Homecoming- 27th April, 9:07PM

Luther shakes Rebecca's dad's hand and says in a soothing voice, "I am assisting the DA right now. You daughter has been though a lot and we will need her more to find out what happened."

Luther looks over at Rebecca and can see that fire behind her eyes. He takes a deep breath and continues, "Your daughter is in some danger now and it is not safe for her to leave the house during the day. She will need to work with me at night to help make sure what happened to her tonight will not happen to anyone else."

Luther looks back at Rebecca waiting to see what she says.

"Work with you at night?" Arthur repeats, looking confused. "I know the police use people sometimes, but Rebecca is only fifteen." He turns to his daughter as well, hoping for... something.

Becky smiles, flashing Luther a grateful look. "I'll be fine Dad, it's nothing serious, you don't have to worry about me." She starts to head out of the room, leading Luther behind. "Let me show you around quickly, and then you'll know I'll be OK here..." She starts the tour in the basement. A largish room with an entrance leading down below the staircase, it has only the one entrance. Small windows line the top of one wall, although, as she points out, they can be very easily and securely covered. There's plenty of room for her bed and her stuff in there, and its easily the safest room in the whole house, and wouldn't take too much effort to make cosy.

Leading him back upstairs, she eagerly shows him around the rest of the house, letting him assess the entry and exit points so he can see that she truly will be safe making her 'haven' here. She finishes the tour in the kitchen, curiously poking her head into the fridge, to see what's there. Forgetting his earlier comments about food, she extracts a can of Coke from the rack in the door, popping it open and taking a sip. She looks at the can suspiciously. It doesn't taste bad exactly, it's just not as satisfying as usual... With a shrug, she takes another gulp, offering a second can to Luther. "You want one?"

Luther looks at Rebecca with a sad smile, "Your body will not be able to handle that. You no longer need to eat or drink, but also you can't. At some point your body will have to get rid of it"

Luther looks at the can of coke and sighs, "I remember when they first made that. It was a lot less crowed then..."

Luther takes another deep breath and says, "I will allow you to try and live here but you will have to get a lock for the basement and you will have to meet with me every night this week to see how things are going. Your life has changed and there is no going back. I am staying in suite of rooms at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown LA. If you need anything call me or my Assistance Julie to assist you."

"I am sorry for all that has happened to you but we need to talk more and you need to meet more of the people around town that will be in your life now". Luther looks back into the room where her parents are and smiles, "They are good people. Be with them for now but know I am here when you need me. With that I will let you be with your family, AS LONG as you agree to meet me tomorrow after sunset at my Hotel. It will be a long night tomorrow."

Still holding both cans, Becky gave Luther a hug, a grin spreading across her face. "Thank you, I promise I'll come every night. I'll block myself in my room tomorrow, and get Dad to get me a lock. I'll get started setting it up right away..." She walks him to the door. "Is there anything I'll need to bring with me, or do I just need myself?"

Arthur has wandered back inside for the moment, but Becky's mother appears again (finally calm) as her daughter walks the guest to the door. "Hun, can I talk with your friend here for a moment before you two go galavanting off for the evening?"

Luther moves where Rebecca's mom is, "Sure I can speak with you some more. How can I help you?".

The power is Luther's voice is evident but he tries to calm it down some even though he is worried what Rebecca's mom is about to ask him. He looks directly at her waiting for to see what she has to say.

Becky returned to her dad, putting her arms around him for comfort. "I'm so glad to be home again."


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