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Wyrm 40k.

Wyrm 40k.

WYRM, the system used for Warrior, Rogue & Mage, as well as Resolute, Adventurer & Genius and Nautilus Project's GRIT.

I'm making a simple version for use with the Imperial Guard, for now. For those interested, I'll post it as I go, in simple text format. I am also posting this for some help in regards to some necessities that I may have missed they should really be included as well as some naming help.

First, I've coined it Guardsman, Scout & Commissar. I think it might be a bit of a mouthful currently and am thinking of alternate names to the basic attributes, but those fit the concept of each for now.

This attribute governs ranged and hand-to-hand combat, as well as most strength and toughness-based situations.

This attribute governs stealth, sleight of hand, agility and sense-based situations, as well as physical reaction.

This attribute governs knowledge, leadership, wisdom, social situations and mental reaction.
(If the GM allows the Psyker talent, this also governs psychic powers and psyker levels)


May take any Path.

May only take Infantry or Specialist Path.
Talents: Exceptional Attribute(Scout), Hunter, Weak

May only take Infantry or Devastator Path.
Talents: Exceptional Attribute(Guardsman), Tough As Nails, Psy-nil.

May only use the Outcast Path, specific to Eldar.
Talents: Exceptional Attribute(Commissar), Sixth Sense, Outcast


Characters will a high Guardsman are referred to as Infantry, high Scout are Specialists and high Commissar are Officers.

Melee Training* (specific weapon, includes unarmed)
Support Firearm Training (specific weapon)

Firearm Training* (specific weapon)
Sleight of Hand

Cogitae (computers and devices, includes cybertech)
Medicae (healing and medicine, includes biotech)
Psyniscience** (psychic awareness, powers and tarot-use. *Talent: Sanctioned Only)
*- may be taken multiple times, each time for a different weapon
**- may only be taken if the character has the Sanctioned talent.

That's a snippet of it. Currently working on Talents and Weapons, as well as porting all of the information into a stand-alone document, no need to download Warrior, Rogue and Mage.

More work in progress.


Sanguine Pact(use HP instead of Psy)
Slayer(+2 attack & damage for against a specific enemy)
Psychic Surge(add Commissar to psychic damage once per combat)
Artificer(craft training)
Ambidextrous(off hand wield without penalty, no extra attack)
>>Dual Weapon Master(dual weapon mastery, extra attack, must take previous)
Survivalist(as hunter)
Righteous Fury(attribute to melee damage once per combat)
Divine Favor(reroll any roll once per scene or combat)
Crack Shot(add attribute to ranged damage once per scene)
Sanctioned (Zeta-level Psyker, No PotW, Psyniscience skill access)
>>Epsilon-Level (Allows use of Epsilon-level psychic powers)
>>>>Delta-Level (Allows use of Delta-level psychic powers)
Precognition(roll 4+ and not ambushed or surprised)
True Grit(reduce physical damage by individual attacks by 2)
Iron Will(reduce psychic damage by individual attacks by 2)
Specialist (a specific Scout skill gains an additional +1)
Mastery (a specific Guardsman skill gains an additional +1)
Technique (a specific Commissar skill gains an additional +1)


To use a psychic power, the psyker makes a roll versus the DL of the power. If
successful, their available Psy is reduced by the amount listed for the power.
Psychic powers are given at the Psyker Level necessary to use each power. All
Psykers start Lambda level. The Sanctioned talent raises a Psyker to Zeta level.
To gain Epsilon and Delta-level powers, the character must purchase a talent for
each Psyker Level he attains to. (i.e. Sanctioned, Epsilon-level & Delta-level)

<Perils of the Warp>
Due to the unpredictability of warp-borne powers, all Psykers roll two d6 and
use the lowest result when making a power check. In addition, all base Psy costs
are doubled. Characters with the Sanctioned talent ignore Perils of the Warp.

Weapon Ranges.
This is done differently than WR&M, in that there are 3 range increments; Close, Long and Extreme.
Weapon ranges in the table below are listed for Close ranges, where no penalty is applied to ranged attack rolls.
Long Range; Close Range x2, a -2 penalty to Scout ranged attack rolls
Extreme Range; Any distance beyond Long Range(within GMs allowance), a -4 penalty to Scout ranged attack rolls

Ammunition and Reloading.
For most weapons, replacing spent ammo is a nonfactor, done within an action without hesitation. This only becomes an issue after extended firefights, long durations away from replenishment, and in the use of single-shot or support weapons.
During extended firefights, a d6 roll of a 1 on a ranged attack roll means the weapon has ran out of ammo or jammed and must be fixed appropriately.

During time away from ammo replenishment, a roll of a 1 on a ranged attack roll means the weapon AND the character is out of ammo and must seek replenishment from another character or elsewhere. The weapon is useless(except as an ad hoc melee weapon) until ammo is found.
Single-Shot weapons use tremendous drain from a single source, causing large amounts of internal and barrel heat that must cool before another shot. A single-shot weapon may be fired every other turn. A d6 roll of a 1 during use of a single-shot weapon causes the barrel to overheat and warp, forcing it to be replaced just as another weapon ran out of ammunition.

