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Gaming drought?

Originally Posted by Voxanadu View Post
I live on the Weave. This is my home. I live with you now.
Me too, you guys are now my extended family, I have tried other sites but here on the weave people are so much more friendlier.

Aye agreed with Vox and red.

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
I grew up in a town of less than 400 people total. I knew every roleplayer in town. All four of them. Counting me.
At least you had roleplayers.

You guys are spoiled.

The town that I grew up in lost its township when the post office / feed store burned. My nearest neighbor was more than a mile away, and the nearest one with kids was around three miles away. Also, I had no internet until I went to college. There is still no internet there, and no cell service within half a mile.

I still managed to put together a game there.

I used to live in small town U.S.A. on the eastern seaboard. I played a grand total of four D&D sessions before the only two players in town moved away. It took a few years before I got another group together, and even that would only meet once every few months at best.

Now I'm in New York, and know so many groups I could never play with them all. Which is it's own sort of problem. But I much prefer it to my high school days.

I am thinking of starting a Pathfinder Society chapter in my area. Maybe I can get some people in my area into the hobby.

Didn't ready the WHOLE thread, lazy of me I know, but my only suggestion is opening talking about it. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. As a gamer, one that is less 'geeky' then a few, to get into my RL gaming group I had to mention my interest of playing in an Ancient Society in table top form to a History buff; whom by chance had a group who wanted to get back together. Not saying it hasn't caused some weird moments, and undue stress/stain, I do enjoy it a bit.

Also I know most of my 'Local' comic book stores host a few different 'RP' groups bi-weekly; though I fear the people I meet their... One perk of online you can't judge people by their cover. Which I tend to do consciously to those whom are 'overly' kind or talkative. Humanity flaw I guess.. and to think my nick name is that of a man whom says not to judge others.

Originally Posted by Rohlo View Post
At least you had roleplayers.
I did have to convert them first. I was the first roleplayer in town.


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