers, Mutants and Masterminds 3e and comic books (specifically DCU), your personality, what you look for in a game or GM, and anything else you think would help me recognize you as a good fit for the game.

That being said, I'm looking for characters, not character sheets. Make sure you get me to know your character. Feel free to take liberties with the world background. If you are the new Robin, how did you come to inherit the role? What relationship do you have with the previous three (Ignore Damian… seriously). Taking those sorts of liberties is not only allowed, but they are encouraged. If you have something in there that doesn't work for my plan or setting, I'll be sure to let you know and we can work together to tweak it.

For the mechanical side of things, please do not try and break the game. I understand an open system like this has some things in it that are "broken" when used in combination, try to stay away from that. If I smell it, I simply won't entertain the idea. This game is going to be power level 10, with 150 points for character creation. I threw around many ideas on what exactly I was going to do with Power Level, and decided to just stick with the baseline of 10. Sidekicks and Minions are welcome but only in a low supporting roles, afterall your characters are basically the sidekicks themselves There may be some niche protection as well. If two characters both make versions of the masked crimefighter, unless they are radically different concepts, I probably won’t take them both

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through this advertisement. I hope that some of you are interested in applying. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome and should be posted here. I will add questions asked and answered to the ad so if a potential applicant has a similar question, they might get it answered right away. Applications should also be placed in this thread and I will update the ad to reflect any applications and their status. If you apply and I do not update the ad, please remind me to do so (in the thread first, by PM if that doesn't work). Feel free to browse the Game Forum. In terms of an application deadline, this ad will run until I have a strong base of applications to choose from and everyone who expresses interest has at least had a chance to apply (Around a week)


Where do I post my application?

Will a lack of knowledge about the game system/setting hurt my chances

Is Martian Manhunter a part of this world?

Was Superboy a clone? Who created him?

Can I be a new version of this or that character?

Can I play a chaotic/dark character?

Do I have freedom with the world's history for my backstory?

My backstory would work better with version of Batman/Batgirl/Green Lantern or other hero. Who do you have as this hero?


NOTE: It is every players own responsibility to notify me with a post when their applications are completed.

Lim Mimi - Thermal - Shihong (Complete)

Stone Dragon - - Zenninpo (Complete)

The Red Hood - Fell - (Complete)

Payasa - Hammerfist - (Complete)

Ardent - Khakan - (Complete)

Amunet - Maika - (Complete)

Archer of Soul - Cnyperos - (Complete)

Straps - RedShirt13 - (Complete)

Indigo - Ryfte - (Complete)

Arrowette -Andraia - (Complete)

Solaefter - SephirothSword117 - (Complete)

Blackout - Drunva - (Complete)

Lou'ki - BeyondThePale - (Complete)

Life Lass - Hera - (Complete)

Slice - scarletsorcerer - (Complete)

Match Mk II - Mischief Warrior - (Complete)

Voltage - Habsfan - (Complete)

Stratos - Edrobot - (Complete)

The Gorgon - Inscribed - (Complete)

Obsidian - Kaitou Kage - (Incomplete: Requested consideration)

Game Description:

A ragtag group of young heroes are brought together when the world needs them most. Against all odds, they are: The Teen Titans!

Aug 2017: My mother has had surgery recently, I may be away / sporadic for a bit during her recovery

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Ok just a crunch question, thematically Blackout can absorb pure energy (electricity, fire or radiation (but not normal sunlight as that would be near limitless)) So when buying absorb energy would it be okay if I included those three as the particular attack as simply 'energy' or do I have to limit it to just one?

I *think* you have to buy it multiple times for different effects.
So a different one for each source?

