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Don't know if anyone here's familiar with any of this, but ah well, here goes. Following the debatable success of the Kony 2012 debaucle, someone learned from it. Athene, best Paladin in the world, decided to do something similar... only better. $1,000,000 in 100 days. 27 days in and he's up to $374,728.

He livestreams everyday, and you can tune in to watch the wacky shenanigans of him and his team. You might even get lucky enough to see him pwning teh noobz. He's doing it all for a non-Government affiliated charity, Save The Children, to try and have some positive influence on the worst hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa in 60 years.

Kids are dying. You can help, even with a dollar. Or you can just watch.

You can find all the details, how and when to tune in here;

If you want more information on the charity, do your own research, but here's a good place to start;

"Millions of people, most of them innocent children, are at risk in the Horn of Africa due to the worst hunger crisis in 60 years. The Internet has come to a point where when we simply collectively reach out for what we think is right, real change often follows.

You can join Operation ShareCraft and add your own voice to the campaign. I can't raise one million dollars on my own, but together we can."



Heh, I wondered when I'd see something about this on here.

Another thing to note is that the money does not go to Athene, it does in fact go straight to the charity. I don't usually get involved in stuff like this but I've been an Athene fan for a while (a fan of the persona, as well as the person behind it) and I like the concept of gamers making a difference and trying to change the world.

I've played with both Athene and Swifty and if you're a gamer I'd really recommend checking him out. He's quite the entertainer, especially if you check out some of his old youtube videos where he is really going hard with the 'Athene' persona. He also works closely with youtube so if you're an aspiring youtuber, you may also be interested.

So far him and his following have raised over $423,000. Also of note, DC Comics are currently involved and doubling all donations.

By the way, this is still going on. They're up to $958,612 as of writing, so they should be hitting the million mark within the next week. They still plan to continue their live-streaming for the full 100 days, so 22 days from now.

Oh, and it was confirmed that DC will double the final donation tally.

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