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Game longevity/quality:Predicting.

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I reckon you could manage about 600-800 posts an hour if you were half asleep.
*Lays his money on the table*

I got ten bucks, old man...
In the PM I forgot step 4: Delete the evidence.!

Time to Pay-up methinks

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However, most of the time, players would prefer a slightly more weighted game in RPing, in comparison to combat. Of course, you don't want to play for a month in a game just to kill some bandits, right? That's not fun for such duration at all. As an agreement to Roy's post above, and as an expansion to his comments, PbP is really better for deep and interactive roleplaying with expressive descriptions and action sentences. Hack and slash is not as so.
One thing though. I was refering to D&D in general, not just PbP gaming. Though it is markedly more pronounced here. Because the way I've always understood it - the point of hack and slash is to sit back and kill a buncha things without having to think too much about it. Even if you were to play D&D as nothing more than roll initiative and go from there, it's still a tactical game. It doesn't lend itself well to relatively mindless play even then.

On the other hand, video games do hack and slash very well. Any number of games provide you with masses of 'mobs' to kill with little effort. This purpose they serve well, but their scope is limited. Almost anything else they can only do to a limited extent, if that. Consider, even an incredibly simple example. Mario defeats Bowser, and comes to save the princess... again. What if you want to elope with her instead of bringing her back to the castle? What if you want to smack her and/or every guard in that castle for being abducted all the time/letting her be kidnapped? Too bad, you have to do it this way. Which is why good D&D ends up better overall, though video games still have their niche. You have much more freedom to do as you wish. Of course, actions have consequences... you can still do it.


I ran a game, which I loved dearly, and those in it all stuck around for much longer than I expected.

In my real life outside of my creative writing, I had some difficulties, and became lost. It was a rare situation in my life, and at the time I did not think I would be back in a position to resume my writing.

I am uncertain how wise it would be to return to the site and identity from before, because I have found that people harbor the feelings of betrayal far more often than they nurture forgiveness.

So, here I am in a different site, with a different identity.

I don't feel I am making the brave or honest choice by starting fresh, but I tend to think that it's the better choice for those who I will share my writing with.


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