Spartan-II project

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Spartan-II project

Ghosts of Valour - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 8

In the beginning you were alone, and taken on board a space ship for the first time. It was all just a blur to your young mind. You were only 6 after all. You were crowed in with 74 other kids your age, boys and girls. You were brought to a where you were gathered up and brought before a woman, who would grow to become a mother of sorts to you. Even now you can remember the words she spoke as if they were said only minutes ago.

Dr. Catherine Halsey
"As per Naval Code 45812, you are hereby conscripted into the UNSC Special Project, codenamed SPARTAN-II. You have been called upon to serve. You will be trained...and you will become the best we can make you. You will be the protectors of Earth and all of her colonies. This will be hard to understand, but you cannot return to your parents. This place will become your home, your fellow trainees will be your family now. The training will be difficult. There will be a great deal of hardship on the road ahead, but I know you will all make it. Rest now, we will begin tomorrow."

The woman was Doctor Catherine Halsey and on that day you became something more than what you would have been had you not be selected. Dr. Halsey was true to her word, you became more than human through your education, training and the augmentation process that was at the heart of the SPARTAN-II program. You became the arm that helped keep the UNSC together from the
Innees. Still even then you felt you had a greater destiny, a larger role to play in the universe. That time came when the alien invaders known collectively as the Covenant attacked and destroyed a planet called Harvest. Humanity has been at a war for its very survival from that day. You have been striking back when you can but you no humanity is on the losing end of this war.

You are a Spartan, trained to find a way to win off the slimmest of hopes. To fight and to win. Fate has handed you that chance with a transfer by
Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI to become part of blackops "Ghost" unit.

It is the moment to embody those words spoken so long ago, to serve, to protect all of Humanity.

You are a Spartan and woe to all your enemies.

Game Description:

Hi all. I am Blakkmonk and I will be running a Halo game ( based more on the fluff) using the Shadowrun 4e, 20th anniversary rules set.

I am looking for at least 8 players to split into two teams of 4. Each team will contain one Smart AI and Spartans. I am willing to take a few more, depending if I get that many apps of course. Please refer to the information listed below and into the game forum itself. If you have any questions after that, please ask.

The current in game month and year if March, 2548. The Spartan PC's have been in MJOLNIR IV armor for years now. They are all combat veterans and all will know each other through the Spartan II program.

AI characters have been online less than 6 months.

When the game begins, the Spartans will be introduced to their new armor and to the AI's. They will not no each other prior to this. For the rest, please refer to below or two the forum.

Shadowrun 4e, 20th Anniversary Edition
Runner's Companion-for AI players.

All other books will be used and will be able to add more options for your pc's but are not strictly needed for play.
Players submitting an AI application please refer to the following link. This will be used for all "matrix" encounters.

The PC's will be of one of two types. Either a Spartan II or a Smart AI. No ODST or other types allowed. Please don't ask. The rules for building the pc's in the shadowrun system are in the game forum.

Spartans, you should think of roles that you would like to forfil. Examples include, but are not limited to, Heavy Weaposn Gunner, scout, sniper, CQB specialist, riflemen, intelligence, electronics warfare, squad and assistant squad leads. I encourage multiple roles. Spartans are the best trained warriors in the human military.

Smart AI's are the hackers and riggers of the game world. You can be a generalist or specialize in one or the other, for example.

Applications can be submitted in the game forum. All characters will have the same two contacts. You will meet them in game play, so its not an important issue. Any more than the two will have to be bought with BP's as normal and approved by me. All apps will be ran through Hero Lab by me and I will upload the accepted apps a pdf from their for their use.

Please remember that Spartan's, ONI and the AI that are a part of them use Navy ranks and terms. I will help you out with all of that.

Completed apps will need to include the crunch for their pc's following the outline given in the game forum.
The game forum has information to assist in building your pc's background. Additional inspiration can be found at the following.

All augmentation information will be given to the accepted apps and will be added to the character sheets of the accepted Spartans.

Equipment will be given out on a case by case basis.

I am expanding the in game universe as far as equipment is concerned. Drones will be a factor, with a wide selection available. There will be a separate equipment thread for all weapons and gear.

