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Bastard Sword and Fighters

Originally Posted by snakeman830 View Post
I would say ignore people along these lines, where any form of optimization (or synergy) is "munchkining".
It is when you're telling someone to give up on a weapon they like just because it's not their best choice, and more than a few are all but mocking him for having the audacity to dare use a bastard sword two-handed despite it being a perfectly valid choice. Heck, there's people even telling him to use a spiked chain instead.

Those are the people that should be ignored, as they're exactly the same people who make these games unbearable to play anymore.

In the case of giving up on the bastard sword, it's really because re-fluffing a Greatsword gets you the same in-game effect, but a better weapon mechanically, especially since he plans on wielding it with two hands anyway.

However, it is worth mentioning that if he does actually go with the Samurai levels (I sure wouldn't) that he has proficiency in bastard swords regardless of how he decides to wield them.

Personally, I'd go with the OA (or even better, Rokugan) Samurai for four levels (tops) and pick up the feat Frightful Presence (Draconomicon p 106) instead. Pretty much does the same thing as the CW Sam's ability, except you get it at 6th level and it doesn't require any actions to use - it's part of an action. Kiai Shout and Greater Kiai Shout are other ways to induce fear at relatively low levels, but they require actions to use.
If you wanna be really gnarly, get some Barbarian in there too, 'cause nothing says hateful like a Barbarian.

@Teraki: Exactly. Flavor always holds a dear spot in my heart when creating a character. After all, if you don't end up liking how the character plays, it'll always be that much harder to enjoy the game

@Jackmann: The concept was less Samurai and just something that might be able to debuff enemies while in combat as well as remain a strong combatant. Nothing's set in stone outside of my Abilities and Gold, but if you're willing to help, then by all means! Being my first exposure to a DnD campaign, I'm hardly in any position to reject help xD

@Solaris: The problem with that is the limitation placed on me with sourcebook choice...the campaign I'm trying to join is using PHB I and II, the Completes (minus Champion), Dragon Magic, and Hero of Battle.

How averse are you to spellcasting? Duskblades and Beguilers (both PHB2) can do that job fairly well. If you want to avoid that, I would suggest a lockdown Knight with Improved Trip and Knock-down (Knock-down is on the SRD, not technically in your listed books, but easily available nonetheless).

You deal 10 or more damage? Free trip. Succeed in tripping? Free attack, plus another AoO when they stand. They try to move past you at all? Free AoO (and they can't avoid provoking with Tumble, since Tumble can't be used in difficult terrain, which Knight 3 makes every square you threaten). Pick up Mage Slayer and say "no, you can't cast".

I was contemplating a Duskblade at one point...with a 10/13/13/15/13/14 ability spread, do you think it would be a good idea?

My main concern is the abysmal Strength bonus there...though I suppose I could go with Weapon Finesse instead...

Duskblades, having only 5 levels in spellcasting, do better with a lower Int score than a standard full progression spellcaster, especially since they can supplement their damage with their touch spells.

That said, I suggest you take a look at the Horizon Tripper build. It's probably one of the strongest martial combat builds inside core. You have to go with a reach weapon like the Guisarme (you can afford the EWP for Spiked Chain if you can take flaws) so you don't get to run around with a bastard sword, but the build is solid and it grants you some out-of-combat utility as well.

Hmm. That is tricky. You can't switch out strength and charisma? Duskblade would be a stronger choice than samurai, though, if you're stuck with the stats in that order. Samurai has no means of dealing meaningful damage with those scores, where at least the duskblade has spell channeling. Typically, though, most melee depends on strength to at least some degree. Without at least 13 strength, you won't be able to pick up power attack.

I was under the impression that it was just his spread, not necessarily the order his stats were set in.

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
I was under the impression that it was just his spread, not necessarily the order his stats were set in.
Sadly, it is the order the stats are in T_T EDIT: I think...I'm asking someone else applying to the game to figure out just how it works...first character and all. Sorry for confusing...

The only solution my brain can come up with would be an Elven Thinblade (CW), Weapon Finesse, and relying on channeling for all my damage...but that's a really crappy solution no matter how I present it >_>


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