Name: Lou'Ki
Age: 24
Superhero Identity: The Dark Avenger
Origin Summary: Former member of the Shadowstar Clan of modern day ninja assassins. Found, left for dead by his brethren for disobeying an order to kill a child, by Myg and trained as his apprentice. He turns down the legion of superheroes after his master is killed by Radiation Roy, for whom he has become obsessed with seeking his revenge.
Category: Legacy (Karate Kid II, AKA Myg)

Player Level: 10
Starting Point Total: 150
Total Ability Points: 68
Total Power Points: 82
Total Points:

Abilities - 68
Strength: 4
Stamina: 8
Agility: 6
Dexterity: 4
Fighting: 10
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 2
Presence: 0

Initiative +8

Defense - 10
Dodge 10
Parry 8
Fortitude 10
Toughness 8
Will 8

Skills - 12
Acrobatics +16, Intimidation +6, Perception +10, Slight of Hand +6

Advantages - 18

Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Instant Up, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown 2, Taunt.
• Boxing, Judo, Kung Fu, Sword-fighting, Wrestling.


Moivations and Complications
Lou'ki seeks a form of acceptance he had never before experienced, a sort of feeling of belonging which had been denied him his entire life. From his segregated up bringing to his issolated training with Myg, he experiences a longing for social acceptance...which was suppose to be the eventual ressault of his training, robbed from him by Radiation Roy (see background
He seeks justice for all those who have been victimized. This is an all consuming compulssion, rather than just a simple desire to see evil get what is coming to it. He can not avoid the need to avenge any severe victim of violence and wickedness he encounters, especially when concerning uintrained women or children, or more so, those he deems most unable to defend or avenge themselves.
Lou'ki feels responsible for his master's death, for not being ready to join him in the battle that ended his life. He was not ready emotionally, to use his power for a higher purpose, and without a mind tempered in nutrality and objectivity, he would only be a hinderance to Myg and the cause of the Legion of Superheroes. Which is why he ultimately turned down their request for him to join after Myg's death. He did not feel worthy at the time. He has devoted his life to restoring balance to the world and hunting down his master's murderer, feeling responsible both for continuing his master's good work, and avenging him, which he knew on a more than subconscious level, Myg would not approve of.
If anyone discovers his past, and the origin of his power set, they willl likely make the connection that he was once not a very good person. Being the top assassin for an infamous ninja clan, is something he had been working hard to distance himself from.

Chi Array - Shadowstar Clan; 25 pp
Sense Attunement (Senses- Sight=Penetrates Concealment, Counters Illusion, Microscopic Vision, Dark vision, Extended 2; Mental= Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Danger Sense; Hearing= Ultrahearing, Radio; Smell= Tracking; Touch= Extended)
. . . Fantastic Leap (Leaping 8; Affects Insubstantial 2 - Can leap off of open air; Innate)
. . . Unseen form (Concealment; Visual 4, Hearing 2; Precise and Innate)
. . . Shadow Walk (Teleport 6 [1800 ft] - Accurate; Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass x4, Turnabout; Source - Shadows)
. . . Healing Trance (Healing 8 - Distracting; Innate)
. . . Palms Pressure (Enhanced Strength +5, Super Strength +7)
. . . Enlightened Step (Movement- Permeate 3, Slithering, Sure-Footed, Trackless 5 (Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Tactile, Mental), Wall Climbing 2, Water Walking 2, Environmental Adaptation: Hot and cold, Underwater and zero gravity)
. . . Distance Strike (Ranged Damage 10; Distracting; Innate, Accurate 4)

Whenever he is killed his body burns to ashes. At sunrise, following his death, the ashes recollect into a pille, from unknown locations, and from the ashes he is reborn. This is a genetic response and not a talent or skill as most his Chi abilities are considered.
Rise of The Pheonix (Immortality 5; reacts to sunrise, -1)
Empty self (immunity 13- Chi Array powers, sleep, aging and Life Support)

Appearance / Personality / Background

Originally Posted by Drunva View Post
Ok just a crunch question, thematically Blackout can absorb pure energy (electricity, fire or radiation (but not normal sunlight as that would be near limitless)) So when buying absorb energy would it be okay if I included those three as the particular attack as simply 'energy' or do I have to limit it to just one?
Originally Posted by Mutants and Masterminds Hero's Handbook
You take the energy from a particular type of attack,
chosen when you take this power, and use it to enhance
one of your traits.
your best bet would be choose one energy type as your main one, and then use alternate effects rules for the others. It will save you some PP, but you can only absorb one kind of energy at a time.

