A new beginning

A new beginning

Through time and space the erratic portal bends the fabrics of reality, the limits of your sanity and constitution are stretched by the voyage after and indefinite amount of time of time you find yourselves in a strange land, but despite the feeling of uneasiness and fear you are grateful to glance once again at the rays of the sun, wherever you are you are no longer trap under the depths of the earth, the urge to run jump and find a stream of water to dive on are great.

Feel free to RP for a while, Your PCs are all there close by, I take an assumption that the real game will start in about two to three weeks game time once you at least figure out where you are.

Alex's sword clatters to the ground as he stares around him. After a moment, he pumps his fist in exultation.

"Ha, hah! We're did it!" A grin spreads across his face. [COLOR="blue"]"Even sleeping on dirt will be better than the unforgiving floor of that forsaken place."[/green]

Warkang looks disoriented as he scans his surrounding. Though it now seems like a distant memory, he still remembers the filthy rat-man they were chasing and he keeps his sword and shield at the ready.
It is while he looks around, he feels something is different about him somehow. His plating has changed to resemble dragon scales and the others can see his features have altered to give him a more draconic look.

What happened? Where are we?
something in Draconic he says, and then surprised by the sounds coming out of his own mouth he takes a step backwards. "WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?"

Wishbone came out of the portal dizzy and disoriented looking around for any sight of the ratman. Only after it was clear that their foe was no where in sight, did the elf relax enough to stretch himself in the rays of the warm sun. It had been so long since he had seen the sun, the cleric had begun to wonder whether he would ever repeat the experience again in his life time.

When Warkang speaks out loud, the holyman notices some changes in the appearances of certain party members. "What happened to you Warkang?"

"I must say, you look... Different." Alexei says, picking up his sword, but sheathing it for the moment. He straps his shield to his back. "More stylish."

"Kind of like one of the decorated animals I saw in parades when I was a wee lad long ago," the elf says innocently as he tries to get his bearings by using a couple of sticks to measure the movement of the sun by tracking its shadows.

As the others ponder over Warkans new appearance, Pitico wakes up somewhere nearby. In his disoriented state he can tell only that he appears to be laying on a cold bench. He lazy tries to stand and take a step. Only to find his bench was in fact a low hanging branch of a tree.


Goes the soft ground as the tiny kobold slams face first at warkangs feet.

Those inclined to observe notice the kobold has also undergone a change of sorts. His once copper colored scales now actually appear to be made of copper, while the more common brown ones seem to be made of wood! The robes have all but vanished, leaving only the grey ridges upon the skull that hint to formerly having been the kobolds cookpot and his favored goggles that still cover his eyes.

Pitico lays still, for fear of suffering yet a third journey in such a short period...

Bartleby stands beside a nearby tree, munching lazily upon the moss growing on its face.

Warkang examines the former kobolt with his eyes. "What has happened to you, little one? If I didn't know better, I would say you look like one of those wee warforged who scouted for the Breland armies."

Out of both concern and curiosity, Wishbone examines the kobold in light of the changes in his physiologic structure.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 25)
Heal Check

As Father Harper inspects and Warkang addresses, Pitico spins his head around to look at them in a manner much resembling an owl. A look of confusion covers his now metal face for a second before he suddenly moves to sit up.

His legs and arms twitch and click as they suddenly invert themselves at the joint, leaving what was once the kobods back to now take the place of his front. His tail, already between his legs in concern has only a short distance to migrate before it too is now on the other side of him. The whole process takes only a second and the result leaves the small creature now sitting upright.

Pitico doesnt seem to notice the event, pointing up at Warkang he utters... "Look better now... Less like slave..." His voice reverberating in his throat like a cheap gnomish speaker. Clearly he thinks the new scaled look is an improvement...


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