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Roll20 -- Virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story

Roll20 -- Virtual tabletop gaming that tells a story

Have you guys seen this already?!

I wonder how much different this is from D&D Insider, besides the fact that you can play something other than D&D on it.

I really wished they added other dice systems like d100, maybe they will get at it later.

Oh well, enjoy!

This looks pretty cool, also they are working out of my home town so that is kinda cool. I will have to see if I can talk the wife into throwing some money into the Kickstarter

Yeah, also I think they aim to make this program free once they finish developing it.

So that's pretty cool.

I think you can upload you own music and pictures, that's why they are asking for money for the media servers.

I guess if you actually play games using miniatures and whatnot, it has its uses. But, personally, if I want to play with miniatures or listen to people ramble on, I'll play an actual live game. If I want to play online, I prefer chat-based or play-by-post games. And, Hell, considering that I only know of a single mainstream RPG that even mentions miniatures (okay, two, but Warhammer is really just a variant of D&D)... well... <shrugs>

Things like this just seem a waste to me. Especially since every single time developers come up with something, they focus way too much on the stuff that doesn't really matter while ignoring the more important things. I remember the videos back when Wizards of the Coast was bragging about how awesome their program was going to be, and nearly all of their focus was on pointless crap like the "dynamic lighting!!!" of the crap-looking miniatures. Ooh. Ahh. Even more hilariously, they were going to try and force you to buy all of those miniatures. I just don't understand any of it.

But, c'est la vie.

If you're referring the bug-laden thing was e-Tools, I couldn't agree more.

I think this rolld20 thing looks interesting, but I don't know how much use I would get out of it. In one of my games I have players on opposite sides of the globe, and in different hemispheres. Trying to find a good time to get us all together would be difficult.

Ya not that Wizards ever got around to doing anything with there program.
And I agree that game makers tend to work on stupid stuff, That being said, That does not mean I would not like to see a nice program you can use to DM/Play.

I work in Korea and my friends live in the US, So out Chat lag is pretty bad, And wile its not impossible to play by Skype, And Nice program would be welcome. And I have tried itabletop, and simply put, the people who made it are unskilled by programming standards, There are far to many technical issues with the online gaming aspect. (Connection and what not)

So I hope these guys do well.

I like it.

And was wondering if this would be good for pbp games. So is the map able to be altered twenty four hours a day by all players when DM is asleep with his computer off?


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