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D&D Next: Who is testing?

Backgrounds and themes can also be ignored. Says so right on the character sheet "For an 'old school' feel, just don't use backgrounds and themes"

I have the rule set, but since i don't have any tabletop groups at the moment, i haven't been able to actually see any of them in action. Having read through the rules there are some things i like and some i don't (but thats always the way) there are a few places that seem to be the common sticking point for some people though.

Going back to Hit Dice for healing

Armour types, since light/med give a dex bonus, and Heavy doesn't. But a good dex bonus puts your AC at the same (or higher) than heavy armour.. and you get more bonuses for having high dex than high strength.

Skills being completely gone. So, i would really like to see some actual playthroughs.

Well, there are still skills, of a sort. Based on what I see on the sheets, and the DCs in the DM Guidelines, my suspicion is that it'll be a simple Ability Check plus bonuses from backgrounds and the like. So, the elven wizard would roll 1d20+6 for Magical Lore. On average, he gets a result of advanced.

I'm not entirely sold on it (assuming I'm right! I could be wrong!), as it provides very little granularity. You're either skilled or you're not, with no in-between. The only difference between two characters with training is in their ability modifiers.

Of course, it's early yet, and we haven't seen other factors in play. Possibly as characters increase in level, backgrounds will increase their skill bonuses, or else give them new options with their skills.

No, you sound right. It is true that most things are just ability checks now. Same as Saves. you don't make Reflex checks anymore, you'll make say, a DC 11 Dex check instead. Same with skills, most things are just ability checks and you're assumed to be using any skill you want (basically).

It is said to allow characters the freedom to do what they want. Swing from chandeliers, talk their way past guards and so on, without having to have a million different skills.

I'm not totally sold on this though, i'm one of those people who like skills. but since its so early its hard to tell, yet. Backgrounds (and themes) are apparently optional as well (says so right on the sheet, for a more 'old school' feel) so, sure you can get specific bonuses to some 'skills' (its probably better to call them 'focuses') with certain backgrounds, they will be very minor (they are only +3 after all, but i don't know if they scale or not).

Originally Posted by Quarterpound View Post
WotC expressly forbids PbP testing, unfortunately. Whether or not, or how, they would enforce it is unknown, as is whether or not the MW higher ups would allow a game.
Actually, that's not true at all. The FAQ states they don't want online testing, but the Playtest Agreement (the binding agreement that you have to agree to before playtesting) does not in any way set that regulation. Even the community managers at Wizards are disagreeing on the policy -- one stated on Twitter that it was allowed, another said that it was "frowned upon". The FAQ is not binding at all.

The big issue is whether everyone in the online group has signed the Playtest Agreement, and as long as everyone in the group has signed the form, there should be no issue.

Maybe we can ask the Mods here at MW what they think.. They'd be the ones that get the nasty letters from WotC if it wasn't allowed (if they'd come at all).. I'd like to get one together as well, but I'm uncertain if it's allowed..

The Mods have already said they arn't allowing it. Which is a shame. I really wanted to try it out.

For all you doubters

Nothing quite like a major admin keeping his cool and not telling dissenting members to 'shut the **** up'. While it sucks Wizards is tight on pbp, they are still allowing it on their own forums, so the timeframe argument is out the door. I'm not disappointed with the resistance to running it here, as everyone knows Wizards isn't afraid of throwing around C&D orders. The handling of that members opinion was the real disappointment.

On a lighter note, there are many private tests going on and people are saying good things. I have a fear of people not actually in tests taking the emailed surveys with biased views based on what they think just from reading the playtest PDFs.

While we cannot organize on MW based on the Admin's ruling, it would be simple enough to play on, say, Maptool or a similar program with a group of friends.

I have the materials, but have yet to get people to test it out with me. Planning on grouping together with some people offline and getting them to sign up for it.


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