Life Lass

Life Lass

Player Level: 10
Starting Point Total: 150
Total Ability Points: 30
Total Skill Points: 16
Total Advantage Points: 7
Total Power Points: 56
Total Defense Points: 41
Total Points: 150

Strength: 1
Stamina: 0
Agility: 2
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 2
Intellect: 6
Awareness: 2
Presence: 2

Initiative 2

Dodge 12
Parry 15
Fortitude 10
Toughness 5/0*
Will 10

Expertise: History 8
Expertise: Science 8
Treatment 10
Athletics 4
Acrobatics 4

Skill Mastery: Treatment
Defense Roll 5

Somi is from the 31st century, and though she is immensely knowledgeable about history, knowledge isn't experience--and she's very much out of place in the here and now. She is prone to think of her presence in 21st century as an extended "field trip" rather than her "real life."
Out of Time

As one of the few temporal immigrants around today, Somi is known worldwide and is regularly asked to make media appearances and to help out modern-day scientists with understanding future history and technological advancements. However, she is under strict orders from the Lalloran government to reveal no such things, lest the proper flow of history be disrupted.

Fate and happenstance have made Somi a metahuman, but she doesn't have quite the heart of a hero, at least not yet. She does what she does in service of her world and her family.

Animation 10 (Perception range; summons animated object; limited: available objects)
Multiple Minions 3
Mental Link
Lalloran Ring (Dynamic Alternate Effect)
Time Travel 1 (limited: 31st century; flaw: uncontrolled)
Comprehend: Languages 3 (speaks, understands, and reads all languages)

Seeing as Manhunter and Ardent are both Shapeshifters, is Variable allowed Rennick? Variable, not just the Shapeshifting power listed in Hero Lab.

Okay, I kind of love Life Lass XD .

But yeah. At home and working on my modified background again. Popping out for some volunteer work in a bit, but I should have the revised version up sometime this evening.

Karl von Ranen / Slice

Player Level: 10
Starting Point Total: 150.
Total Ability Points: 68.
Total Skill Points: 32 (64 ranks).
Total Advantages Points: 30.
Total Defences Points: 20.
Total Power Points: 0.
Total Points: 150.


Strength: 1.
Stamina: 4.
Agility: 6.
Dexterity: 6.
Fighting: 6.
Intellect: 3.
Awareness: 6.
Presence: 2.


Initiative: +14
Unarmed: +6 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Claws: +14 (+2 Damage, DC 17, crit 19-20)
Whip: +8 (+2 Damage, DC 17)


+5 vs. area attacks
Parry: 14.
Fortitude: 9.
4 + Defensive Roll 1
Will: 8.


Acrobatics: 8 (+14)
Athletics: 7 (+8)
Close Combat (Claws): 8 (+14)
Close Combat (Whip): 2 (+8)
Deception: 7 (+9)
Expertise (Crime): 7 (+10)
Insight: 3 (+9)
Intimidation: 0 (+2)
Investigation: 7 (+10)
Perception: 4 (+10)
Ranged Combat: 0 (+6)
Sleight of Hand: 2 (+8)
Stealth: 6 (+12)
Technology: 2 (+5)
Treatment 0 (+3)
Vehicles: 0 (+6)

