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Putting things down for a game.

Putting things down for a game.

So I have never run a game from scratch on myth weavers.
So I was wondering, Is there a way to get a thread for your game a few days/weaks in advance?
Like I would like to start putting stuff down on the game before I start looking for Players.

Any help some one gives me is appriciated.

Thanks in advanced: BSR.

Just set up the game forum, do it there, without making an advertisement.

You may want to consider making a WIKI first. Then, when you're ready to open the game for advertisement, you can make a game forum and link the WIKI to it.

Why would you use a wiki rather than a forum?
Using a forum, you can just make the threads private, and unlock or copy and paste the info as you want to provide it to your players.

I'm not saying a wiki is a bad idea btw, I just would just like to know the pros of using a wiki rather than a forum.

A wiki allows you to organize stuff in order and not have it get buried. You can use forum folders with categories, but you can't change the order of things within the folder very easily, so you end up with stuff posted in the random order you created it.

I suspect a wiki uses less system resources than a folder, too, so that is an issue for the site as a whole.

Finally, if you use the same campaign world for multiple games, it's much more convenient to have that in a linked wiki than re-post stuff in each game you create.

No one's likely to look through your wiki anyway unless it is linked to something, so there's no need to worry much about spoilers. You're not going to put serious spoilers anywhere on either a wiki or a forum anyway, except if you store character sheets for your bad guys on the site, and those can be made private.

Thanks Peru, I appreciate the detailed answer.

For anyone else that would like to have a place to create/flesh out a world.

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