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Creating My Own d20 game.

Creating My Own d20 game.

Hey gang!

Well, I joined the site some time go to get help starting my own d&d group and got some fabulous hep. Sadly I fear I must call upon for aid once more.

My friends and I wish to create our own game, we have a basic idea of the style, setting and classes. But actually coming up with a combat system that is not just a copy/paste of D&D seems to allude us. Along with how stats, weapons and armor would come into play.

We want combat to be fun and easy to get into but not so simple we get bored or combat ends quickly. Sort of stuck at this point and not sure what resources could be found to aid us.

Creating a game system out of whole cloth isn't very easy. Before you decide that this is the way to go for you, I would consider the vast array of free games out there that people have already done the footwork on. At least one of them will have had the same issues with D20 that you do, the hard part is just sifting through them all.

If you do intend on crafting your own game system, and it is a worthy endeavor, you need a point of reference. I would go through the major game systems and make a detailed list of the features you like and dislike. Be specific. You may find that there are some simple rule swaps that you can make between to systems. But at it will give both you and potential collaborators an idea of the work that must be done.

I guarantee you, once you have such a list, that you will have people to help you build them.

Sorry for the late reply, going to school full time and all.

Well, to start off this is not something we're planning on trying to cash in on or the like. Just for us to enjoy and be proud of.

What we are looking to create is something class/role based but able to customize with skills and abilities to better tailor said class to the users play-style while still being able to fulfill a role such as defender, healer, melee or support. We want combat to flow well and be a little more proactive rather than reactive in most situations.

What we do like. Character depth with skills, abilities and spells. The con with this is PCs becoming godlike, which we want to avoid possibly by simply allowing them to pick and chose things as they progress rather than, "You get X spells/abilities when your reach X level." You get the freedom customization with out the hassle of making enemies overly powerful to compensate or nerfing spells or abilities.

We also like the idea of stats being involved with the ability to overcome common things such as locked doors, breaking objects, climbing, carrying/pushing/pulling heavy loads, daily marching, sprinting ect.

I suggest then that you begin with E6. There is much written about it but the basic idea is that once you reach 6th level, you begin using Epic rules for progression. This means that BAB is capped (i.e. no more than 2 iterative attacks), saves slow down severely, hit point stay at a reasonable level and the numbers don't get out of control in general. There's more finesse to it, of course. But it's a start to take care of some of your issues.

Just Google E6 D&D and you'll find it.

Alright. I have the basics of my game down such as combat and exploration and want to share them but I am not great at writing in a technical format. Any tips on how I could present this to you all?

Don't forget to have table of contents! That plagued me in the game I am working on and was immediately brought up through proof-reading. Also, try to have the layout in a way to give total newcomers the easiest way to know what is going and step by step character creation.

Just browse through any free PDFs for general idea, even if you just share yours in a text document.

So Introduction--->Game basics--->Charter Creation--->items and Armaments--->Combat--->?

I don't have that much, but the bare bone basics to test out and see how this functions. Also how could I make a Pdf?

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