Who wants to be a Merc?

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Who wants to be a Merc?

Raven Merc Company - Forum
Ad Closes: Jun 24 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Many people trying to survive Rifts Earth do whatever it takes to make a living. Be it legal, illegal, or somewhere in between, there is always an opportunity to make some credits. Falling somewhere in the grey area are Mercs. The Mercanary companies of Rifts have grown to a point where in some places they are the local law. In other parts of the land, Mercs have a stranglehold to extort as much as possible from townsfolk.

This game will focus on a team in one of the more successful Merc Company, and the choices they make will shape who they become and how the world will see them.

Game Description:

In the post-apocalyptic world of Rifts, Mercenary companies have become the norm for most people in surviving against dementional beings, evil magic users, powerful criminals with hi-tech weaponry and equipment, and even other companies, wishing to extort the innocent.

One of the most prominent and effective company is the Raven Mercenary Company(R.M.C.). Stationed just 5 miles outside New Lazlo, RMC has almost 90 members and work throughout the remains of what used to be the United States. Because of the region, and the company's Open Member policy, many members are varied between humans, D-Bees, Mages, Borgs, etc. This also helps allow the company take a multitude of varied jobs as well.

Our story begins with a group of recent recruits who have been given their first assignment. What happens during and after their job will determine their future and possibly the future of RMC.


Starting level 5
Max Health
There are generally no limitations to RCC's or OCC's so long as your allignment is not Diabolic or Anarchist Miscreant.
No classes from the three Galaxies or Dimension books will be accepted(Only Rifts Earth).

There are currently no Character Sheets available on Myth-Weavers, so I will be including a sheet in the 'Update' Thread of the game.

When rolling stats, please re-roll 1's (unless you intend to keep your stats for a character concept)

"Swear to Pops"
Are you using any kind of multiclassing rules, and if so could you elaborate? Also, since we're starting at 5th level, do we have any leeway with our starting equipment?

Oops, just saw that the first question was answered in the forum. I am a little confused about how it's going to work during character creation since we don't have experience points, only levels.

I don't think you need to worry about experience points itself.

I have played Rifts once before and loved it. I own exactly 0 of the books though. Is there anyway I can get in on this, with some possible help with Character Creation. From what I remember it is quite the task.

It is- apparently Kylern's got it down to a science though- he helped someone make a mage in an hour. Ish.

Not so much this time around... I'm trying to tackle a more complicated concept. And that wasn't a mage Alasai... it was a dogboy!


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