take up to -5 on effect of attack for same bonus to attack roll
Accurate Attack,
use acrobatics instead of deception when feinting
Agile Feint,
study a target to gain information on their capabilities
gain bonuses to deceive or persuade those who are attracted
Attractive (1),
well off
Benefit (Wealth) (1),
cause opponent to hesitate in combat
Daze (Deception) (1),
take penalty of up to -5 to attack in order to add to active defences
Defensive Attack,
add bonus to toughness
Defensive Attack (1),
+5 bonus to recall information and against memory altering effects
Eidetic Memory,
gain 5 equipment points per rank
Equipment (3),
+5 bonus to dodge vs. area attacks
Evasion (2),
use dexterity instead of strength for grabs; not vulnerable while grabbing
Grabbing Finesse,
critical on rolls of 19-20
Improved Critical (Claws),
gain +2 to active defences on the defend action
Improved Defence,
make and maintain grabs with one arm; perform actions with free arm
Improved Grab,
-5 to escape grab attacks made by me
Improved Hold,
+4 initiative per rank of advantage
Improved Initiative (2),
no penalty to trip attacks; opponents do not get to make a trip attack
Improved Trip,
ignore circumstance penalty without proper tools; only -2 with no tools
Improvised Tools,
can go from prone to standing as a free action with no need to roll
Instant Up,
speak and understand additional languages – Afrikaans and English
Languages (1),
re-roll a die like a use of a hero point a number of times equal to the ranks in this advantage
Luck (1),
move before and after standard action if total distance isn’t greater than speed
Move-by Action,
no penalty for being prone; opponents gain no advantages
Prone Fighting,
draw weapon as a free action
Quick Draw,
re-roll failed checks in this circumstance and use better of the two rolls
Second Chance (falling),
after defeating a minion, extra attack as free action against adjacent minion
not vulnerable when surprised or caught off guard
Uncanny Dodge.

Karl has a somewhat less than clean past. He has put much of it behind him, but he is aware that he can’t expect instant trust and understanding. If something is worth obtaining, it is worth working hard for – gaining acceptance and respect among his fellow heroes is more than a worthy goal for Karl.
Although he lived a life of crime previously, Karl has found that doing good is infinitely more satisfying. It fills a void in his life that he had no idea how to manage. Karl knows that doing good is what he should have been doing all along. That doesn’t mean he has given up crime altogether, or even that his views have changed much, but his motivation is for good now. For example he might still be willing to kill, but only to protect others.
Doing Good.
Karl must make restitution for some of the worst things he has done. That might take a long time, but he is committed to doing so. He also feels very strongly that it is his duty to use the skills he has to shield the innocent from danger – whether a super-villain or an ordinary mugger.
Adrenaline is a very addictive thing, and Karl has it bad. He needs the rush. He can get it by doing good, but he can’t live life without it.

Other Complications:
Karl keeps his civilian and hero (and previously his criminal) identities secret. Nobody knows that the famous cat burglar turned hero Slice is actually Karl von Renen.
Crime and criminals hold a fascination for Karl. He has extensively studied previous cat burglars (including his father and Catwoman). If he were ever to catch one, he’d be more likely to ask questions and gush like a fanboy than take them down.
Those who are aware of Karl’s criminal past – just a few of the Teen Titans and the Justice League – sometimes scorn him for it. While his philosophy and attitude towards self-improvement and redemption may be admirable, his past can’t be forgotten.
Prejudice (criminal).
Karl is bisexual, and this has caused problems for him in the past. Whether from straight people accusing him of going through a phase, gay people insisting he is actually gay, and just general misunderstandings, he has found it a little difficult. Therefore he tends to keep all relationships – with men and woman – under wraps.
Prejudice (sexuality).
Karl’s relationship with his father is complicated, to say the least. There are a number of issues with abandonment and betrayal on Karl’s side. Thomas is less than pleased about his son joining a real hero organisation – it puts them potentially at odds, should they ever cross paths.
Relationship (Thomas Blake).
Karl and his father often competed in terms of skills and abilities. Each often tried to prove who was the better thief – challenging each other to pull off difficult capers, to perform hard tricks, to take on handicaps during jobs to prove who was better. They each have their strengths, and each is still convinced that they are better.
Rivalry (Thomas Blake).
The woman who asked Blake to "get rid" of Karl. She tried to make Thomas give up his relationship with Karl. She succeded for a while. And Karl has no doubt that if he ever encounters her, she'll want him dead. So he does his best to avoid any and all contact with her.
Rivalry (Cheshire).


- “Claws”: Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Split) (2ep)
- Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling) (2ep)

“Cat Burglars Tools”
- Night Vision Goggles (1ep)
- Parabolic Microphone (1ep)
- Binoculars (1ep)
- GPS (1ep)

Whip: Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Reach 3, Chokehold, Improved Disarm) (6ep) -- (7ep)
- AE: Movement 1 (Swinging) (2ep)

Quick question: What's the maximum rank we can buy for a single power? I seem to keep missing it in the book though I'm certain it's in there somewhere.

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