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Cat Helicopter

Originally Posted by Bbender View Post
The behaviour of our cat also changed after his sister was run over, which is not surprising since they spent a lot of time together; we even found sleeping in "
not sure how well that translates, but the image should be self explanatory. And don't worry, they were both neutered
spoon" position.
I thought sibling "encounters" were sterile anyway as nature's protection against inbreeding? Besides you can spoon without the sex. But yeah I think cats do have emotions but maybe in a slightly different sense to humans. My boyfriend's remaining cat lost interest in drinking milk after his mother died, despite having loved milk before.

Seriously, the CIA are outside my door? Time to play the adult interest films involving two adult males.

Originally Posted by Carnas View Post
I thought sibling "encounters" were sterile anyway as nature's protection against inbreeding?
Then explain European royalty and West Virginia.

Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
Then explain European royalty and West Virginia.
I think he just meant in cats.

But, nice one.

species doesn't matter, there is no mechanism in nature to create sterility in close relatives- indeed sterility tends to occur from matching things which are too *distantly* related, not too closely related.
And really? This thread has devolved into a discussion of pet incest?

I guess I can take some portion of the responsibility for the topic derailment. Now can someone PLEASE put this back on topic before a mod locks this?

You know... after image googling 'Extreme Taxidermy', I don't feel so weirded out by the cat.

Some favorites:

Originally Posted by Some dude who commented the article
Love it, wish I had the money and/or the know how. Would have my own air force of pooch helicopters. But do think that might get one locked up in a bit of a padded cell in this country. but damn, wish I could give it a try. If this works people might soon be able to do the same with dead relatives, which could prove a bit spooky, but a hell of a lot of fun.
Da fuq?

"It's raining
not to mention the Dutch saying: "it's raining old crones"
men" is getting an entirely different meaning...


Now I'm torn between a Viking funeral to the music of Brackish by Kittie and being taxidermied into a great Valkyrie.

@ Carnas: Either of those options sounds like an excellent way to go for a mighty warrior.

And while I'm here,

@Bbender: Hey there handsome!


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