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Movies of 2012

The Lorax. So I took my 6 year old nephew to see this. The kid is ummmmm very active. He managed to make it almost 20 minutes into the film before asking if it was almost over. I consider it very high marks for having kept his attention that long. Personally I enjoyed it. In comparison to the only other movie I've seen this year (the Grey) it was spectacular.

Well crap. I just watched the trailer for Dark Shadows. It is going to be another parody of an old TV show. I'm sick of Hollywood doing that. Yeah many of the TV shows from the 80s were campy but what is the point of revamping them if you don't make them cool. I'm tired of the old shows being mocked. Charlie's Angels is still one of the biggest tragedies. This came out when James Bond was floundering. It could have become a huge franchise. A-Team while not great was still enjoyable. Why do they think everyone wants to see a TV show made fun of. Anyway, no thanks, I'll skip this movie.

Has anyone seen John Carpenter yet? How was it?

Originally Posted by Melverne View Post

Has anyone seen John Carter yet? How was it?
Fixed that for you, unless you actually meant something else (isn't John Carpenter a director for B-horror movies?). Some of my friends said John Carter of Mars was decent.

@at the Twilight banter: of course vampires do not sparkle. But that Edward kid isn't a vampire anyways. He is clearly a Faerie. No, I don't know why they keep forgetting to CGI in his gossimer wings.

Well, he's not the nice fluttery kind of faerie. He's the older, nasty kind. Exactly the sort you might expect would get off on pretending to be a vampire.

Well I'm going to see the Avengers this afternoon. I'm trying not to get my hopes to high and I avoided all of the reviews.

Has anyone seen the Raven or plan on seeing it?

The Avengers was hysterical from beginning to end. I loved it.

We went out and ate shawarma afterwards.

Also, this . . . (spoiler)

Originally Posted by mishra View Post
I, for one, cannot wait to see The Phantom Menace in 3D.
Already been out here. Unfortunately I was really ill at the time and never made it. In fact I couldn't tell you the last time I actually made it to the cinema... possibly to see Thor.

However, I'm making a point of seeing the avengers on Wednesday and dark shadows the Monday after (film looks hilarious).

Avengers was awesome. See it.

What I liked best was... well, I'll spoiler it, though I don't think it's really a spoiler: .

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