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Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

Dr. Klaus von Braun's Tent

Not that I have any idea what the place looks like.. Oh wait, yes I do... there is Scotch, and lots of it... or at least there WAS Scotch and lots of it...

Anyway, seeing as the science meeting should hopefully at some point happen and this was the agreed upon location, I figured we needed an actually place to begin posting things!

Sarah ducks into the tent, leaving the flap open long enough to try and locate the generator to turn it on and get some light and heat in the space. Conveniently, and quite logically she thinks, the generator was near the tent entrance. She flips the switch and listens to the generator come to life and the few lights in the small tent come on. "He was probably looking for someone to come and warm the space up before he got here," she says as she allows the tent flap to close behind her.

As the tent slowly begins to warm, Sarah finds it harder to contain her fatigue. She shrugs off her parka and sets it on the bed located in the corner farthest from the door. She then sits down and unlaces her boots and slips her feet out, wiggling her toes which had begun to get stiff from the cold. She then looks down at her pants which are damp from all the time spent out in the snow earlier in the day. With a sigh she removes them, thankful that the leggings she had been wearing beneath them for extra warmth are still dry, and hangs the pants over a chair near the heater in hopes that they will dry a bit while she sleeps.

Sarah eyes the bed warily. She had figured she would just lay down on top of the blankets and sleep for a bit, but it was still quite cold in the tent. She pulls the covers back and climbs beneath the blankets then lays down, pulls the blankets up and situates the parka over her torso as an extra layer of warmth. She lays down and places her head on the pillow with a quiet sigh and rolls to face the tent wall. Within a minute she is asleep.

Sarah finds herself in a
This type of hallucinatory dream often happens in the first 10 minutes or so after falling asleep. She really is asleep, but her mind is fixating on what she had most recently been doing and then "imagining" from there. I'm guessing that this scene is about 10 minutes ahead of the rest of the scenes (the time it took Sarah to leve the Henge, walk to the tent, get in bed, fall asleep, and begin dreaming), so I don't think that this would have any impact on the rest of what is going on, but I'm trying to make some use of the down/separate time.
restless sleep, her body asleep, but her mind still racing.

The dialing table glowing brightly behind her closed eyelids, as if she is still standing in front of the dialing table up at the 'Henge. The address that Klaus had just dialed pops up onto the table, the red glowing glyphs connected by the blue-white lines. Nearly as quickly as the first address popped up on the table, its inverse pops up on the table, this time with the glyphs connected by yellow-white traces.

The pentacle then rises off the dialing table and the dialing table slowly fading out of her vision. The two shapes grow larger in her field of vision. When they are all that she can see, the two forms twist and separate, the star on the right and the pentagon on the left.

The pentagon fades and the start shifts back to the center of her field of view. Inside the pentagon at the heart of the star, another star is inscribed. Inside the pentagon at the core of the smaller star, another star is inscribed, then another star inside the next smaller pentagon. This patterns continues indefinitely as Sarah is drawn into a deep sleep.

Sarah murmurs unintelligibly in her sleep and rolls off of her right side and onto her back, her facial features fading from something quasi-thoughtful back to complete, peaceful relaxation.

Findy MacLean

Findy enters the tent about 5 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start, breathing heavily as if she'd exerted herself on a long run, and carrying a pair of bottles cradled in one arm. She collapses into the nearest seat, before noticing the sleeping Sarah, and making an attempt to be more quiet, although she is still breathing hard.

Sarah's breathing is slow and regular and her face remains blank, despite the bustle of Findy entering the tent.

Klaus thrusts the tent flap open with Friedrich hot on his heels. The young German physicist's cheeks are bright red from the cold, but his eyes are bright for other reasons. He takes stock of the things that are out of place in the room: Findy, Sarah, and Sarah's pants. He quirks one bushy eyebrow and turns to Friedrich. "On zecond thought, perhaps I do not need you at zis meeting."

Friedrich quirks an eyebrow and says, "How she can beg off this one I don't know. No pants, and in your bed waiting for you?"

Findy MacLean

"Perhaps we should move the meeting elsewhere?" Findy suggests in a loud stage whisper. "She looks exhausted."


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