Axe 1d6
Sword 1d6
Mace 1d6
Knife 1d6-2
Staff 1d6
Spear 1d6
Two-Handed weapon 2d6
Hammer 1d6

--Melee qualities
Blessed (ignores daemon armor)
Chain weapon (+1 damage, -4 stealth when running)
Poisoned weapon (specific poison effect if damaged)

auto pistol 1d6+2 15m
autogun 2d6+2 45m
las pistol 1d6+2* 15m
lasgun 2d6+2* 50m
long-las 2d6+2* 75m
shotgun 3d6 10m

--firearm qualities
dueling (pistols only, single shot, x2 range)
Naval (auto only, -10m range, +1 damage, doesn't puncture hulls)
suppressor (auto & las only, -10m range, silences firearm discharge)
Scoped (max range penalty decreased to -2)
Hotshot (las only, single, +4 damage)
*Energy (the nondice damage bonus(usually +2) bypasses armor HP and is dealt direcly to the character)

-(support firearms)
Storm Bolter
Ripper Gun
Grenade Launcher

Each character is given two actions during a combat round. An Action and Supplement.
Actions are anything that effects you or any other character.
Supplements are minor additions, like reloading, moving, repositioning, readying a weapon or materials, etc.
NOTE: If by choice or no Action is possible during a combat round, the character may take two Supplements instead.
Melee attack: 1d6+Guardsman (+2 for specific melee weapon skill, if applicable)
Ranged attack: 1d6+Scout (+2 for specific firearm weapon skill, if applicable)
Psychic power: 2d6+Commissar, drop the highest d6 (plus any psychic modifiers)
Sanctioned Psychic power: 1d6+Commissar (plus any psychic modifiers)

If the damage to a target exceeds the value of their armor worn, the target is effected by a poison used in the attack. The target may still take no damage, as the Armor HP may soak all of it, but the poison can still pass through.

Paralysis Toxin;

Pain Toxin;

Hallucinogen Toxin;

I had some changes of heart about weapons. First, I wanted to make them more streamline, with those upgrade Qualities to represent the different forms of weapons and their Modifications as well. I also wanted damage to be more balanced per weapon versus the average Hit Points.
Here is the new ideas, still under construction.

hand weapon(blunt & bladed), 1d6-1 damage, +2 Initiative(in melee), bladed may be mounted as bayonets on Rifles.
full weapon(blunt & bladed), 1d6+1 damage
two-hand weapon(blunt & bladed), 2d6 damage, -2 Initiative(in melee)
((Melee Weapon Qualities)) (1 per weapon? cost multiplier)
Martian Steel (any) +1 Initiative(in melee), x1.5 Weapon HP(rounded down)
Chainsaw Edge (and bladed), Exploding Die on 5-6 instead of 6.
Straight Silver (any hand bladed), +1 damage
Toxin Duct (any hand bladed), allows Toxin-injection through melee attacks.
Power Field (any) x2 base damage dice(without modifiers)

pistol 1d6+1 damage, 30yd range
rifle 1d6+2 damage, 90yd range
shotgun 2d6 damage, 15yd range(may only take modifications)
support 3d6 damage, 60 yd range
((Firearm Qualities))
Auto (no change)
Las (+1 Rifle & Support Damage, +10yds range)
Needle (No Support, Does only 1 damage, +20yds range, injects Toxins)
Bolt (First damage die always explodes(roll of 6 is double explode), +15yds range)

Back to some ideas for the attributes.

I am still back and forth about Guardsman, Scout & Commissar. First, it's a mouthful. Second, I don't want Commissar's to be a character choice, as they fill a more proper NPC roll and at the scale the game is focused, they wouldn't have much screen time. So, the question is: What are alternate attribute choices?

I've already decided that Psyker abilities are going to be a character talent instead of a base attribute, a la the alternate magic systems of WR&M. So that takes the need to relate to that out. How can I really emphasize hand-to-hand and strength and toughness, firearms and stealth and wits, then charisma and knowledge and wisdom, each in a single attribute that 'makes sense'.
My first thoughts were just on more specialized guard names for each attribute. Another was using force organization names, like Assault, Elite, Tactical, etc..

Guardsman, Scout & Officer.
Grunt, Scout & Sergeant.
Assault, Elite & HQ.
or without 40k relation.
Body, Agility & Brains.
Guts, Skill & Honor.

The list will continue.

I should have the Toxins and a modified weapon list up tomorrow, as well as a list of possible general equipment. I had some cool ideas about using magical implements as super-science gadgets in the 41st millenia as well.

On a side note: I chose to use Guard as the starting point so the rules can be easily used for any sci-fi game.

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