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Shadowrun Returns

MUST have riggers.

I spread the word around and got like half a dozen of my childhood friends, who I had no idea liked Shadowrun in the first place, to back it. Awesome.

There were spiders in 2e, but I think they were just called Security Riggers. And they've specifically said no for consoles.

I hope at least one of those $10k backers put that game up on Youtube. I would watch that start to end, seriously.

Indeed, I love good old sandboxes, especially when they're done right.

Well, if anyone wasn't backing it because of a lack of a Linux version, they've got no excuse now. If they hit one million in funding then they'll be making a Linux version. Considering that they've already got about $845,000 already and still another 17 days to go, then there's a pretty good chance they'll make it.

Wow, at 862,000 and rising. I hope they put the money to good use and don't squander it with greed.
They seem like class-acts, so let's see what we can get. I await my distant digital copy.

Man I would love to see a company pick up the x-com license and do something with that as well... but do it the right way, lol.

Have you not heard about this?

Screw the FPS, Enemy Unknown sure looks like the real thing to me.


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