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Hello! I am Akasen!

Hello! I am Akasen!

Hello! I am Akasen. I am a new member to the forum, although I recall having made an account months ago. I am glad to be on this forum and hope to become a frequent member as time goes by.

I started playing roleplaying games back in December of 2011, but have always had a great interest in the hobby since I played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines back in 2007 or so and learned of the game it was based on. I have recently acquired from DriveThruRPG a PDF of Vampire 20th Anninversary and enjoy reading over it. But I have yet to really find anyone in my circle of friends to play with. I am quite a fan of the Old World of Darkness myself.

Currently, I am playing games of Pathfinder with friends of mine over Skype and Maptools. Have had some interesting experiences while playing.

One other game I have interest in is Shadowrun. Currently, I have PDF's of 4th Edition Shadowrun and much of the books for it.

Welcome to the weave. feel free to vampire around the weave. I give vampires immunity while they are here as they make great targets for adventurers.

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