A New Day

Ok I'll take one too... then we can get on the road. We need to be careful. After what you heard before about the Waycross, I don't want to get to close to the town.

He chows down, not realizing how hunger he'd been. He keeps an eye out on the roads as he eats looking for any zeds wanting drive thru.

Afterwards he helps get everyone back into the vehicles so they can get on down the road.

Everyone mounts up and Danny begins driving down the dirt road. On the right side once, the side nearest the Okeefenokee, there is a handpainted, stenciled sign reading 'Swamp Perimeter Road'. Assuming correctly that this road follows the perimeter of the swamp, Danny turns off of it and finds a dirt road marked '15 Mile Post Road'. After four miles on this dirt road, Danny is relieved to find a two lane blacktop with a sign reading 'Swamp Road'. Danny is further relieved to find that there is cellular signal at this location. Garcia taps on the glass and shows him that the GPS on his Iphone is working. Waycross is just east of north from where they are now.

Glad to have a working GPS and a destination, Danny turns right and starts off. After a mile, there are about a dozen houses in a cluster around an intersection. No one is out and about. Danny slows down as Bart takes the four wheeler to check around the houses.
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As he rolls next to the truck Bart signals he is heading to the first house on the left(1) to see what, if anything was around it.

"I'm heading back this way, anyone wanna hop on and join me?"

Taking a quick moment to make sure the doctor was alright, save for the pain she could do nothing about, Amy volunteered. "I'll join you," she began arising from the bed of the truck, wiping her hands off as she made her way toward the tailgate. It wasn't that she was exactly thrilled about going, but she figured she had a better shot of finding the right medication, should they stumble upon some, rather than trying to make an impromptu list for the soldiers to follow.

Bart revs the ATV and he and Amy ride around to the rear of the first house. The large structure behind the house has two awning areas, one on each side, and a barn in the middle. There is a green SUV parked beside it. The house is quiet and there are no animals moving around except squirrels in the trees. The back door to the house is open but the screen door is closed. Shutting down the ATV leaves a void of sound and nothing takes the place of birdsong as they sit there.

Danny stops the truck on the road adjacent the property where they can watch from the road.
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"You think anyone's around?" Amy asks Bart, hesitant to just climb off the safety of the ATV for the moment, her eyes looking first at the house before quickly darting over to the barn.

Drawing his pistol he dismounts and heads toward the house after saying,

"I'm not going to chance getting shot at for looking around the barn and that SUV if someone is waiting in the house. Let's clear that, see if it's viable as a shelter for the night, then go from there. You with me?"

Silently nodding, Amy climbs off the ATV and produces her borrowed pistol. Knowing enough to check and make sure the safety was off, she followed that up by whispering to the man as they approached the house, "I've never done anything like this before. Tell me what you need me to do."

Stopping for a moment to explain things to her he does so in a calming voice.

"I'm going to be taking point on this, and you'll cover my back. When we come to a door I'll force it open if it's closed and push into the room. As I go one way you'll go the other. If we run into any of those sick folk in there we'll engage as needed. Never are we going to split up though. I'm gonna want to check the upstairs as soon as we can though and work our way down from there. Hopefully the others keep the outside doors covered. Before you shoot though, make sure you identify the target. We'll be moving slowly though, no need to rush, so just keep me covered as we go."

Reaching the back screen door he nods to see if the medic is ready.

Understanding the words the solider relayed and realizing that following them when panic and anxiety kick in were two terribly different things, Amy just silently nodded in agreement, hoping that the house was empty.


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