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Character i designed for an epic lvl campaign

Character i designed for an epic lvl campaign

Was designed for an epic campaign i played few years ago now that took place in the nine hells of Baator, vow of povety in book of exalted deeds only goes up to lvl 20 but my gm kindly allowed me to expand it to fit her lvl, anyway this how her when she was on her way to tackle Asmodeus (book of vile darkness version), be interested to know what ppl think as my gm really couldnt handle her power lol

Talindra Draichblade
Physical Description
Petit in stature, standing at only 4ft 5in with ice blue ringlet hair that is always a wild tangled mess & trails down her spine almost reaching the floor, her blue feline shaped eyes flicker with gold specks. Her almost white complexion is smooth, flawless and unblemished by age, travelling everywhere barefooted and wearing only a very tatty robe
Treats everyone with respect and expects respect in return, she is always truthful & keeps her word. Do not make the mistake of thinking she isn't dangerous, this otherworldly female may appear dainty, charismatic & unthreatening. However, under the surface lurks a fallacious, hard hearted female who fights without mercy & will not hesitate in pummelling you to the ground if she deems it necessary. Dislikes obnoxious, arrogant beings & doesn't make friends easily, those whom that can call her a friend can assured that she will never forget them and always try to be there for them in a time of need
Primary motivation
To rid the planes of all evil beings & hopefully recover the Regalia of Good
Recent past
Had an encounter with some pit fiends, they didn't stay very long though, but that might have something to do with her stomping them into the ground, shame really as she was just warming up
Female elf saint/aristocrat 1/side winder monk 20/paladin 5/shadow smith 3/risen martyr 2
LG augmented deathless humanoid, native
Init +13; Senses~ true seeing, low light vision, dark vision 60ft, Listen +24, Spot +25
Aura~ protective- 20ft radius (double strength magic circle against evil, lesser globe of invulnerability), courage- 10ft radius (all allies gain +4 against fear), holy radiance 10ft radius bright light/20ft shadowy illumination, Un-dead with in 10ft take 1d4 damage, +2 diplomacy, sense motive checks against good creatures),
Languages~ tongues
AC 77, touch 73, flat-footed 66,
Hp~ 307, fast healing 10 DR~ 15/evil
Immune~ acid/cold/electricity/petrification/disease/poison/sleep/paralysis/stun/death/critical hits/ability drain/fatigue/exhaustion/ detect thoughts/discern lies/discern alignment,
Resist~ fire 25, SR~ 30 (34 against evil)
Fort +28, Ref +37, Will +40, improved evasion
Speed 90ft. (18 squares),
Melee~ unarmed strike +38/+33/+28/+23 (2D10+10/19-20x2), flurry of blows +38/+38/+38/+33/+28/+23 or shadow crafted Jovar +30/+25/+20/+15 (2D6+10/15-20x2)
Base Atk/Grp~ +20/+23
Atk Options~ improved disarm, improved feint, fangs 5/day (1D4+16/x2), death fangs 1/day (DC 36 fort save), sneak attack +6D6 (+6D8 if evil, if used with smite evil creature must make DC 27 will save or be dazed for 1 round}, smite evil 2/day (+8 atk/+25 dam), holy touch (+1D6+1 if evil/+1D8+1D4 if evil or Un-dead outsider), touch of golden ice (DC 14 fort 1D6 dex/2D6 Dex), smite outsider 6/day (+6 Atk), spring attack
Special actions~ mind shielding, regeneration (heal 1hp every hour/nonlethal 1hp every 5mins), Ki-strike (magic/lawful/cold iron), continuous movement, lay on hands (+18hp), wholeness of body +40hp)
Str; 16, Dex; 28, Con; __, Int; 18, Wis; 34 , Cha; 26
Spell like abilites~ (CL 40t, DC 20) At will- guidance, resistance, bless, virtue, detect evil
Paladin spells prepared~ (CL5th, DC 24 plus spell level)
1st~ (3) divine sacrifice
Mysteries known
1st~ 1/day- carpet of shadows
Feats~ sacred vow, vow of poverty, improved initiative, improved feint, improved critical (unarmed strike), dodge, mobility, spring attack, improved disarm, vow of purity, sanctify ki-strike, touch of golden ice, intuitive strike, sacred strike, nimbus of light, nymphs kiss, servant of the heavens, ascetic knight, devoted inquisitor, exalted spell resistance, stigmata, holy radiance, exotic weapon proficiency (Jovar), weapon focus (Jovar), improved critical (Jovar)
Skills~ balance +29, climb +23, concentration +18, diplomacy +24 (+26 when dealing with good creatures), hide +29, knowledge (religion) +25, listen +24, move silently +29, perform (dance) +26, jump +27, profession (bounty hunter) +31, sense motive +21, spot +25, craft (weapon smith) +34, intimidate +17, bluff +16, knowledge (the planes) +17, knowledge (arcana) 22, knowledge (nobility & royalty) +11

That's a really cool character, and gives me a few ideas for the description of my Gnome Bard. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

AC 77. That is just...well I do not know what that is. Is it possible to hit you with any attack that requires a roll?

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