Re-recruitment for This is why we Fight

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Re-recruitment for This is why we Fight

This Is Why We Fight - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 3

You can refer to the previous threads to get to know about the world. I will link them tomorow. I was rather unprepared the first time the ad opened, but now I got the hang of it.
I am looking for people who are committed and won't leave. Make sure you like the tone of this game before applying.
Also, disregard the thing saying players requested and dedline under this text. Look at the one above this text.

Game Description:

Deadline: January 31st
Players requested: 6-8
In one corner of the World, good lays sedge to the gates of hell. In another, the armies of dragons and gods clash in a struggle for power. Technology and magic combine and intertwine till the difference is undefinable. The great Houses of Magic are on the verge of discovering how to create true life just years after their success with war-forged, but their differences slowly bring them to the edge of war. A worldwide hunt for a dagger with unknown properties told about in an ancient prophecy is in its early stages. And the Complete begin their campaign once more to perfect all life through magic, which shall no doubt be just as terrible as the first time. This is why we fight.
Welcome to a brand-new campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition, set in a homebrew world like no other. I am new to mythweavers, and relatively new to PbP and RPGs in general, but I am hoping to get some more experience and run a great campaign. I would like this to be a campaign with mostly new-to-RPG players, although I hope to have an experienced player or two as well! This is supposed to be an involved plot with events unfolding according to the PCs actions (or inactions), like a sandbox, but with a bunch of other kids also creating and building things. A lot of the time, the party may be split into two groups to work towards many goals at once. It also includes much skill usage and intrigue, as well as assassination, creative magic use, and ritual use.
Guidelines for character creation:
11th level
Standard magic items (level+1, level, level-1), Gold equal to item of level-1, you can get one of anything under 100 GP for free if it fits your character concept.
If it's in DDI, it's allowed
How it's judged:
Supposing we get enough players, I may have to narrow who can play to just the eight "best" entries.
Here is how I judge your characters.
Compelling concept: 20%
Backstory (Until you started adventuring): 12.5%
How you became level eleven: 25%
Personality and mannerisms: 20%
Mechanics support concept: 12.5%
Combat and skill effectiveness: 10% (so that you're actually contributing to the party. I don't want 8 Int wizards, even if you do have a great reason. It is, after all, called This is why we Fight.)

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The Warforged sound like they're in an interesting position. I'll sit down and have some thoughts about one, but the first thing that came to mind was a spellscar. As Warforged seem to be the border itself between technology and magic, having some Warforged emerge "tainted" might be appropriate and interesting. Maybe it's the spellscar that has given this particular Warforged a true spark of life...but it might be slowly killing him at the same time.

Not sure yet, I'll have to look more into spellscars, but what's your general rundown on them and how one would interact with a Warforged?

From the viewpoint of my character, Warforged are... of the utmost interest (somewhere lower on the chain are shardmind and revenant). This is particularly due to the fact that the concept of the character is one who seeks to unite the divine and arcane back into one contiguous whole, integrating it with technology as this "superior" (in her mind) form of magic is slowly unearthed/rediscovered. More can be read in the (lengthy) backstory and corresponding elements, if you're interested in my character wanting to try to find out what makes something "tick."

That seems like a really interesting concept, and you have the advantage of me knowing your playstyle already.

Is this game friendly to new 4th edition players? I've never played this edition and only have the 3 core books but I'd like to learn the system. I'm not new to RPG in general but most of the games I've been in are mostly hack n slash and I'm looking for a more balanced combat and roleplaying!

I'd be interested in playing a striker and anyone that has some suggestions or any help setting up a character if I was added to the game would be greatly appreciated!

Sure thing! Newbies are definately allowed. I am a bit of a newbie myself. As for character coaching, I can't help you myself as I am the judge, but there are a lot of good places to find help. If you go to the official dnd community character op boards, they have allpurpose guides to all the classes.

After poking around a bit I think I want to change the concept a bit. The character will still be about spellscars, but I wasn't that enamored with the warforged. I'm interested in a Tiefling Hexblade, using the new Elemental Pact option from the Elemental Chaos book.

The idea revolves around her having a spellscar and it being the source of her arcane power. Spellscars are bad of course, and so her power is tainted as well. Considering that she's a tiefling though, she's come to grips with having to deal with aspects of yourself that you don't like or people consider evil. For her, she's accepted the spellscar's power as part of her identity and has come to enjoy the unique power that she's found, as she stopped trying to be something that she wasn't (a human not born of devil ancestors).

I can see her taking a dim view of the gods and primordials, thinking them not really beings worthy of worship, but merely respect as more powerful beings. In her eyes she's warred with literal devils in her life and found them to bleed just as she does. The gods are only harder to cut. Regarding Technology vs Magic, I think she'd be more familiar with Magic, but would merely have a guarded mistrust of Technology instead of strong dislike or fear. Magic is what she knows how to manipulate in order to get her way. If she learns how to use this other source of power as well...all the better. I'm not certain exactly yet of why she's out looking for the dagger, but I think perhaps one of her many acquaintances or high placed connections may have asked her to find it. For what purpose, she may not know.

It looks like the defender (i.e. Fighter) may be dropping as well so that spot is open... I think.

Indeed. However, there is still only three spots (unless I find 4 apps that I love or there is otherwise a tie.

Please place your apps in the "post your apps here" thread in the game forum.


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