I am putting this in its own section for clarity. These suits are prototypes, being in-field tested by your squads. They lack a later development (shields) although they and other improvements will happen as the game goes along.

Each MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/(P) will consist of the base suit. You will be able to select add-ons to help you in your mission roles. All MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/(P) suits have the ability to intergrate with the Smart AI's. You will learn more about your gear as the game gets started.

The current date the game will start is March 10th, 2548. Spartan pc's will have previously fought the insurrectionist outer colonies prior to the Convent invasion. They have been combating the Convent on all fronts as part of NavSpecWar for years now. Recently, due to the PC's operational record and ability to think independently, they have been transfered to an

Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI Black Ops division called Six-Alpha.
The two Spartan teams, designated Wraith and Specter, will work behind the lines and will be given the latest in resources. This will include the a newer version of their battle armor, the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/(P) and accesses to the latest in Smart AI partners.

Chief Petty Officer Jenny - (Jade Crimina) Function-Squad Leader-Call sign Specter Actual
Petty Officer 1st Class Kristoff - Waregeek 85 Function-Assistant Squad Leader-Call sign Specter 1
Petty Officer 2nd Class (not yet filled) Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Specter 2
Petty Officer 2nd Class (not yet filled) Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Specter 3
Smart AI Adec(AI) -Arcane Stomper. Function-Tactical AI

Additional spots may be made.

Chief Petty Officer Yui (Yui) Function-Squad Leader-Call sign Wraith Actual
Petty Officer 1st Class (not yet filled) Function-Assistant Squad Leader-Call sign Wraith 1
Petty Officer 2nd Class (not yet filled) Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Wraith 2
Petty Officer 2nd Class (not yet filled) Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Wraith 3
Smart AI (not yet filled) Function-Tactical AI

Chief Petty Officer Function-Asher (Daxonwraithsong) Squad Leader-Call sign Phantom Actual
Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan (roadford01) Function-Assistant Squad-Call sign Phantom 1
Petty Officer 2nd Class Tobias Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Phantom 2
Petty Officer 2nd Class (not yet filled) Function-(not yet filled)- Call sign Phantom 3
Smart AI (not yet filled) Function-Tactical AI

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I give you props on the idea Blakkmonk. Shadowrun is a good choice for a system as it should be able to handle the levels of augmented human power. I am not a huge fan of the Halo universe, but this has peaked my interest.

You know what I am working on Blakkmonk. To all others I will be making a Sniper Chararacter. The character is a bit mentally disturbed, but not in such a way that it will damage anyone. He just seems to have a general lack of empathy and laconic state. His weapons of choice will be Shotgun and the Sniper Rifle. He is not designed to be a Leader type in any way.

Also just so you know blakkmonk, you have a couple typos in your ad. No big deal, but you might want to fix the Wraith Squad Spoiler Box. I would like to apply for one of the Petty Officer positions in that squad. I like the name.

Again, not a big fan of the HALO universe so to speak. However, I've always had a crazy interest in Shadowrun, and the idea of playing a Spartan II CQC Specialist or a Heavy Gunner sounds like a load of fun. I'll definitely look into it.

Thanks all. This will be more of an expanded universe idea and not just an FPS romp. Expect different aliens, unusual planets, and a bit more equipment a military would expect to use.

Interesting that you're using Shadowrun for a Halo game. I've been trying to read the 4e crb, but I keep getting distracted lol
So if I can't be a player, I'd like to be a reader at least.

Edit: Hrm...being an A.I. could be interesting :3

Originally Posted by Prophyt View Post
Interesting that you're using Shadowrun for a Halo game. I've been trying to read the 4e crb, but I keep getting distracted lol
So if I can't be a player, I'd like to be a reader at least.

Edit: Hrm...being an A.I. could be interesting :3
I went back and forth on systems but I felt it did a lot of things right that I wanted over all. The Spartan/AI team was a central theme and I wanted them to integrate properly. With Shadowrun I didnt have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.

Originally Posted by ArcaneStomper View Post
I'm interested. If I have time I will try and submit an AI.
I look forward to seeing it.

Just found this and thought I would share. For anyone interest in a Heavy Weapons Spec.

Nevermind picture wont load sorry.


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