'Evil' campaign for OD&D (red box)

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'Evil' campaign for OD&D (red box)

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Ad Closes: Jul 20 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 7

ever wanted to play one of the bad guys?
You know, the ones who get to raid towns and usually work for some big evil guy who controls the dragons that you would be fighting in another campaign?
Well, this game give you the chance to be just that.
character creation is simple;
3d6x6 for stats.
And ONLY evil for your alignment.
Characters are to be level two.
Any questions can be posted in the Questions thread.
And applications can be posted in the Applications thread.

a little bit about me
i have been playing OD&D for three or so years now, i also play 4e and 3.5
My pbp experience is limited to MW, but i have run many a game here.
I find that i prefer to Dm more than play.


Game Description:

The world is about to be taken over by evil...
And you are to help, whether you like it or not.

Tirium has declared war upon Querinia, which has scared most Querinians who think the Tiriuans are evil.
The main idea of your parties job is to be taking over castles, setting fire to towns and generally spreading chaos throught Querinia. But all this cant be done until there IS a party. No one is brave enough to face the Querinians, who despite being meek are quite good fighters in battle.

This campaign is set in my own world, Hovenfell. And compared to my two others also set in Hovenfell, this is in the future. After what happens in those fore mentioned games.

getting back into the swing of things after a LONG break from MW

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just going to point out that i can teach newbies the rules for OD&D.
So if you do want to play but dont know the rules, i can teach you just ask!

hey magius

I have no idea about the rules but would be willing to try so expressing interest

sure. I will post the rules/character creation thread on the morrow.

Might I suggest cleaning up your ad somewhat? Adequate spacing, capitalization, and eloquence show the DM's commitment to the game. Since players cannot know how you truly are with so little information, we base our judgments on your ad and its presentation. That's not to say that a prettified ad a good DM makes, but it's a start.

i will close the ad in 24 hours.
After that i will still be accepting applications but through pm instead.

cool. Thats three. This was harder than i expected to get even that far.

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