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Preferred Oracle Mystery

Preferred Oracle Mystery

What do you all think are some of the better choices for an oracle mystery that are available in the Pathfinder RPG? I personally Enjoy Heavens, Life, Lore, and Metal. They each have a nice fluff to them and yet also provide good abilities when it comes to the crunch of the game.

I plan on making an oracle for a pathfinder rpg game with a new dm. I decided to go the divine caster of the group, I certainly don't plan on making it a nightmare on the DM mainly because being that guy at the table is never fun. However I'm torn between those four oracle mysteries and as such not sure which one I want to pick ultimately. After actually reading through it made it an even tougher choice. We have a gunslinger, rogue, and a monk. The dm is doing mostly a martial (with wands and scrolls to support my character) campaign but because he's new and also I managed to talk him into letting me playing a divine caster so we had someone who would have access to healing so that if the players go off and get injured I've got the support and wands will give access to healing, scrolls to spells like remove disease, paralysis, etc.

Any help is much appreciated.

Also feel free to discuss any experience you've had using the oracle class, any complaints or enjoyments. All discussion welcomed.

I definately wouldn't suggest doing Life or Lore, because neither of them gives in good frontliner/attacking benefits. With just a monk and rogue, you'll likely see a lot of damage flying, and the rogue will want flanking buddies. I'd suggest Metal if you want to get a warrior oracle (it's definately possible!), so you can summon weapons and gain bonuses with them, plus armor prof iirc. Heavens is a bit of a one trick pony with the color spray spam, but it could set up sneak attacks as well, so it'd work.

If you are playing with a forgiving DM, I highly suggest the Bones Mystery.

What makes this really fun is if you have a forgiving DM, who sill allow you to use Summon Undead to summon equivalent CR Undead rather than the standard monsters.

You don't need to be evil, I played this once in a greek-themed game. My oracle had been a minor priestess at Adelphi that had fallen out of favor. She fell in with Hecate (I think... it has been a while) who gave her a jar that held the souls of the deceased - who she could summon back to protect her in times of peril.

I haven't played an Oracle, but definitely like the martial weapons and other tricks in the Metal Mystery.
That and the vision curse let's you be the holy blind swordsman.

@itsgottabeodin: Neat name. Tell me you at least considered being "Icantbeleiveitsnotodin"

Considering your squishy allies, I have to agree with the other posters here that you should go with Metal as your choice. Plus, considering your GM seems to want everybody to be warriors of some kind, a gifted warrior priest would probably make him feel better about allowing you to play something outside of what he wanted.

I'm personally a huge fan of Dark Tapestry, but then again it's what I use for evil Oracles. If you want to fight along side the melee types, Stone is good pick, and Time is good choice overall. That said, Battle or Metal is probably your best bet.

I prefer Time. Nothing says 'screw you' like getting kicked out of a fight for a round or having your weapon rusted from a single touch.

I have only played an Oracle once, but it was Life mystery and I really loved it. I felt like it gave me the quick healing ability of a Cleric while leaving my spell selection and daily use free for buffs. Easily the best support character I have ever played.

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Oracle of Battle. Seems like a good choice for your situation. Also, if it makes sense with your campaign, you could play a race that gives you access to a martial or exotic weapon (half-orc, dwarf, elf).

There are 3 or 4 mysteries that give you a nice armor spell.

I rolled up an Half-Orc Oracle of Nature. Really loved that character. It's certainly not the most powerful mystery, but some really cool abilities, lots of flavor.

Lore and Nature are both great for a dip. Charisma modifier to AC? Yes please

Taking more levels of oracle, nature also gets an intelligent (!!) animal companion, an occasionally useful drain life ability, a onceish per day +10 bonus to one skill check/cha modifier to one save/init bonus

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