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So are the three main factions from last time still in effect, or is free-for-all since we're now pirates?
For those who don't know what this guy is talking about, in the last campaign there were three major factions that the Players and NPCs came from; the Disney-and-Videogame themed "Disney Kingdom", the Anime-and-Scifi themed "Amateratsu Federation", and the (mostly) evil "Britannian Empire".

Yes, they will still exist in the next game, and players will most likely come from one of these three places. But unlike the last game, I'm not going to force the players to engage in political stuff unless they want to. The campaign I've planned out will assume that the party is looking out for themselves (and I'll give them a good reason to do this), but still leaves enough room for the players to side with a faction if they can all agree on it. If they can't all agree I might need to split the party, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Status update: I'm about 30% done writing the first adventure, so I'm going to try to set up the game Ad as soon as possible.


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