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I think shes droped this thread

I think Kyoka is a he. Nevertheless, he's probably just a bit busy with his studies or something.

I'm kind of both, and yes I'm busy. Not just with school but with moving to a new city, and now I have to move back again, not having internet, having to bus 6 hours a day, and all my stuff is in boxes. On top this, I joined/started a claymation club this quarter, which is nothing if not time consuming. Plus my 2d animation class not only requires a completed animation each class, but I also have to do character model sheets and fill three pages in my sketchbook each week.

TheEpicNecropath: Here's the first draft. It's mostly about placement at this point, but tell me how you feel about the lighting. I think the single hard light will give him an ominous feel, but if you prefer a daytime pic with ambient light, I can change it.

(I'm so glad I was paying attention to that URL, I almost linked you to a website for a nudist beach here in Seattle x_X)

KillerK: I will add your request to the queue.

Hmm... I like the pose and the lighting, but now that I actually see the sword on the wall I know that's not going to work out. So drop the sword and make the window larger, I think that'll make it really good.

Oh really? Where would you like the sword then, or do you just want me to take it out?

Just drop the sword altogether and expand the window from the bookcase to the edge of Image?

Originally Posted by Tyoka View Post
@LadyTyrant: I like your character. The images came through fine.

Thanks, I adore her, shes is my favorite character thus far.

Some things happen last quarter that forced me to put this thread on the back burner. After moving, I couldn't find the cords for my scanner, I just found them a few days ago. I also got my wallet stolen at one point, and for the past week my family have been visiting me. There was plenty else that went wrong, but it would be depressing to list it all.

Hopefully nothing will go wrong this quarter and I'll be able to speed this up a bit.

TheEpicNecropath: Here's the second draft. Need to clean it up a bit, and I'm still thinking about what to put on the desk/shelf. Any suggestions would be welcome.

rob98926: Glandias Brightblade. I kept the left arm bare to show the scar, also to help with aiming a bow. If you'd like it covered, lemme know.

Kcho: Finally got to Harriet. I was nervous about drawing a character who had already been drawn so extensively.

Sorry to hear about the glitches, but glad that you're back, and your work is as good as ever.

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