Gaslight Investigations

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Gaslight Investigations

Gaslight Investigations - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Gaslight Investigations is a game which has already existed in a previous incarnation. Through player attrition and a game system switch to FATE, I need to recruit.

There will be one returning player so this should feel as much like a brand new game as possible.

I'll be looking for 2-4 players.

P.S. A quick word on FATE. This will be the first time I will be GMing a FATE game. I don't think it will inhibit my ability to effectively GM, but for those who are FATE experts/purists, you should take my experience into account as you decide whether to apply.

I will review the applications, the applicants’ user stats on mythweavers, and may ask some follow-up questions if necessary.

Then, I’ll pick the players, notify them, and we’ll move into the game forum...

Thanks everyone!

Game Description:

Game Concepts
This is a Horror/Detective game set in Victorian London (1880's).

The world looks and feels like the historical era. The key difference is that supernatural/magical elements can be involved, although they generally remain in the hands of the GM. The PCs are on their own, using legends, etc to aid them. The PCs will have only their wits and skills to defeat these threats and, even when a little supernatural/magic is given to them, its use is likely limited to the outcome of the current adventure. Supernatural/magical enemies will not be the only enemies. Horror can also apply to deviant actions by normal people (i.e. Jack the Ripper).

At the onset of the game, the characters have been brought together in an ad-hoc investigative group. This group is the brain child of a Dr. Anton Arnheim; a preeminent alienist and subject matter expert for Scotland Yard (officially known as the "Criminal Investigations Division"). Their regular inspectors, inadequate to deal with the more macabre incidents London is subject to, have turned to Dr. Arnheim's group, which has been granted official status, with each of its members given papers that identify them as "Consultants" of the Metropolitan Police Force's (MPF) Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

So you can get a feel for where I'm coming from here are some of the stories that have informed my thinking on this game:

The movie “From Hell”
The book “The Alienist” (* excellent read!)
The TV series’: X-Files, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
Anything from Lovecraft

I am interested in this but have no experience with fate... I take it that isn't a stumbling block?

Q1 - see above, I have no experience with Fate, however I am a very experienced role player of many other systems so I would hope I could pick it up.

Q2 - have read books set in the Victorian age so I would say I am somewhat familiar with the era. There will undoubtably be facts I get wrong or that are historically inaccurate.

Q3 - played and GMed in the setting with call of Cthulhu

Q4/7 - interesting mysteries with twists and turns, some action to provide tension and the threat of danger and of possible some thrills and scares

Q5/8 - success is a great story written with a set of characters that have grown and been developed in the process

Originally Posted by organizedChaos View Post
I am interested in this but have no experience with fate... I take it that isn't a stumbling block?
No. I'm not an expert in FATE, but I like a lot about what I've played/seen as far as it being a more "narrative" rpg.

I have a game wiki set up that has some of the basic FATE rules. The biggest concept you'll have to learn is the idea of "aspects", but they aren't that go ahead and apply.

Great. I answered the first set of questions above.
Do you want the character concept here or do you have an application thread in the forum

Originally Posted by organizedChaos View Post
Great. I answered the first set of questions above.
Do you want the character concept here or do you have an application thread in the forum
Just put the whole application (concept and all) in this thread. Thanks!

Putting [Recruitment] in ad titles is unnecessary; the sole purpose of an ad is to recruit players, after all .
The same holds true for derivates like [Recruiting players] et al.

Title Changed.

Steampunk setting, few people, Definitly posting interest !

1. I'm an experienced Rper with no real experience with Fate (but i have the rulebook PDF)
2. I love the Victorian Era. I love steampunk. I am very very familiar with this time in history.
3. I've played Vampire the Masquerade, and Call of Cthulhu, I loved both.
4. I'd love from the game - well, mystery, science fiction, a sense of horror and the unknown. I'm a fan of Call of Cthulhu and Sanctuary.
5. I think we're successful if everyone keeps playing and has a good time.

My first truly relevant question - if we do up stats, what is the CPL ( cmpaign power level) - we should create with.

Hmmm, it's steampunk in the sense of having supernatural elements added to Victorian-era Great Britain, but as far as we PCs are concerned (at the moment at least), it's just normal 1880's London. No anachronistic technology, no elves or dwarves or whatnot wandering the streets, etc.

Also, hi everyone, I'm the returning player mentioned. I play Robert Gideon Henley, a widowed 40-something reporter working for The Illustrated Police News (an actual paper that ran during that time). Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my character, the game or the DM. Though I can guarantee you that any answers to the last two will be overwhelmingly positive. Omnis has been running this since 2010 and I simply cannot sing his praises enough as a storyteller.

The power level (found here on the wiki Omnis made for the game) is Expert, with 24 points to spend on abilities (though abilities can only have a maximum of three points each) and three Expert Advantages.

Also should mention that I'm new to the FATE system too, though Omnis and I have been going through a bit of a practice story just to get the feel for it.


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