The Rusty Dragon

The RotRL AP is 6 books that takes you from level 1 to somewhere around 16 and takes a lot of time via PbP. Book one takes you from 1 to 4, question for you guys is, do you want to skip it and start on Book two OR play it while me upping the challenges to your level.

If book 1 contains info we should know or discover to get the most out of the adventure, I say up and play it.
If it's all the same, it would save you a lot of work if we started on book 2.
I doubt we will ever reach book 6.

Whoops, used the speech color of another character at first! Now Harper and Alex have different voices again.

So, I am done with my sheet. I have pondered a lot on the balance between warforged and dragon, but decided to stay more with Warkang's true nature and let both the physical and psychological changes be as limited as possible. So I have kept his adamantine plating, though they are altered to resemble dragon scales (pure fluff). I have also switched 2 of his crusader levels with fighter levels. I did this for two reasons: Both the 4th and 5th crusader levels are almost "dead", few few new goodies to add. Secondly, I aim for the warforged juggernaut PrC from level 6 and I was a feat slot short.
Warkang is now an expert at breaking things.

Sorry for delay, the free WiFi by my house just got limited to only 1 connection at a time and my iPod keeps connecting as soon as I'm in range. That means I need to turn off my iPod and leave the area for over an hour and return with it off. This is due to the iPods inability to manually log off of a router and the routers hour long period of wait before it assumes the iPod has disconnected.

And even then I need to fight over the spot with anyone else who is using it. God help me if THEY were using an iPod...

Is it safe to assume I either need to pay for the +1 ring of protection, or lose it?

Also, new equipment!
So I have decided to convert my guantlet spots into warforged components. I havnt really picked one or the other yet, but one of my wrists will house a spring loaded guantlet (A&EG) designed to fire tiny custom made bolts, and the other will house a Rod of Ropes (CoS).

That, plus some fancy bolts, will pretty much be all of my purchasing...

Once I can afford 7k, I will move the Rod of Ropes to a different spot and buy "The Fist" from the MiC.


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