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....No it's not... I actually left out a lot of objects that I intend to add later... Like... during summer break.

Point is, whenever I'm feeling lazy and don't want to add something to my gallery, I look through yours (also teach me how to get those pictures into circular token form please)

I have a blank .png of the circle ring. Utilizing gimp I open up the .png along with the players portrait, resize their portrait and the paste it into a new layer. Pop the circle ring up a layer and then utilize the magic wand tool and select everything outside the ring on the ring layer. Afterwards I shift down to the portraits layer, while making sure everything outside the ring remains selected. I hit delete then save it as a new .png and upload.

I didn't say it sounded hard. I said it sounded too time consuming. It probably takes you what? an extra 2 minutes? yeah, I'm too lazy for that.


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