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Also, I'd like to have Bruhn build Skapti a sword... are there any rules for that, or do I just go pick one up at the reduced price?

Taking 10, A little under five weeks of work according to RAW. I think.

5 weeks if using the reduced price to calculate the progress. If it is supposed to use the full price... ~15 weeks.

aaand the DC goes up, so she couldn't take 10.

Stupid rules. Nevermind.

Doing some calculations I get:

Brunhilde's base craft weaponsmithing is: 1 rank + 2 ability + 3 trained + 2 craftswoman = +8
That plus Greg's assisting giving a +2 is +10 total

Greatsword = 50gp = 500sp @ DC15, going to accelerated craft gives DC25

Taking 20, Brun aided makes progress of CHECK30 * DC25 = 750sp per week, so the basic halfling sized Greatsword is ready in little less than 5 days.

The MWK part (which is calculated separately) is 300gp = 3000sp @ DC20, going to accelerated craft gives DC30

Taking 20 Brun aided makes progress of CHECK30 * DC30 = 900sp per week, so making the greatsword MWK takes Brunhilde 3 1/3 weeks of work. Four weeks total, not bad for having only one rank . Also she gets a 5% additional cost reduction for working on metal parts.

Question: How do you want to rule "Multitalented" the Half-Elf racial feature?

It does funny stuff to Gestalt. Since I can take two favored classes, and each level gain two of the bonuses..
Possible solutions: Make it so you can't take the same Favored Class bonus more then once at each level (no 2hp/lvl, but 1hp+1skill rank is ok)

Question 2: Can a Half-Elf take the Spire Defender Alternate class for the Magus? (RAW it is reserved for Elves, but requires DM approval for other races)

The possible solution for No 1 sounds fair. For No 2 I see no problem with a half elf taking an elf flavored class, go ahead.

Hello everyone. I play in another game where magent is also the DM. I just had a few questions about your Kingmaker game. I appreciate your input and feedback.

1. Are PCs at 5th level?

2. What races are the current players?

3. What classes are the current players?

4. Are all the PCs in the same kingdom?
I assume yes, but wanted to double check.

5. What administrative roles are presently filled in the kingdom and what ones are sorely needed to bring balance to the kingdom?

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