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5,000 Post Giveaway

I'm in.

Irony: giving personal information to a Myth-Weaver with the name 'Shadow Stalker'.

Only more ironic for me! (And he plays in like 3 or 4 of my games. Creepy...)

Agricolus reads the thread and leans back on his plush chair. He smiles at the dedication of ShadowStalker, and shakes his head at the concept of such a generous offer. He pulls out his wallet, however, staring at the pile, or wad, of failed Powerball tickets. He mentally weighs the odds; he mentally weighs the 'hidden viggerish' - that concept that the more you lose, the closer you are to winning. He pours a shot of Lowland blend, topping it off with a pinch of heather from the flowerpot on the table. He hands it to Shad in a virtual acceptance of his offer...

"Hae, laddie, I'm in..."

Considering that you hit 5000 a few days ago, when is the drawing going to be?
EDIT: did not see you edited the first post, sorry.

Not in, because I really don't need any more stuff.

Had to hop in and give kudos though - this is a great idea!


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